Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson is a cunt…

Apart from being at least 90% plastic/silicone/Fibreglass and having the dignity of a blubottle on a turd, this silly old cow is still flaunting herself in lad’s mags… I went in the paper shop for a (Manchester) Evening News and the daft bitch is on the cover of FHM… First off, FHM must be hard up for dolly birds if this is the best they get these days… That Tulisa cumbucket was bad enough, but a plastic granny?!

Also, isn’t it pathetic that, 20 years later, the old tart is still getting her kit off to get noticed or paid? And the face on it? It’s surgery gone mad/wrong on par with Michael Jackson…

It’s like that other (well overused) cunt, Madonna: dressing like a prossie when she’s pushing 60… Where’s the class or self respect? Give it up. grandmamas…

Nominated by: Norman

11 thoughts on “Pamela Anderson

  1. I remember some smarmy cunt called steve jones who seemed to think that he was the cat that got the cream when he fell into her. More like the cunt who got sloppy 119ths.

  2. For any TRUE Baywatch connoisseurs like myself, we all know Baywatch was only ever about “Summer” (Nicole Eggert), Shauni (Erika Elaniak) was up there too, Pam Anderson was the sloppy thirds at best and the fact she sucked Tommy’s dick makes her an diseased, sloppy thirds cunt.

    Pamela Anderson was / is the equivalent of a blow-up doll.
    She possesses the same IQ & is made from the same amount of plastic.

  3. I want to nominate vinyl collectors for a good cunting.
    Who cares if your extruded poly-vinyl mono 7″ sounds ‘warmer’ with a richer/bass’ than a dirty digital CD.
    There has been a resurgence of wankers , mostly apple fan boys who now collect vinyl because it is ‘cool’, they collect vinyl like fucking Superman comics, the self important cunts that they are.

    Who gives a s hit if you have a mis-pressed 7″ at 78rpm instead of 45rpm with the labels on the wrong sides that is worth £50,000 because only 100 copies left the press before it was corrected.
    The shit is only worth what some other sucker will pay for it.
    It should be, always has been and is about the music, not collecting stuff because it’s cool to be retro. or act all superior because your vinyl is not thrown through a high pass filter when compressed to mp3 and thus will always sound superior on a decent system as opposed to fucking ipods and fucking phone mp3 players with £3 headphones!

    This video sums up people who collect vinyl:

    • I agree that those who collect vinyl just to be ‘hipsters’ are cunts… They’re not unlike the cunts who pay 500 quid for a pair of ridiculous looking headphones, and then walk around town letting everybody know that they’ve got them… I also don’t get those who go apeshit and wet themselves because they’ve got an album with different coloured lettering, a mis-spelt title or reversed tracklisting (and pay silly money for such things!)… All that ‘I’ve got Led Zeppelin’s first album with turquoise lettering…’ So fucking what? As long as it sounds good that’s all that counts… That’s why I like (and still buy) vinyl records (I also liked top quality tapes for the same reason)… That said though, it is good to have these ‘rare’ and sought after LPs… So you can flog them for high prices to these collector buffoons…

  4. Yea, plastic women like that do not deserve to be advertised or published. Real women work hard and have real bodies, and are proud of themselves. They dont have to spend millions and become a silicon animated sex robot.

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