Political correctness [2]


Gone are the days when you could proudly announce that you were going out for a Chinky after work.

The local corner shop was the Paki shop and you would get your hair cut by the Wops up the high street.
The Wogs ran the local fish and chip shop.

Nobody took offence, people were respectful and everyone got along just fine, more or less.
The PC cunts ruined it by inventing things to be offended about to suit their own cause.

Once you control how people speak, you control the way people think.

Cultural marxist cunts!

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

21 thoughts on “Political correctness [2]

    • Speaking as one with Celtic antecedents those fekin kraut Angles can piss off too.

      Good Cunting.

      • England the name comes from Angle (Land). If it wasn’t for the Angles and the Saxons England the country would not exist.

          • The English side of my Family has a Norman surname. The Normans conquered the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Celts. We are the conquerors! You cunts.

  1. The whole PC shit is just part of the game-play Machiavelli pointed out in the 16th century and has been the template for every successive power seeking sociopath ever since. The biggest threat to any government, be it Liberal, Communist, Conservative or Dictatorship has always been their own population that it lords over. A war mongering “leader” has no power if the masses are not behind the rhetoric to back up the call for war so they have to create fractures within the population, shepherd off those who follow into a safe corral and give them their voice while those who dissent cast into the margins under a barrage of accusations.
    If you have been around long enough you may have witnessed the campaigns in the media, alienating society into small specifically defined sections and giving them “cause” to mistrust any other outside the perimeters of their identification. The Sun blazed this trail with campaigns against the unemployed, then single mums, following with Fat Cats, and so on. It was relentless in the eighties and through the nineties. You only have to browse the news stand today and scan the headlines to see it has become so everyday that no one seems to notice it anymore.
    Political Correctness is just one more tool to create rifts which fracture into pieces any challenge to those who seek to retain power over us.

  2. yep played this game too, Pikeys stole parts from an access tower at the police collage.
    when I explained this to the liasion bloke, he gave me a dressing down about my terminoligy explaining that they were “Travelers”, although we did come to a stalemate when I pointed out it was either one of his officers or the pikeys over the road.

    • Well played Lord B. …….. Not sure which I would suspect more, but pretty sure there are still some decent good cops out there so ……. :/

  3. Talking of PC shit the cooperate internet filter is trying to prevent my access to this fine site due to its title, or I would assume so.
    I dont think I would be able to work here should they block my access, lest I become a mindless driveling Zombie talking utter borring shit like my colegues.
    Margin! Margin! push sales! exciting oppurtunity! AAAAGH!

  4. The sickening thing about PC is it doesn’t really exist… It only exists when they want it to and when they want to dumb down a certain type of person… I saw a repeated episode of Only Fools & Horses last week… Mickey Pearce was talking crap and Del Boy says, ‘Smell that? It’s sheep, is it? It’s cows….’ It was ruined and made totally senseless because the final line ‘I know what it is, it’s bullshit!’ was cut out…. The joke about all this PC shite is it only applies to certain people (ie: white Englishmen)… Some bogtrotter in drag can say what he wants on that Mrs Brown’s Cunts tripe and no fucker bats an eyelid…. Poofters like Norton and Carr make queer gags at every opportunity… Those botox filled harridans of Loose Women say what they like about men… That Kayne West cunt can shout ‘Nigger’ every ten seconds on the BBC’s Glastonbury coverage and every bastard claps like demented seals… Yet Del Boy isn’t allowed to say bullshit and Steptoe isn’t allowed to say poof… And as for those ‘It was alright in the 70s’ shows (full of cunts who weren’t even there!), they are more brainwashing PC is good shite… Some middle class cunt born in the late 80s telling us how bad and ‘un-PC’ it was, and how great it is now compared to the big, bad, uncouth 70s? Fuck off, you fucking cunts….

  5. I remember being at an United vs Arsenal game in 2008 and the Gooners were shouting, ‘Ronaldo, you ballet dancer!” First of all I thought Arsenal fans are cunts, same as always… But I realised that the football grounds of England were becoming PC… They were actually too afraid to call Ronaldo a poof or even swear…. Apparently now in Scotland a supporter can get nicked for ‘offensive chanting’ at a football match (probably one of Wee Burney Sturgeon’s tricks!), and the United fanzine, Red Issue, was confiscated outside Old Trafford by police because it had a Luis Suarez cut-out KKK mask on the back… They were actually doing something satirical and anti-racist, but all the GMP could do was worry about offending those holier than thou Scouse cunts who were ‘standing by’ Suarez and by doing that being racist themselves… Not ‘Suarez deserves all the stick he gets, the little racist Scouse cunt!’ Instead it was ‘KKK mask! Help! Un-PC! Offended! Un-PC! Knee-Jerk! Mama! Wee Wee!’

    Why don’t cunts stop to think?



      • Football chanting can be quite pleasing sometimes it was the inspiration to pink floyd song fearless which is underrated me thinks. At the end of the song, a field recording of fans in Liverpool’s Kop singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is superimposed over the music. https://youtu.be/T6I9VLT4eF8 enjoy or don’t! I believe waters is a arsenal fan gilmour too I think.

        • The Liverpool fans stole ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ from Celtic supporters… No surprise really, those Scouse cunts nick everything else…

          The song was from the musical, Carousel, and was about a thieving waste of space who got his girlfriend up the duff… No wonder Koppites sing it….

          Didn’t know Waters and Gilmour were Gooners… I know that they used to stop recording when Match Of The Day was on in the 70s…

          • ‘The song was from the musical, Carousel, and was about a thieving waste of space who got his girlfriend up the duff’ – fucking excellent Norman.

  6. I’m guessing this is the reason ISIS was formed https://youtu.be/Vjh0nA7jd30 (*Cringe worthy) The pc police would probably applaud this wedding but if two caucasian people get married it would be put down as being “too normal” we need more diversity! interracial marriage and gay marriage goyim. Cultural marxism at it’s worse! “Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism, a régime to punish dissent, and to stigmatize social heresy and normal behavior, as the Inquisition punished religious heresy. Its trademark is intolerance.”

  7. Friend of mine was hit by a car, only badly bruised thankfully, she described the driver as a fat women and was told by police you can’t say fat wtf …

    • Oh really? guess she couldn’t say fat pig or piggy either. You also have to refer to muzzie criminals as asian FFS! Fuck political correctness , I just saw mark knopfler,clapton,collins and sting sing money for nothing but he had to say mother instead of faggot what the fuck! pc shite.

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