Justin Bieber [2]


Lest we forget… that fucktard teracunt Justin Bieber.

He’s been doing more of his self-aggrandising graffiti. FFS, lawks-a-lordy &c. Surely,three strikes and you’re out (I know he’s officially Canadian, but seems to live in the USA), and they’ve got some “cruel and unusual methods”, I understand…

May the Lord have mercy upon his soul for being such a complete and utter arsewipe, yee-ha!!

Nominated by: HBelinda Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Justin Bieber [2]

  1. On the plus side, the short-arsed little cunt is obviously destined for the big house, in which even the guards will be queuing to make him airtight. A few weeks in there and his arsehole will look like a tattered windsock; he won’t be so fucking cocky after that…

    Life on the outside will continue as an increasingly degenerate substance abuser who makes an embarrassingly failed come back single on YouTube, marries a filthy old hooker and survives on an occasional deal to advertise lawn mower insurance, until he gets so fat that he can’t even get a job working a car wash.

    When he finally does the decent thing and tops himself, it might make the evening news under the ‘in other news’ section and then ‘society’ will blame themselves for not being better parents to him when he was a child star. Well of course not, the little cunt would be no fun if we encouraged him to behave himself, so his eventual and tragic downfall is a small price to pay…

    • Maybe he’s suffering from ‘affluenza’.
      Can’t say I’ve heard him ‘sing’ but that would seem to be a blessing. With a bit of luck he’ll be worked on by a half-blind left-handed skin grafter. I thought that jedward hairstyle was rather passe these days. Blow dry the fucker in an autoclave.

  2. Beiber is just another autotuned cunthead when he writes a decent song then we’ll talk or plays a instrument with proficiency. He’s just another lipsyncing headphone wearing bellend his music is aimed for 13 yr old girls and poofs. I don’t really care if he’s canadian or not I’m sure if he goes back they’ll skin him alive. You can’t blame nationality on a musician I mean I more or less hate the irish but rory gallagher was pretty great https://youtu.be/33Jaodra7AY mind you the beatles were part irish so there’s that.

    • Thanks for that link, not seen that one before, his music always makes me smile, awful shame he’s no longer with us.

      • No problem he was a one of a kind I just wished he branched out more to different areas of musical genres but he seemed loyal to the blues. Definitely a master of his craft though but alcohol was his downfall after he got a liver transplant he continued drinking against his doctors orders but he also had a post-op infection that was overlooked.

        Some consider him to be the best guitarist ever but personally I hate the pissing contest of best guitarists ,though it’s alright to have favorites but he had a very raw powerful sound that can’t be denied.

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