Londons Biggest Street Party


I would like to cunt “Londons Biggest Street Party”

Ok So, lets all put in 150 Quid – and go join Wills, Kate and Harry to Celebrate Grans 90th. The richest family in England, charging the ones that pay them 150 to join a 90th birthday celebration?

My Grandmother turned 90 a few years back. She is blissfully resting now but no cunt paid 150 to come see her. And she would have both turned up and cooked if they did.

Maybe ISAC should book a whole table, for all to show up and let the real comments fly. Id love to see that on the BBC.

Nominated by: King Cunt

London’s Biggest Street Party – £150 a pop with all proceeds to Peter Philips’ event organising company on a non-profit making basis…

…after he’s paid himself a fucking great big salary of course!

Comes to something when the richest family in the land has to stick its snout in the trough!

Nominated by: Dioclese

25 thoughts on “Londons Biggest Street Party

  1. This is the dumbest fucking thing ever if you waste your money on this you’re a bloody idiot. This is akin to paying money to be in the presence of royal bastards who hate peasants,plebs and anybody who is working class. So everyones going be standing around staring at the queens arse from a 200 mile distance for 150? unbelievable, Fucking blue blooded bastards fuck’em!

  2. She’s a CUNT.

    Hubby is a cunt too………..even if he is a funny CUNT………still a cunt.

    Now get the little innocent baby cunts off the TV!!!

    • I would pay £150 to take Philip on a lads night out though.I bet it would be worth it for the entertainment value.Imagine the crazy shit the old Greek would say and do even before a few pints!

      • Count me in, especially if we can all dress up in SS uniforms and blend in with Dirty Harry, or whichever one of the dumbfucks did it. How does one teach a spell checker to do proper profanities, it drives me fucking nuts. Someone nominate that for fecks sake.

        • You write it, we’ll print it!
          Speel chuckers are a fucking nuisance. (Mental note to self: must add them to Shitipedia!)
          The one on this Mac is the worst of the lot. Insists on American English even when you tell it English English. Get a grip. Apple!

  3. Those parasites have their snouts in the trough on a full-time basis, and we let them get away with it.

  4. Fucking inbred German cunts… And watch these mongs go into griefjacking overdrive when the old boot finally carks it… Not unlike all those cunts who turned out for Thatcher’s send off, when they weren’t even born when she was in power… Could it be true that England now has more thick as pigshit morons than any other country in Europe? Becuase if anybody pays 150 quid for an old and useless freeloader at death’s door, then that is what they are…

  5. The cunts here are the people who pay £150 to go to her birthday party. Lets face it if I wanted strangers to turn up at a party for my birthday with no chance of seeing me I would need to lay on high calss hookers and illegal substances as part of the deal.

    The fact is there are people who are wiling to pay £150 for the dubious privilege just to say they were there to their equally cuntish but less well of friends is a jolly wiz and a cash earner for HRH. She is only worth 17 trillion assests and all.

    Phil will probably ask one of the mugs if they realise they have been royally cunted off.

  6. I am a royalist so wouldn`t go as far to say the monarchy is a cunt although it contains a few cunts(like most families).Sixdog vomit hit the nail on the head though.If you want to pay an extortionate fee you are the cunt .I mean if I had the ability to charge total strangers £150 to come to a party in my honour I would say that is just good business .And if I could have held a £150 a head birthday party for my granny when she turned 90 and she consented to it of course I would have let the cunts give me their money !

    • What’s the fucking point of being a royalist personally I don’t think it’s worth the payoff but that’s just me. I mean after all isn’t this the same family who befriends and protects paedophiles gives them MBE’s GBE’s and such. I mean the queen elizabeth II she’s about as useful as a Christmas tree in August. We have so many budget problems in our country, should we really be giving our money to people who were born wealthy? all they do is suck the wealth out of the poor people and put it into their gold studded wallets and purses. They also should be eliminated to get rid of the mindless world wide royal family propaganda scheme they have going on. I always think about this song when I think about the royals cheers

        • “Cheaper than President Blair…?” cheaper then president blair dot dot…what? sorry I just don’t know what to say to these one sentence connumdrums . If you’re referring to blair being a alternative to the queen? I mean I never said blair or anybody would be a good replacements. I just don’t see the point of a monarchy in this day and age thats all. Technically it doesn’t matter what I believe cause it will continue regardless. I just don’t understand peoples blind allegiance to a royal family that secretly hates you drains you dry hence “what do I get?”.

          • What I was saying is that the Monarchy might have a lot wrong with it, but it does bring in the tourist money and is still cheaper to run than a President (Blair or otherwise).

            I sort of like the Irish system where there is a president that is really only there for ceremonial purpose and the PM runs the country. Not perfect but then what is?

          • Fair enough I know as soon as someone says something negative bout the monarch (royal family) they are branded un-patriotic or a commie bastard at least you know what I was getting at.

        • Scrap the royalty and the House or Lords. Have a purely ceremonial Head of State but auction it off a year at a time and make the cunt who wants pay thru the nose.

          • I agree with the: “ceremonial Head” preferably onna pike staff displayed on London Bridge, but dispense with the body. Works for me.

  7. Million-pound public toilet in Spitalfields. I’ve heard everything now…

    Deserves the most serious cunting for any number of reasons, include various pretentious (f)arty things that have been done in it recently.
    Meanwhile, if you want to go and shed a load… well, I suppose you could go and crap in Kirstie Allslopp’s agency. Come to think of it, just lock her up in the disused shithouse and chuck the key away…

  8. I would pay £150 to attend, but only if I am able to bring my DAN.338 and a handful of ammo 🙂

    Seriously, who the fuck would pay £150 to stand around in the rain to see those toffee-nosed, parasitic, land-stealing, public-money thieving cunts?
    I would rather go to a Justin Beiber, S-Club 7 & 1direction 72 hour non-stop concert on amphetamines and for the entire duration suck-off David Cameron’s pet pig.

    The BBC will be all over this fucking event, expect Fiona Bruce, Huw Edwards and that Royal Sycophant cunt Kate Williams to be on the mall all fucking day with their tounges right up the Royals shitters.
    Thank god for the fucking Internet, I can watch some Brazilian fart porn all day as the coverage will be un-fucking bearable.

    • Fucking ell that made me laugh, sadly there are people who somehow want to be near the Royals. They are all born into it now and have not earned their place (like the old Kings did who won wars and killed some cunts and took the throne). The cunts.

  9. Down the Strand in a repro-Mosquito, wing waggling to the cheering crowds, give the Merlins full chat as you bunny hop over Nelson and down to zero feet for the main show. Let loose with the Hispano 20mm, at 430 mph no fucker’s going to dodge those bullets, leave a black skid on Victoria’s knapper as you let go the 4000 pounder right through those Franco-Kraut windows on the balcony and off you go dodging under the radar.

    Anyone for the spare seat?

    A Cunt fest for Cunts of the first watter.

    My voices say: “Hi.”

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