High-resolution audio


High-resolution audio is a cunt, those selling High-resolution audio are cunts and anyone buying High-resolution audio are cunts as well. That is all.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

Whats with Neil Young’s obsession with the Pono Player? There’s no point in playing HD recordings of cunts who can’t sing to deaf cunts who can’t hear it…

Nominated by: Dioclese

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  1. I really like neil youngs music but I’,m suspicious off his pono player that looks like a bloody toblerone chocolate bar. Expensive device too

    • Let’s not forget that as you get older the range you can hear diminishes – so at my age mp3 is just fine.
      Have you read Neil Young’s autobiography? He bangs on about the Pono like Rickie bangs on about smoking!!!

      Really, really boring!

      • I’ve only read half I’m kind of a slow reader yeah can’t believe he would do that mind you I haven’t listened to his player yet.Mind you I felt the same when keith richards had to point out he gets on better with black people. Which may or may not be true blues rock cred perhaps. The thing about vinyl is it pops and cracks but yes it’s a different listening experience well the 1st listening experience really. Personally though I don’t think one is more superior then the other its merely subjective. People like to start a pissing war over it, the audiophile cunts.

        • ” He bangs on about the Pono like Rickie bangs on about smoking!!! really really boring” Its a celebrity musicians book I’m not going to get too hung up over it. It’s the little stories I read it for got it cheap anyway. Besides I recently acquired some of his music on a mp3 site we’re even lol

  2. That’s me well and truly cunted then – bollocks. I have two hi-res players which is a bit of a bummer right now. May I plead in my defence though m’lud? I don’t have any hi res files as only a dog can hear any difference, I stick to normal CD flac files and that does fine, anything else fills up drives like fuck and is a waste of space when one could be storing decent quality porn instead.
    Unfortunately I’m also a vinyl freak, and reading back on previous cuntings it looks as though I’m cunted on an epic scale now. Will having a 78 rpm vintage gramophone player in any way get me out of this desperate quandary?
    The Pono is a stupid device crowdfunded by twats and supported by the moronic Young, his ‘music’ is worthless landfill. The Astell and Kern players are streets ahead and using the tried and tested ‘more money = better sound but no fucking sense of proportion and it would be better frittered away on prostitutes’ it does score badly.
    Looks like I need to book that appointment at Dignitas sharpish.

  3. Neil Young is a cunt, and he ruined the Crosby, Stills and Nash dynamic… Stephen Stills was the talent in Buffalo Springfield, and Young (like Lennon) gets far much more credit than he should…

    James Nesbitt is a cunt… Not only is he a crap actor (he’s the same in every fucking thing!) the lazy cunt always has his Paddy accent, no matter what the part is… I recall this expensive TV series about the last days of Jesus, and there’s Nesbitt, as Pontius Pilate, and he opens his gob (‘So… Ye tink ye’re der king o’ der jews, so ye do?’)… It’s like Michael Caine or Ray Winstone being a cockney in every film that they do… Can’t these overrated, lazy cunts even attempt to adapt? I’ve seen more range from a peashooter…. And Nesbitt is also the modern celebrity nu-footie fan cunt personified (lifelong Man United fan, my arse!)… And that ‘Irish Jig’ he wore at the Ballon d’Or cuntfest… What a prize knobhead…

    • Young played a huge part in buffalo springfields style. He kind of was the lennon of the group and to Youngs defence crosby was a out of control cocaine addict and had a bad temper/ego. Both young and crosby contributed to the break up of the band.Not saying neil young didn’t do coke but he wasn’t addicted like crosby was . Seems Crosby is taking Neil Youngs side on Hi res,and pono, Crosby has become a audiophile nazi lol insisting MP3 are terrible . I red this article last week its pretty interesting to say the least. http://www.digitaltrends.com/features/interview-david-crosby-hates-mp3-loves-pono-and-hi-res-audio/

      • Jaysus – someone slip him a crate full of Mogadon for fucks sake!
        This is a good one from that interview –
        “There’s stuff on there we really want you to hear.”

        No there fucking isn’t, we don’t want to hear any of the shite, sod off and play with your overtones, or learn the guitar properly. What an arse.

