Pay inequality


I’m getting very fed up with hearing about pay inequality.

Now, I don’t know what happens in the private sector, but public sector pay is non-gender specific. Plus the ladies get pretty generous maternity leave for when they realise they’re not going to make anything of their lives so decide to spawn instead. I’m assuming the “pay gap” comes when they take career breaks and other forms of unpaid leave to bugger about with their kids.

So the reason you’re paid less is because you aren’t at work.

Can’t see the injustice myself, but of course I’m a typical product of the phallocentric misogynist hideously white society etc etc etc

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  1. It is becoming less and less true.More women go to university and women under 30 earn more than men now.Where the pay gap myth clutches it is the fact that women who have children tend to take time off for maternity leave and work less hours to spend time with their children.What they want in essence is to get compensation for having children and doing the housework.They want to be able to have a family and achieve the highest success in their careers.That can be done but is really hard and not many people can achieve that.There are only so any hours a day so you can`t have it all without something giving wayl.Problem is women are told they can have it all as a birthright which you of course in theory can but chances are something will give.You will either lag behind on your career for raising your children or you won`t be there for your kids and they will resent you.But don`t worry if you have sons or a husband you can just blame them for having dicks and oppressing you through patriarchy.Thats the thing about feminists when their myths are exposed they just shout patriarchy because that is all they have.A notion that men are so powerful.If we were that powerful we would ban feminists from the workplace all together ha!

  2. Pay inequality is becoming less and less relevant.Women under 30 now tend to have more degrees and earn more than men.The discrepancy comes from the fact that when women have children they tend to take maternity leave and choose to work part time while there children are young.They want the balance to be addressed by being paid to be mothers.That is what they really want but hey you chose to have a kid.Why should everyone else pay for it?I mean yes some women have children and get to the top of the career ladder.But that is fucking hard and not everyone could do that without either their career success and progression or their relationship with their children would suffer .These modern day feminists think that a woman has a birthright to be a CEO and have 5 kids and be a single parent.So when a woman can`t break the glass ceiling she assumes it is sexism when in fact all it is most of the time is you just aren`t up to multitasking at such a high level or maybe it is because you are just a good mother who actually wants to see her kids grow up as much as possible and not only see them late at night or weekends.Dont worry ladies though if you have sons or a husband you can just blame them for having a dick and oppressing you by shouting “patriarchy”.Ah Patriarchy the default argument whenever a feminist myth is burst.

  3. I’m also completely sick of certain women who see themselves as perpetual victims at the hands of evil (mainly white) men.

  4. Kate Smurthwaite is a unfunny feminist cunt who has a sense of huge entitlement and is the archetypal rude agrressive dismissive patronising BBC liberal elitist harpie who gives feminists the labels they get.But of course that is mens fault for not wanting to tolerate being walked over by women!Anyhow I had the misfortune of reading an article she put in a near Trotskyite magazine called the new Internationalist entitled “Doing grief properly”.First of all the assertion that there is a right way for someone to grieve is entirely subjective therefore indicating this article is not going to be based on logic.Well guees what?It isn`t.She basically complains about having to stop during her aerobics class for a minutes silence in the wake of the Paris attacks.Look most of the country participated out of common decency and really is taking one minute out of your day to acknowledge a dark moment in the continents history really so cataclysmic or taxing.Well according to here it is hypocritical and symptomatic of a media “whitewash” which means that as a society we put more emphasis on what happened in France than we would if it was in Africa!Well no shit Sherlock.If a tragedy happens nearer to you especially when you are acutely aware that you are at the same level of risk it is going to affect you more.If say you live on a street and someone the other side whom you do not know gets shot dead it is tragic yes but if there is no threat of you being similarly targeted you will pay less attention to the event.If however your next door neighbour who you knew for some time was shot dead by a group threatening your family also it would be big news to you!But no it is this theory that we value people purely on race and ethnicity.Well what about the Muslim police officer who got shot during the Charlie Hebdo attacks.Are you saying that we wheren`t doing the minute silence for him last time there was a minute`s silence in January.And were all the victims of the Paris November attacks white because I highly doubt it?Because that is what she is suggesting.I will finish this rant by a quote about what we should do instead of observing silence for the victims of terrorism according to this harpie cunt:

    “Instead let`s tear the “defence” industry down brick by brick.Let`s chase down every hypocritical politician and demand they answer our questions and face the truth.Let`s chain ourselves to every set of railings,blockade every weapons convoy,disrupt every arms fair.And demand every innocent family fleeing war and violence is welcomed with open-human-arms and treated with respect”

    She also described the minutes silence as indicative of something “being pathologically wrong with you” if you only do that and not follow her advice as stated above.

    What a sanctimonious delusional cunt.Let us grieve for victims of terrorism by getting rid of our defences and allowing anyone into this country some of whom may well be terrorists causing more innocent civilian deaths on our street.Fucking hell.Where her parents brother and sister???

