Zooey Deschanel


Zooey Deschanel is a butthead of a cunt.

What sort of gargantuan knobend calls their child Otter?!

What’s the next one going to be called? Tarka? Beaver? Weasel? Ferret?

Why do these celebrity wankstains feel the need to give their kids stupid names? Cunts…

Nominated by: Norman

19 thoughts on “Zooey Deschanel

  1. Yesterday, I read about a woman in the US who faces loses her four year old son because she allowed him to play in a park 100 feet from her house. The boy was called Tomahawk. If you’re so thick that you think it’s cool to give your child an obviously ridiculously name, then you should not only have your children take away, you should also be sterilised, just to ensure you cannot infect the gene pool anymore with your stupidity.

  2. Christmas in this silly cow’s household will be like a scene from Wind In The Willows… ‘This is for Otter, this one is for Ratty, and look what Santa has got for Mole and Badger….’

    Mind you, anyone called Zooey has to be a cunt…

  3. The truth is the lower down the social scale you go the more exotic the names become, they think it makes their children unique. No it doesn’t, it just ensures they will get kicked around the playground, why not just hang a sign around the childs neck saying Kick Me.

    • Maybe these parents are adapting the ‘A Boy named Sue’ take on things …. never did Johhny Cash’s character in the song any harm … ‘If a man’s gonna’ make it he’s gotta’ be tough’ … although I don’t think that Apple, Bronx Mowgli , Maxi Crimefighter or Charlie Ballerina would all agree that it’s a great idea. Bizzare child naming parents ….Cunts!

  4. It most certainly is not! What sort of cruel animal do you take me for! Her middle name is indakunt.

  5. I saw this cunt in some abortion of a film about ten years ago and still haven’t forgiven her.

  6. I once heard some chav cunt shout out ‘Nokia!’ in a supermarket to stop their brat offspring trashing the place. I was stupefied…

  7. On the topic of Chavs and Brats,

    I would like to cunt “Reality Stars”

    Every single one of them. Where the is it that having no talent apart from Getting your tits out, Sucking Cock (regardless of if your male or female) Being totally annoying, or just a diamond grade cunt – make you a star?

    Secondly I would like to double cunt any any every person that got them there in the first place.

    Should the RAF need some targets for practice – or fodder on the ground, send these cunts.

  8. Working in a school you would be amazed at the names that are inflicted upon the little oxygen thieves. I have almost lost count of the TJ’s, Kylies and assorted “names de jour”. After the Beckhams named one of their offspring after the alleged place of conception it is only a matter of time for Lidl, Aldi, Matalan and other well known chav infested establishments. Some of them sound more like the Klingon Phone Book!

  9. I did plan on calling my first born “Alcazar” after my favourite pint from a local micro brewery

    I was quickly over ruled by Mrs C, with those withering words “don’t be a cunt all your life”

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