Ken Livingstone [3]


Ken’Newt Loving Cunt’ Livingston has somehow managed to achieve the impossible and outcunt himself again by admitting he’d accept a peerage from fellow ubercunt Jeremy Corbyn, if one was offered.

This is despite the fact he’s had many a wankfest fantasising about and attempting to abolish the House of Lords. Utterly typical behavior from a champagne socialist who has suckled at the teat of public office for decades. I hope there’s a national holiday when this cunt who despises his own country finally meets his maker.

Nominated by: Lord Flashcunt

11 thoughts on “Ken Livingstone [3]

  1. Sporting a good tan there though, probably picked up on a “solidarity” visit to his comrades in the workers paradise of Cuba! Commie, sister fucking, vulture cunt, getting fat on the back of the hard working proletariat!

  2. We should give him the Prescott Award for Hypocrisy. It’s a gold plated sausage roll with the word’s “I’ll never accept a peerage….oh, go on then. It’s not for me, it’s for the missus”.

  3. Red Ken is like Jihadi Jez Corbyn, Neil ‘Champagne Socialist’ Kinnock and ‘Degsy’ Hatton…. A complete cunt who will ensure decades of Tory government… People ask now, ‘How did Maggie stay in so long?’ It was because the alternative (Foot and Kinnock) was even worse…
    And this current lot will make sure Labour stays in the political wilderness for years to come…

  4. It’s probably just me being grouchy, but everytime I see the cunt, I want to beat him with an iron bar wrapped in a piss stained blanket

    • Fuck that, take the blanket off, brain the bastard and then piss on him, no need to make it easy.

  5. If this cunt is ever admitted to the House of Lords I will piss all over him from the gallery. The hypocrite is typical of his ilk, the “do as I say not not as I do” brigade. The freeloading bastard.

    • You’ll probably have to take your turn as the incontinent members accidentally relieve themselves, ever noticed how shiny that red leather seating is?

  6. Surely this cunt transcends mere cunting? Let’s hope for leprosy. aids and athlete’s cock.

  7. Actually I think cunting reunions might be in order.

    I was rather shocked, amused, and surprised to hear of my demise in 1993 on a regimental memorial page.
    A former college called me at work and pointed me in their direction.
    I replied to all the rumours and condolences directly, when out of the mists of time comes an old room mate, bounding towards me like a Labrador with a turd in it’s mouth!
    He made references to all the “good times we had”
    Obviously being a member of this fine forum I am more honest than most, and had to remind him of the fact he stole tools from my tank, helped himself to item’s from my locker and shit out in combat.
    I was asked to remove these comments, which I did, seeing as it is a respectful site.
    But why the fuck do people gloss over history to the extent we are all mates?

    • M’Lord you speak the truth; glossing over history, a thick coat of Rose red makes everything just so and nice. Bollocks, tell the truth and shame the Devil. I never get invited to reunions and I am very fucking happy about that fact.

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