        • What he meant to say was don’t download our stuff illegally or youtube it, buy our overpriced hi-res shite. Like fuck he makes it seem like your missing bits of the song or maybe you can hear the lost soul of a orphaned child or a fart thats deep in the mix lol. I mean come on you’re not missing out on anything its just a pisstaking contest. I really got to hear this hi-res audio/pono It sounds like a pile of bullshit scam.
          I doubt if its any clearer then Flac mind you even normal MP3 sounds just as good but yes flac sounds a bit better,clearer but not much of a fucking difference. These old cunts keep bringing up earbuds first of all how the fuck is that gonna interfere with sound are these earbuds made in the 1960’s or some shit? of course headphones has a effect on sound being increased decreased but not by alot.

      • Personally I’m happy with the 15% I can hear because 85% of what Crosby does it crap!
        Read that article and thought “Pretentious bollox!”

        • Speaking of Crosby I have heard a whisper that he, Roger McGuinn and Chris Hillman are planning one last Byrds reunion… I don’t mind McGuinn and Hillman (Croz is a bit of an arse!), but I don’t really see the point… There’s no Gene Clark any more for a start (mind you, the snide cunts excluded him the last time they did it!)… If it is true I hope McGuinn takes charge, and we don’t have all that late period CSN/Crosby hippy type bollocks about war protests and dolphins… Did I say I hate hippies?

          • I love the byrds there really is no one like them, but I’m not sure how a reunion tour would work without clark. The harmonious style has been copied time and again from other singers usually with failure. Though I thought Pink Floyd was going for a byrds style song on the zabriske point film. Arguably the best song on there was crumbling land which sounded alot like the byrds https://youtu.be/kv0OfEesMTo

  4. I don’t get all this bullshit about hi-res audio and HD telly and all that crap… Years ago we didn’t have either, yet we still managed to watch and listen to things without any problems… We had a Decca colour TV from 1970 to 1984 and there was never a moments trouble with it… Same with our downstairs record/tape players, amp and speakers (Pye), and the VCR (Ferguson) lasted over ten years…. Now daft cunts change their hi-fi and TV every other year because the gullible twats fall for all this ‘upgrading’ and ‘better quality’… Of course it’s all about companies making cash… Like these cunts who buy anything that Apple puts out, whether they need it or not…. Fucking stupidity…

    • Fair comment. Our telly is one of those smart arse ones which is fucking anything but. And, at the risk of shooting myself ( see above, it’s probably a fucks sight cheaper than Dignitas come to think of it), if digital is so fucking good why does it take forever for the sodding thing to boot up. I timed the thing as it’s over a minute before any click of the remote does anything, fuck all for yonks. Our Nationalist Wankasonic DVD machine is even worse, forever telling me is has to do a ‘self – check’ and cocking up my attempts to programme the bugger. There’s something to be said for chucking a flat piece of plastic on a sophisticated lazy Susan and retrieving it via a piece of polished grit. The only downside is scratching the sod after one has been on a bender, digital does have the upper hand there, I fucked up far too many treasures in the past playing Torville and Dean whilst leathered. On the other hand it’s also just as easy to wipe your entire digital collection whilst lashed. Maybe a dry January will get me back on track. Oh for the old days of Polaroids and the Light Programme, couldn’t go wrong.
      Upgrading = being a complete cunt and falling for it, expensively. Anyone got any gripes about cables? They are a complete waste of booze vouchers, any old fucking stuff conducts current.

  5. The whole audio situation these days if a load of bollocks. In the days when you had a reasonable quality hi fi system at home and could only buy vinyl which had been mastered exactly for that type of setup the listening quality was great. These days you have audio mastered for this, audio mastered for that, basically if your listening on a pair of ear buds it’ll sound crap whatever it’s mastered for. The majority of peope today can’t be bothered to sit and listen to a cd on good a good quality sound system, they don’t have the patience or just cant be bothered to actually sit down at home and listen to music on a decent reproduction system with good quality speakers or headphones. The listening public, (mostly the younger generation), are lazy when it comes the the listening and appreciation of good quality audio.

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