Star Wars fans


Star Wars fans are cunts… Don’t get me wrong, I loved the original trilogy (although Return Of The Jedi was a bit shite!)…

But these cunts – grown fucking adults – who dress as fucking Yoda, queue for hours to get an autograph from some unknown fucker who appeared onscreen for 10 seconds in a Stormtrooper costume in 1977, and treat the Jedi like it is a true spiritual path are complete and utter cunt trumpets…

That new villain looks like a piss-poor Darth Vader too.. Black cloak and mask? Red lightsabre? Been done and it won’t be bettered… His name is hardly menacing either… Kylo Ren? Sounds like an episode of the Ren & Stimpy Show: where the dog and cat duo learn kung-fu…

Nominated by: Norman

WTF! There was a cunt of a Star Wars fan on the Beeb this morning who been queuing for a ticket since December 5th!!!

And the Beeb and Sky are cunts as well for presenting this as mainstream news. Never mind Syria or the EU non-renegotiation, the lead story is the latest over-egging of a second rate shite film. I’m a big SF fan, but Star wars is second rate bollocks…

Nominated by : Dioclese

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  1. Just a reminder to any of these obsessive fucking retards that will pay £5,000 for Storm trooper helmet that MAY have been used on the set…
    It is only worth what some fucking idiot will pay for it, and yes, that’s you!

    Star Wars, Strar Trek, Dr Who, Stargate Atlantis, Red Dwarf…wait for it.
    IT’S ALL FUCKING FICTION, and shit fiction at that.
    Get a fucking life you sad cunts instead of paying £120 to attend the NEC with another 5000 like-minded twats, all in the hope you can get an autograph and photo.
    Spend the money on getting fucking laid!

  2. The 1977 original and The Empire Strikes Back were great… But it has been tainted and milked at an obscene level in recent years… Endless tacky tat, cuddly toys (of Darth Vader and Darth Maul?!), a bloody Lego franchise, that Robot Chicken/Family Guy shite, and those crappy prequels… I was as cynical as anyone when I heard Disney was taking it over… But Lucasfilm had whored Star Wars to death long before that…. But one good thing has come out of it….

    The Star Wars comic book is now back at Marvel… And the new books are better than that Force Awakens piffle… The Darth Vader series is particularly good (he chokes Jabba The Hutt for a start! Loads of villainy!)… All issues so far are available for ‘research’ (cough!) via torrents… Just d/l a free comic book reader tool and fanny’s yer auntie…

    • I’m watching it live now Norm, Utd don’t look like scoring anytime soon with Rooney anywhere near the ball but have an ok defence

        • Rooney is a club ransoming Scouse cunt (says a non Scouse LFC fan). He is shit now and was always overrated, done fuck all for England in the big tournaments.

          • Agreed

            Also now 0-2 Norwich, on the plus side Hitler Van Gaal won’t last much longer at this rate!

          • I was there, pagliacci… United were utter shite, and Van Gaal can stick his ‘phliosophy’ up his Dutch arse…

          • poor you, I suffered it on live streaming from SNF USA,

            Were you the one crying in the crowd Norm? 😉

          • Van Gaal is not my favourite person right now… But he wants to get rid of that poisonous little cunt, Giggs… A fully paid up member of the ‘Cunts OF 92’ club….

  3. I’m a big SF fan too, and I’m happy to report that I have not watched one Star Wars film. I regard these as children’s fantasy films. But if anyone likes them, that’s fine, whatever floats your boat.

  4. What pisses me orf is all the free advertising the fucking fillum is getting on the telly and elsewhere as though it is a major news event. When it was made originally it looked like it was a load orf old AirFix kits glued together with costumes from the nearest janitorial supplies shop and from what I have seen they have kept faithfully to that aesthetic. Crap then, crap now.

    • Agreed, the BBC allegedly do not advertise…Yes right.
      James Bond Spectre was all over the BBC like Jimmy Savile at a scouts jamboree, and now they are advertising Star Wars, although the BBC will claim it is not advertising, merely promotion.
      Fuck off!

      My Missus watches that god awful One Show on the BBC at 7pm weekdays, it’s amazing how all the guests in the last couple of weeks have been comedians with Christmas DVD’s to ‘promote’, yet they are never guests in the Summer when they have nothing to ‘sell’.

      I fucking hate the BBC so much, double-standards, child-abusing-compliant, money-wasting, pension-milking CUNTS

        • “The BBC’s core strength comes from its lack of adverts”. Yes, apart from all the fucking ones on the shows already mentioned and all the ones between the programmes. Also, you make Citizen Khan. Fuck off.

  5. Right, who had the dirty filthy child raping paedophile scum in the dead pool ? Fuck him, I hope he burns for eternity.

        • yup, fucking convenient though that the embarrassment to the house of lords popped his clogs and now a “trial of the facts” set for April will no longer take place, the BBC’s Tom Symonds said.
          A jury had been due to decide whether Lord Janner had committed the abuse, with no finding of guilt or conviction.

          Usual whitewash nonsense as it would of uncovered plenty of other child fucking politicians!

          • And not that this had anything to do with the whitewash….

            Janner was president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body of British Jewish community, from 1978 to 1984,and was a prominent campaigner in the efforts to gain reparations for victims of the Holocaust. He was also a vice-president of the World Jewish Congress[9] until 2009 and of the Jewish Leadership Council until 2015. He was president of the Commonwealth Jewish Council.
            In 1988 he co-founded the Holocaust Educational Trust with Merlyn Rees, a body which successfully persuaded the British government to add teaching about the Holocaust to the National Curriculum in 1988.

