Poppy Nazis


I nominate the fucking Poppy Nazis Cunts (oxymoron intended), who feel so morally outraged at a shite (but still fuckable) actress for not wearing a poppy on tv.

Surely the selfless generation that fought and died for freedom that are remembered and celebrated by the poppy, did so so that their descendants would have the personal freedom of choice to do what the fuck they like, within reason. Have these zealots got fuck all better to do than shout ‘Disrespect’ at the top of their lungs.

On a par with Griefjackers, cunts!

Nominated by: Lord Flashcunt

21 thoughts on “Poppy Nazis

  1. Good point.

    Princess Cunt, the daughter, sadly enjoys Strictly so I do allow her the time every now and then.

    Personally I think it’s a cunt of a show.

    What I questioned even her however, though 16 is how the fuck that greaseball Dago judge as well as the Russian dancers feel they earn the right to wear them and why there is no outrage when they do.

    BBC hypocrisy at its best.

  2. For the first time in a long time I actually threw a handful of change in the box yesterday, they were cadets or army juniors of some sort in immaculate uniforms and lined up like the ducks at a rifle range, I felt sorry for them to be honest.

      • That’l fucking teach me, once I was home and realised that what I saved on the Tescos finest cake offer i’d thrown in the box I immediately got donators remorse anyhow, each bite of the cake was slightly less sweet than the last!

        My deathbed confession will be that I saw a short strange coloured alien in pants too, but this one was at a rave club on Brighton seafront in the 80s

  3. She was a friend to many a dodgy geezer in the past, the Krays among them (she campaigned for the release of one of those bastards on health grounds), and she makes herself even richer advertising online bingo thereby encouraging gambling. I don’t think I’ll be taking moral advice from that stupid bitch with her fucking irritating laugh.

    • Barbara Windsor deserves as many cuntings as is humanly possible for her catalogue of crimes against humanity.

  4. You don’t have to buy a poppy to prove that you remember those who were killed on the battlefield, just as you don’t have to attend a funeral to prove you regret that someone has died. These public displays make me uncomfortable. It’s what’s in your mind that counts, not what you’re wearing on your lapel.

    • I agree, however I like to attend funerals mainly to confirm to my satisfaction that the cunt is actualy dead!

  5. Surely it is up to individual if they choose to wear one or not…. Cunts with their instantly offended knee jerk bullshit…Sienna Miller might have had a poppy and it fell off, or some other wardrobe mishap (you know what these actress types are like)… And why the fuck she should be a role model is anyone’s guess…. It’s a fuss about nothing and Miller should tell the offended by anything brigade to fuck right off…. Most of the cunts slagging Miller probably wouldn’t even be up for it if Hitler was around now… They’d all be on Twitter blubbing and being ‘offended’ by fascism and genocide, instead of picking up a gun and killing the bastards… If these cunts weren’t offended by some actress not wearing a poppy, they’d be offended by something else… Guaranteed..

    Doesn’t sit well, does it? ‘We fought a war against fascism so years later cunts could tell you what to wear….’ The tacky iron-on poppies on football shirts are also crap… They’re not doing it because they are actually arsed about commemorating the war dead… The FA just want to insist on it so they won’t upset the PC wankers and cunts like The Guardian… They also want to polish up the Premier League brand name… It’s getting less and less authentic as the years go by and the war veterans keep dying… For a lot of people it isn’t done because they care about it, it’s done (like a lot of PC things these days) because it’s become part of the griefjacking circus and the Twitter bullshit…

  6. I agree, it should be a personal choice and up to one’s conscience, and I respect the choice of those who do not to wear a poppy.

    Except for that cunt James McClean. Fuck him.

    • Irish fucking cunt. Not too against the auld enemy to accept their money by playing for West Brom. Football really is for utter cunts.

  7. Poppies are also not sending a good message some bloke will look at it long enough then find out it’s also symbolises drugs before you know it he’s addicted to morphine or heroin. I rarely go to social events on rememberance day because the second I leave my house it turns into a monty python sketch “Hey you there I see you’re not wearing a Poppy” 2nd person “who’s not wearing a POPPY? call the fuzz this man is not wearing a poppy he’s not patriotic he’s a silly man for not wearing his Poppy” fooking nazi poppy cunts! Great message these poppies are sending Drugs and fascism.

  8. Apologies for butting in, but I would like to share this site:


    with those who haven’t yet happened upon it. I recognize a lot of previous Cuntees’ names, but yea gods and little fishes time hasn’t been kind to them. Warning. It will put you off your tea.

      • Fuck me but Jennifer Aniston looks a tad rough, I wouldn’t like to wake up to that every morning. So, that’s at least 1 thing I have in common with Brad Pit….

        • I would still give her a seeing too. Follwed up perhaps with a Corrs Trifecta – no brother – just for the hell of it

  9. Well said Norman. I’ve just been wondering when celebs, bbc, et al, began to dictate our morals.

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