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  1. Daniel Criag is a shite bond he always has one stupid expression on his stupid expressionless face , lets hope this is the last bond film EVER its dead as a series and its dead as a concept. Make a blackadder movie or something if I see rowan make another johnny english(bond spoof) or mr.bean I will personally slap the bastard.

      • I’ll add my own comment when I finally get round to seeing Spectre, if I can find a way of seeing it for nothing. Not risking a Tenner…. But Craig is indeed a cunt “taking Bond on an emotional journey” for fuck’s sake!

        • Putlocker = free films and shows like the walking dead etc for fuck all mate. Picture quality varies but at the end of the day it’s for fuck all so meh. I managed 20 mins of dwarf craig in sphincter, it was the most laboured opening Bond scene if ever watched. I may go back to it at some point if I can be bothered.

          • Then try putlocker, pretty much all the latest films just out at the cinema, no registration, no joining, just click and watch, shows as Norton safe too, but as I said the very latest films may be a dodgy picture to varying degrees sometimes.

      • @Daniel Graig (Criag*Craig) oh my one spelling mistake this is a tragedy indeed. I don’t know how I’ll recover from this injustice in history of spalling. Btw the new bond song is the biggest piece of shite in james bond songs its even worse then madonna’s(aka miss bellend) die another day song. Sam smith the stupid nob

          • Yes they are, grammar nazi bastards! Seems Daniel Graig was having a laft though but I appreciate your assistance.
            By the way this is my favorite song of the week have a listen if you like. Its by a little practically unknown artist called philamore lincoln he drummed for the who at one concert and graham bond on a few occasions(shame he couldn’t make more music). The song reminds me of giles, giles and fripp’s “I talk to the wind” but this https://youtu.be/WFm8sEmlUY0 was released first.

        • The song is shite, because Sam Smith is shite. Far too high pitched. I think it was recorded whilst Smith was having his balls ripped off. He strikes me as an arrogant cunt too. I saw him on Graham Norton a couple of weeks back. Smith sat with his back to Daniel Craig, and then made a snide remark to him. Much as I dislike him, I wouldn’t have blamed Craig if he’d punched the nasty little faggot.

        • Sam Smith uses up to 8 songwriters to showcase his ‘talent’. The only talent he appears to have is that he is gay. The same applies to Nick Grimshaw. Sucking cock to fame, thats the real x factor.

        • If one wanted to be a real smartarse about it, illiterate actually means being unable to read and/or write… Whereas the word for spelling things wrong and being grammatically incorrect is ungrammatical….

          So bollocks…

    • And Austin Powers is a MASSIVE cunt, six hours of film with about 40 seconds of good jokes mostly involving Mike Myers biting the hand that feeds him while wearing a fat suit.

      • Agreed I will be cunting mike myers shortly but the love guru was definitely worse austin powers wasn’t that bad it was the sequel goldmember which was bullshit.

        • Powers was utter shite…. Stolen gags (a piss poor rip-off of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In with some Pete and Dud thrown in too), masses of product placement (a movie shouldn’t be a fucking advert!), ‘jokes’ that were went on forever (the peeing and face mole ‘gags’) or were used over and over again (the ‘Sssh’ and ‘Zip it’ gags were virtually identical, yet used in seperate films)… And Myers as the lead character was like some unfunny dreadful version of 1968 Eurovision era Cliff Richard crossed with Hank Marvin… The only good thing about it at all was Heather Graham’s arse…

  2. Finally, a cunting that has short, straight-to-the-point descriptions. I was getting tired of the massive essays of cuntings recently.

  3. Daniel Craig never was James Bond, any more than Roger Moore was. Come to that, Christopher Lee never was Scaramanga. That role should have gone to Lee Van Cleef.

      • But at least Moore was fun, anyone remember fun? Or is it regarded as “inappropriate” by our Cultural Marxist masters now? Of course it is. Cunts.

    • Thom Yorke is a wonky eyed cunt who thinks he’s gods gift to music. His music sounds suicidal and depraved everything this cunt does is proclaimed genius apart from a few radiohead songs he’s a wanker.

      • Couldn’t agree more, TS… How Radihead are seen (by some chinstroking cunts) as the modern Pink Floyd, I’ll never know… It says a lot when cunts like Yorke, Albarn, Jack White and Noel Gallagher are lauded as musical greats…. The mrs has got that new Beatles 1+ DVD thing… They may have been cunts at times (ask Pete), but at least they knew how to knock out a decent tune…

  4. I WANT TO NOMINATE ALREADY RICH cunts who go on TV game shows to win more money, when they don’t need the fucking money. I watched Tipping Point the other week and a fucking Headteacher won a shit load of money, and we all no most Headteachers earn £60000-£110000, fucking greedy cunts, I think he wanted the money to put in his open fire to keep the house warm.

  5. The movie is shit:

    Moneypenny is now an emaciated black with weaves and fish eyes
    Daniel Craig is mincing about and pursing his lips like a toilet trader
    No plot to speak of except a bunch of cunts want to spy on everybody
    Cartoon special effects that are badly filmed
    Crap song (sounds like a castrato being buggered by a donkey)
    Mindless dialogue with literally seconds between intercourse

    It’s worse than that cunt Lazenby and his plastic head

  6. In keeping with the fashion for brevity; High-resolution audio is a cunt, those selling High-resolution audio are cunts and anyone buying High-resolution audio are cunts as well. That is all.

    • The Americans say they are having a go but if past performance is anything to go by I reckon he has another 10 to 15 years before something resembling him turns up in an out of focus video.

    • Yes and No…
      (1) Nobody had him in the current pool
      (2) The Eye had him in pools 13 and 14
      (3) Odin’s Balls had him in pools 16, 18, 20 and 22
      (4) Lez had him in pool 17

      I trust you are suitably impressed with my record keeping 😉
      Of course, we don’t have a confirmed kill yet and no, you can’t have him now!

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