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Yvette Cooper-Balls. She was on that Sunday politics show the other day spouting off about how we should be taking in more muslims from Calais. There was even a video segment of her visiting ‘The Jungle’. One part that stood out for me, perfectly demonstrated why we SHOULDN’T be taking these scum. She said that the women and children; what few there were anyway tended to stick to the outer edges of the camp because the central part was too dangerous for them. Yes? And why was it too dangerous? Because that’s where most of the single young men lived. And yet still this dopey, left wing cunt wants US to take in these obviously dangerous scum.

After that she was in the studio being questioned, poorly, by Andrew Neil. Not once did the fat, Scottish shit bag ask the ugly fucker why she still hasn’t made good on her promise to house an ‘refugee’ family in one of her own properties. He allowed to get away with that. A completely impartial interviewer would have skewered the hypocritical arsehole with that one. I’m sure the interview’s on YouTube or something. Watch it, and compare it with Neil’s interview with Katie Hopkins.

The point is though. Cooper-Balls is a monumental piece of shit cunt. And like every so called liberal, she’s happy to call for the UK to take more muslims who WON’T contribute a single positive thing to the country, but she’s not so quick to honour a promise that she publicly made.

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  1. She wants them in the UK so that they can vote Labour. Sadly she and her kind are too stupid to care that they’ll destroy the country, just so they can be in power. The terrible thing is the blindness they have to ignore that their policies in every place they have been tried, at every time they have been tried, regardless of the state of the country prior to these fuckwits gaining control, have failed. Failed utterly, completely. If you have voted Labour more than once in your life, you’re a bit special, and not in a good way.

    • We need spitting image back in a bad way, It’s sad so many MP’s are so cuckolded into accepting rapeugees. Plus no way coopers body looks like that but thanks for not showing her real nudes that would cause missed lunch.

      • Sadly, if they revived Spitting Image today, it would be rendered toothless, PC and uncontroversial in line with all other so called “comedy” on TV…..

  2. I watched the interview he did with Katie Hopkins. Because she didn’t hold the liberal regressive views of the BBC he gave a an excessively hard time. While I certainly don’t agree with everything she says, she was putting forward a valid point of view that none of the other cowardly wankers would ever dare speak about, and represented a lot of what people are thinking but are too afraid to say lest they get branded with that overused word ‘racist’. How many times do we have to point out that Islam is not a race?

  3. The those cunts in Calais need is a few good straffing runs by an A10 Warthog. Preferably while That Cooper Balls cunt is among them.

    I can guarantee you two things.

    1. The demise of thousands of goat rapists will save us hundreds of millions in welfare payments, court time and keeping the cunts in prison.

    2. Keep raining depleted uranium on the cunts at the rate of 3900 rounds per minute and other goat rapist and bag-head cunts will stop showing up looking for handouts.

  4. Cooper Balls (up) looks like that cunt E.T. and with views like hers you’d swear she came from another fucking planet.

  5. I would like to nominate Care4Calais founder Clare Moseley for an extremely severe cunting. This microbe of dogshit has just said that lorry drivers who complain about migrant attacks at Calais should change their job. WTF !!!!
    Who the fuck does this fucking whore slag cunt bitch think she is?? Has she stopped for one minute to think that this country is an island, and as such cannot produce the required amount of food to support itself on its own. It therefore follows that said island needs to import large amounts of food to make up the shortfall and that a huge amount of said foodstuffs arrive here by LORRY !!!
    It also follows that lorries need drivers, and for whatever reason they do the job is none of her fucking business. Lorry drivers are NOT the problem you thick cunt, the large amount of fucking shitskins trying to invade our once great country most certainly are. Now fuck off and die you massive fucking CUNT !!!

    • I’ve just been reading about her. She demonstrates perfectly the arrogance and ignorance of the left. It’s not so much that she hasn’t stopped to think that the UK is an island, it’s more that she doesn’t care. Like all left wing cunts, she hates her own country, and despises the British, particularly the English.

      You’re correct, lorry drivers are not the problem. It’s left wing traitors like Moseley who are the problem. It’s her ilk that have the caused the problems we’ve been experiencing in the UK since Blair was in Downing Street, and that the Krauts, Swedes, Austrians, Danes, Norwegians, French and even the Swiss are now experiencing. And they have the fucking nerve to be surprised and even disgusted, when ordinary people start to attack immigrants. They’re so arrogant, they’re incapable of comprehending that is THEIR fault.

      • Incidentally, does anyone know if she’s related to Oswald Moseley? He was a left wing Fascist cunt. And while I’m thinking of it…..FUCK CARE4CALAIS.

      • “She demonstrates perfectly the arrogance and ignorance of the left” – I don’t think the left has the monopoly on arrogance and ignorance, as the hilariously confused bullshit emanating from Downing Street and the other Bullingdon Club cunts at the top of the Tory party amply demonstrates.

        But yeah, fuck Care4Calais – right up the arse with a big fat strap-on.

  6. That dozy Nazi cunt she fucks up the arse with a strap-on horse dick, Ed Balls, has been appointed Senior Fellow at John F. Kennedy School of Government (aka – Neocon Global College Of Hook-Nose Hornswoggling). It looks like payback with a sinecure job for the zero regulation of mega-$trillion financial fraud by the banks when the clown was in government.

    As you might expect the filthy little bitch, Yvette Cooper, voted Tory for the bombing of Syria to generate more refugees, because she has room for 50 more (to sleep on sacks in cellars and sheds) in her port-filo of buy-to-let slums (of course there will have to be a bit of a kickback to corrupt Labour filth in the local housing benefit offices who pay-out £250 a week per wog to their buy-to-let comrades).

    Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls are pure evil. It goes without saying they corrupt thieving cunts – you can smell the corruption and dishonesty from the pig and pin-head fucking filth, a mile away.

    Neither of the cunts have ever had a job. They pretend to be crypto-Tory filth, like most of New Labour dirty animals, but they are much worse. They are 5th columnists doing the bidding of the MOSSAD (and its little ho the CIA) to destroy Britain and Europe.

  7. Again should not the Govermnet funded UNHCR be doing something about this, or are they like the UK police who take funding, take calls (in a sympathetic way) write notes and do fuck all.
    My understanding, having lived and fought in a civil war, was all the shit bags, women and children fucked off and hid in western europe.
    Then when the war ended a good 90% of them came back and made life hard for the poor twats that actualy fought for their indipendance.
    So refugee status (I would like to hide here but understand I must go back) I can understand.
    Asylum, no not really surley like the palistinians you would like to stay close to your homeland and try and get your land back.
    Or this new brand of, life is shit here, I understand there are some right mugs quite some distance away (who I dont actualy like, nor would I allow to speak to my daughter) who will give me free food, a house, and pocket money for fuck all.
    Not only that, I will be allowed to group with my mates and plot their downfall in my spare time (of which I have plenty because I dont work because I cant be arsed to learn an international language)
    Rather unacceptable I think, would syria grant assylum to Ian Huntley or Peter sutcliff?

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