February 29th


February the 29th is a right cunt if you’re on an annual salary.

Today all you permie cunts get to do a full day’s work for fuck all.

I’m paid by the hour, so I don’t give a shit. Happy Leap Day, cunts…

Nominated by: Dioclese

6 thoughts on “February 29th

  1. Doesn’t matter shite to me either, being self employed. It is however four years to the day since Mrs B got me with the old “Leap Year Proposal” ploy. Could be worse though, I could be still married to her predecessor. The horror…

  2. Bryony Gordon deserves a cunting (apparently we should leave prince whatever-his- name-is alone, even though he’s barely doing a thing, it seems…). She also looks as if she smells rancid…

    Tony Blair!! No surprises, what a tossing teracunt this gobshite is…Daily Wail says that there’s a bookload of dirt coming out on the little turd, although they’re the only paper to have this on today’s front page. Him and that ugly old boot Cherie can be dual-cunted on fast-boil…

  3. Leap year is it? Celebrate with a no expenses paid trip to Beachy Head, Clapham Junction or a motorway bridge near you.

  4. Don’t give a fuck either, on a pension, and blowing it on early doors today. Thanks chaps!

  5. Ah well, I generally only work 30 hours a week from october to march and get paid for 40 anyway.

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