Sorry, I come from a mining area and can report that a great many miners, all good NUM members were in fact fucking cunts. Greedy, self centered me me me fucking cunts.

Not the salt of the Earth, dignity of honest labour type working class heroes of popular revisionist myth but rather thick as shit violent cunts who made going out for a beer a fucking trial by combat in the early 1980s.

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  1. I remember when they killed that poor cab driver, when those cunts threw that breezeblock off a motorway bridge…. Cunts….

    • I remember a similar incident in Eccles on the 602, a couple of kids then and they’re at it again in Heywood.

  2. Same sort of job for life cunts as posties and tube drivers think they are! I would make the lot redundant and start again, cunts!

  3. It’s about time ‘children’ left school at 12 and were put down the pits to earn a living.

    The filthy illiterate cunts now stay at school (day prisons) till 18, then go to university (drug dens and brothels) till 21, and then have a year off ‘traveling’ (talking in phoney mid-Atlantic accents to wogs in smelly-toilet countries).

    Get the bastards down the mines (and their fucking orange slag mothers).

  4. Sepp Blatter is a cunt…
    This rotten to the core bastard is now playing the health card to get sympathy… He was admitted to hospital with a ‘stress related illness…’ How conveniently handy for the corrupt old cunt… Now the old twat is doing the death’s door routine… Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said he feared he was dying during a recent health scare….
    Blatter spent six days in hospital earlier this month with a stress-related illness….
    “I was between the angels who were singing and the devil who was lighting the fire, but it was the angels who sang,” said Blatter… Angels don’t exist for a start, but this arrogant old cunt believes that they would be on his side…. I hope someone kills the old cunt so he can test out his crackpot bullshit…

    “I was close to dying. At some stage the body says ‘no, enough is enough’…” The bullshitting old bastard… Still here though, isn’t he? The dodgy old fucker…

    The old cunt sounds like a Nazi at the Nuremberg trials… What’s the betting that Blatter will soon say that he is too old or senile to stand trial?

    • Nothing new on playing the ‘too ill to stand trial / go to prison / stay in prison’ bollocks. Remember Lyons and Saunders from the ‘Guiness Affair’. Old school protected CUNTS !!!!!

      • Yeah, Saunders is a true medical miracle – the only cunt in recorded history ever to “recover” from Alzheimers.

        • The fucking, fucking cunt. If he was the only person in history to recover from Alzheimers then he should do the decent thing and donate his brain to medical research. Whilst he’s still alive. The lying, thieving cunt.

  5. Arthur Scargill was a right cunts and all. But then again he was a nancy boy larger shandy drinking southern poofter so what would you expect?

  6. The miners and Scargill may well have been Cunts, but he could see the way game was heading. Now. Now our heat, light, cooking, water, transport and some housing are in the hands of foreign merchants. Buried deep within the raft of world trade deals presently being rubber stamped is a WORLD LAW that would make it illegal to renationalise any former state owned industry that’s been privatised by our erstwhile leaders. We can’t even produce sufficient food for our immediate needs, but we can find tax payers money to ‘set aside’ productive land for the good of the environment.

    This country and it’s menfolk have been systematically emasculated and it all leads back to that long winter of 73. (all else leading up was just a warm up) Don’t blame individuals; look for the ring leaders who jerk the strings of power, MPs & PMs are mere puppets, look up there ‘WORLD law’ there’s the real power.

    My old mentor said: Don’t get complacent lad, we’re one power cut and two hot meals away from anarchy.

    The Nottinghamshire miners are back stabbing Cunts!

    • I am old enough to remember the blackouts of 1972 when the miners held the country to ransom, the three day week and the winter of discontent in 78/79. Maybe I should have cunted Unions in general. Thatcher, for all her faults, and she had fucking many did well to cunt the unions good and proper.

  7. Now I cant believe that the world of cuntishness has overlooked these two!


    So they have a joint income of 190k and property worth 1million and they struggle with school fees enough to involve a national news paper.
    Hang on a minuet reality check here how come my girlfriend with no child maintenance on a shit 14k a year job managed to support her sons into university (they won not bought their places, one is now a teacher) I am totally and utterly fucking dumbfounded that they should think they are hard up, I doubt I will ever own a house myself, not due to a frivolous lifestyle, but due to cunts like this who ran investment endowment schemes and fucked up my pension that I started 32 years ago.
    Uter cunts, uber cunts! How dare they

    They deserve all the shit they get, I would fire the cunts if they worked for me for being such arseholes!

    • Pair of utter cunts. They’re also buy-to-let cunts, the irony of them whining that they’re being priced out of the market is doubtless lost on the fucking fucking cunts.

      • Absa fucking lutely. Lets not forget it was the fat cat banker cunts who triggered the world financial crisis and not the poor dumb cunts on benefits.

  8. Without a doubt ultra cunts that even Katherine tate could not mimic (because no one would belive peaple like that exist !)

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