            Sir Mick Davis, chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, said: “The passing of Greville Janner marks the end of an era for the Jewish community.
            “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Janner family at this most difficult time.”

          • Interesting that he conveniently dies before trial, like Leon Brittany. Will study others for nominations! I think there will be more convenient deaths as the cover up continues.

          • I would never stoop as low as to say that had Janner not been 1) a lawyer and 2) a Jew he would have been in court years ago. But that’s what fucking happened. The fucking lying kid-fucking utter cunt.

  6. A friend of mine works at the BBC, he has told me Georgia May Foote WILL win, SCD is fixed.
    I suppose we will see if the ‘public’ vote her as winner in a few hours!

    • I had to google ‘SCD’ and sadly now I know what that acronym represents I can think of little worse than watching that sort of absolute fucking nonsense in the first place, any oxygen wasters half witted enough to actually vote deserve to get fucking cheated.

        • I’ll see your SCD=Simple Cunts Dancing’ and raise you SCW=Simple Cunts Watching.

          Presumably this ‘show’ is for women to watch, I can’t imagine any men wanting to watch something about z list hasbeens learning to fucking dance!

    • I recall Georgia May Foote saying that she was quitting Corrie to have a career in Hollywood… Doing Strictly Cunt Dancing really is a step up the ladder, isn’t it?….

      • It depresses me that this is still on the telly. The initial novelty has long since worn off, it is presented by that over-made up woman who I can’t stand and it’s fucking shit. I usually catch the end of it where all the couples rock back and forth on the sport like mongs at a disco. Still, let’s happily pay our licence fees for the great quality that is the BBC.

    • I don’t suppose it will have anything to do with providing a parking space for some influential cock; would it?

  7. who are worthy of more bollocking SCD fans or SW fans?. i dare say there are people walking around who are fans of both.

  8. The fucking media are in full-scale bullshit mode again. That pointless twat Jimmy Hill has died and cunts are falling over themselves to “pay tribute.” Forgive me for having a football memory that goes back further than the Year Zero of Nu-Footie cocksuckers (1992) but EVERYONE hated Hill when I was a kid. Indeed, back in the 70s stroking your chin and saying “Jimmy” meant the other person was talking crap.

      • Oh, I even went to school with Scott Brown, the bloke who behind Twisted Vinyl, and all the sub labels spawned from his Evolution Records Shop in Cumbernauld Glasgow.
        Fuck knows if it’s still there though, not been back for years!

    • hahahhaahaa you’ve jogged my memory about the chin rubbing jimmy thing, fucking great stuff, well played sir

  9. Fergie hated Jimmy Hill… In January 1990, the now famous ‘Fergie’s job on the line’ FA Cup tie at Forest, that big chinned knob said ‘United look beaten in the warm-up..’
    Of course Mark Robins saved our arses and the rest is history…

    1994, and Hill is slagging off Cantona (yet Jimmy Hill sang the praises of that dirty Scouse cunt hatchet man, Steve McMahon)… Fergie said on MOTD, ‘What the bloody hell does Jimmy Hill know anyway? Four year ago he said we looked beaten in a warm-up…’
    And you’re right, Cunt’s Mate Cunt , Jimmy Hill didn’t half talk a lot of crap…

  10. A black stormtrooper WTF is going on? Stars wars is now a laughing joke what are all stormtroopers black pfft? The only 2 star wars films that matter are (a new hope) and the masterpiece empire strikes back everything after that is non-canon return of the jedi had a few good moments though in fact I edited a copy.
    Stars wars the nigger awakens

    • Isn’t a black stormtrooper a tie fighter pilot?
      And where the fuck is Lando in this new Force Awankens nonsense?!

      • Hahaha I meant african, black pilot haha? but yes, “And where the fuck is Lando in this new Force Awankens nonsense?!” I could seriously care less the new film looks like shite. Secondly George Lucas ruined star wars for me the phantom menace ruined star wars so much money was spent on that piece of shit. The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition rerelease was the worst thing to happen to Star Wars. And here’s a kinda funny parody of Star Wars. I would go on but I’m gonna play ES oblivion soon great fucking game. I’m listening to music too(Genesis mainly Gentle Giant too tho) just got off work. Suffice to say Lando isn’t dead but star wars is AND HAN SOLO BLOODY SHOT FIRST! Plus George Lucas is a bellend cunt.

        • That bit where Greedo shoots ‘first’ in the 1997 version is crap and ruin’s Han’s ‘Don’t fuck with me!’ image… Han was right to shoot the slimy little cunt (Greedo was like an intergalactic Jack The Hat!), and I still don’t get why they had to put in that ‘self defence’ bollocks… The prequels were shite too… The only good thing in any of them was Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine… And the Jedi came across as smug, pompous cunts…

          Gentle Giant were great… Marillion were (bad) Gentle Giant impersonators like Oasis were with The Beatles…

          • Yeah you’re right Ian McDiarmid was pretty good in the prequels still he was the best in empire. The reason empire was so good was because george “bellend” lucas had very little to do with it Irvin Kershner directed it and Leigh Brackett helped with the story.
            I’m really getting into gentle giant lately the first time I listened to GG I thought what is this shite? but like the album title I had to “acquire the taste” so to speak. Octopus ,Free Hand and their debut is among my favorites albums from them PATG & 3 friends was really good too though.
            Marillion I never cared for but to be honest I only listened to childhoods end which was shite IMO. This song from octopus is ace I’m also fond of their instrumentals like talybont & spooky boogie wish they wrote more of them.

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