    I think we can all agree that she is one of the biggest cunts with a media profile.She claims people don`t find her funny because she is a woman.No dear it is because you are as funny as a burst colostomy bag on a 24 hour flight not because you have a vagina.

  5. The Gender Pay Gap myth is easily debunked by simply googling Christina Hoff-Sommers. She completely destroys this hideous monstrosity that is the Gender Pay Gap and she uses the Feminist’s Kryptonite………. facts.

    • Ha! I mentioned her in my post above. She has made a number of great youtube videos and is well worth checking out.

      • Another woman worth checking out on the subject is Lauren Southern.She is a Canadian student of women’s studies and journalist who hates feminism. She is not very old but she does regular uploads on youtube where she completely destroys feminist logic to feminist`s faces on their parades. They fucking hate her because she is young thin, rather pretty ,smart and self confident. In short all the things they do as a matter of observation tend not be on the whole. She has studied the subject also so can call out their bullshit with lightening speed with reason ,logic and most importantly FACTS!

        • A couple of other Canadian women worth checking out are Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) and Diana Davison (FeminismLol) They are both female MRAs incidentally.

  6. For everyone woman smashing the glass ceiling and achieving, there are another dozen tunnel cunts up there building that ceiling right back up and reinforcing it. Women are women worst enemy, the faceless bitches that want all the trimmings of married life, new Barratt house, foreign holidays three times a year, white Audi/Range Rover on the drive, and all the while keep puttin’ em through the hoop to seal the meal ticket.

    I want a Ferrari. I could sell everything I have and buy one, but I doubt I could run it or afford to look after it properly. I would need the government to legislate for a lifestyle benefits system, under the proviso that its for the betterment of society.

    Oh wait, thats called the Family Tax Credit system, and rewards people for making LIFESTYLE CHOICES, that don’t benefit society in anyway what so ever.

    Pay inequality will disappear when the government stops paying people to have kids. Its your life style choice, you fucking well feed it, cloth it, pay for its education and healthcare from your own pockets, then we will see about what society can do for you. Until that point, if you can’t afford, you can’t have it you fucking ignorant, self absorbed cunts.

  7. Gender Pay gap is a load of shit spouted by smelly cunt feminist nazi’s, first off women in certain jobs make more money on the side hostesses, waitresses,and the like.Married Women have always been keepers of the household they make more money sitting on their arse.
    Also if you’re really greedy divorce your husband and receive alimony which my dad calls all-the-money lol. We should send all these gender equality cunts to the middle east these cunts don’t want equality they want special rights which they already fucking have dammit! Equal pay would not only destroy the economy but it would destroy marriage, relationships as we know it.

  8. The best way to dismiss the wage gap myth is ask the proponents of it to name a company where a man is payed more than a woman for doing the same job and the same hours.Women are not payed less than a male colleague doing the same job with the same hours.Paying a woman less for doing the exact same job is illegal and if it was a fact companies would always hire women as they would be able to pay them less and make greater profits.

  9. Fucking women, yes they all want ‘equality’ but it’s not them that take on the shity jobs like clearing drains and sewers blocked up by women disposing of their fanny pads down the toilet. Cunts.

  10. “I’m assuming the “pay gap” comes when they take career breaks and other forms of unpaid leave to bugger about with their kids.”

    No, not at all – it applies to single women and childless women too. But yeah, wouldn’t it be better if women worked for free, as a favour to men, and didn’t keep whining about the need to be fairly remunerated…?

  11. I think that the Higher Education sector grudgingly realises that there is no pay gap – everyone is on the same spine and you progress, in terms of pay, within your scale.

    However, this doesn’t mean that gender inequality can be laid to its deserved rest – the goalposts are changing to say that the inequality lies in the types of jobs that men and women have – I kid you not. Even when a woman is in a leadership role it is unfair because that role is shittier than the male leadership roles.

    It will never end, this sense of injustice for any minority or disadvantaged group – it will ‘progress’ to less tangible, and therefore less manageable, issues. I hate media / journalistic feminism, gets right on my tits…

  12. Women who carp about this should fuck off to saudi arabia iran or kuwait where women cant even ,vote,speak drive look at another man or take off their black bag niqabs in public or they get bricked to death in the market beheaded and acid chucked in there ugly mushes, they would have something to cry about then wouldnt they fucking useless whinging feminist wenches fuck you all and do one.

    • Here here, I’ve said this before too – I think Britain is generally pretty good when it comes to equal rights etc… put people love to drip on about how they’re always the victim.

  13. Women get paid? How long has this shit been going on?
    Mrs Boaby is lucky to get a punch in the face once a week, but only if she’s good and has my dinner ready on time every night.

  14. If only Bryant and May had held their nerve we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    Bryant and May: Cunts for pampering to the Proto-Feminazi`s

  15. Women earn less because they aren’t as good at their jobs as men. Oh, I am going to be kicked to death in lesbian hell for that 😛

  16. A woman’s work is never done.

    Maybe that’s why they get paid less.

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