YouTube junkies


A type of supercunt who can never be cunted enough is the ‘Youtube reaction’ cunt…

Attention seeking vermin who deliberately go apeshit and do a so obviously staged ‘reaction’ to a film or telly show… The latest mong to do this is wetting her knickers over the Star Wars trailer… And of course multitudes of retards lap her bullshit up (‘Great reaction’ and other such shite!)…

They should round ’em up, put ’em in a field, and bomb the bastards….

Nominated by: Norman

10 thoughts on “YouTube junkies

  1. The only ones more pathetic than that, are the fucktards who produce fake trailers for their favourite movies and TV shows. Especially the numb cunts who label it an “official” trailer. That’s taking your obsession with a movie franchise or TV show to the level of a fucking stalker. If it actually WAS official, it would on the official channel of the studio/station who produced the movie/TV show.

  2. The amount of Doctor Who ‘fans’ who do these ‘trailers’ is huge, and they are complete amateurs and total cunts…. Putting a BBC logo on it to make it look authentic just makes them even more of a cunt…

    I hope there is a good ending for The Doc tonight… Good that Clara has been bumped off, now all we need is that midget from Game Of Thrones to cop it too…

    • Last week’s episode (Heaven Sent) was fucking remarkable. I have high hopes for tonight’s. Peter Capaldi is an outstanding Doctor.

      • Capaldi is excellent, I agree… The best Doctor since the very underrated Sylvester McCoy… I also liked Capaldi’s Tom Baker-like voice in parts of Heaven Sent…

  3. What about those narsissic cunts who put up videos of them ‘unpacking’ a box set or record collection which has just arrived in the post. I mean what ?

    • I think someone mentioned this before, and suggested sending them a turd in the post, now that would be entertaining!

  4. More disturbing is the fucking arseholes who play video games and actually put it on you tube with a camera on their faces so you can see their reaction and endless verbal diarrhoea.

    Get a proper job you cunts!!!!

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