Aid to Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan had oil revenues of £19 billion last year and is promoting it’s self to be the next Dubai …..

It’s going to be building the tallest building in the world at a cost of £1.25 billion in an almighty pissing competition with whoever ….

They don’t appear to be in much need of ‘foreign aid’ if you ask me.

Nominated by: Boilmypiss

14 thoughts on “Aid to Azerbaijan

  1. We’re probably paying for the fucking building anyway. Its like india, we give them billions, and the cunts have got a fucking space program. I don’t think any foreign countries came galloping to the UK with aid for the last few devastating floods that we have had. Fuck them, fuck them all, charity begins at home, and the sooner that cunt camoron gets in into his thick posh inbred skull, the better. The cunt.

  2. The ‘aid’ is given by the filth is parliament to foreign like-minded politicians in exchange for kids.

    For every £million of taxpayers money given to these wogs-in-charge in Azerbaijan, Westminster MPs get to go to Azerbaijan to tie up 20 kids with wire, piss and shit on their faces, burn them with cigars, then jerk and spunk-up/squirt on the kids as they anally rape them to death with broken bottles.

    The sub-human filth in parliament are depraved and evil beyond human imagination.

  3. With a bit of luck all those skyscrapers will catch fire and then Steve McQueen and Paul Newman can turn up and ignore it. Or try to put it out with the billions of gallons of spare oil they seem to be awash with.
    I’ve looked on CBeebies for that programme but can’t find it yet, maybe my internet is down….

  4. We pay this money to the likes of India and particularly Pakistan because they have got the bomb and we need to make sure their authorities keep it away from the lunatics who infest these countries. It’s extortion really.

    • actualy the government has a better plan, they have worked out its cheaper to import the lunatics, house and feed them than to continue with the aid program.

  5. I’d like to offer a much needed cutting to ‘Dame’ Karen Brady who has stated that leaving the EU will decimate our football clubs as they won’t be able to buy players in from Europe. I mean what the fuckity fuck !!!!! Is this former porn barons employee just making up the first thing that comes into her tiny mind ? Fuck off with your scaremongering bollocks. Cunt.

    • They can still come as long as they earn £30,000 (or whatever) a year. Most of the cunts (the half-decent ones anyway) get that per week. On the plus side some of the home-grown “talent” might get a look-in

      • Karen Brady, the mackerel scented slag who with her two porn baron pals are taking West Aiiiim fans away from their beloved Upton Park to go to the soulless Olympic Stadium, which will be like every other new stadium: an atmosphere free concrete dustbowl (The Etihad (Cunts!), the Emirates, the new Wembley etc)… So she thinks destroying tradition and atmosphere is good for the game? As for her EU crap, the old shagbag is so full of shit… My grandparents went on holiday to the continent in the 1960s before the dreaded EU existed and Juventus signed John Charles, just as Real Madrid signed Di Stefano and Torino signed Denis Law…. Britain is not part of the USA (although some would say otherwise!), but it doesn’t stop American players coming to the UK…. Brady is a smelly knickered gobshite mong of a cunt…

  6. Who gives a fuck if we can’t buy players from Europe. Might give some of our own home grown players more of a chance.

  7. Fuck sake, we can send millions of tax payers money to those cunts, but anyone claiming £70 a week dole is deemed to be a scrounging work-shy cunt living in a mansion with a 42″ plasma, a brand new BMW and 3 holidays a year.

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