I can’t stand all these “I don’t eat meat” cunts, yet they buy ‘Veggie’ Sausages, Bacon etc. I mean if you didn’t want to eat meat why buy something that mimics it?

Another thing if we didn’t eat meat back in the olden days (ice age) we wouldn’t have survived without the calories the meat gave us, the fur to keep warm and the fats for lighting the torches etc. Also farming techniques weren’t developed enough to grow loads of fucking organic vegetables neatly in a massive field. We were HUNTER gatherers at least thats my guess.

How many of these vegetarians wear Leather etc? I don’t have an issue with people choosing to be veggies but don’t fucking tell me eating meat is wrong, you cunts. Now give me a pork chop…

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

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  1. Regulars here will be delighted by the announcement that the BBC’s Cunt-In-Chief, Danny Cohen, has just resigned.

    • Delightful news. As to why we await fallout. Obvious the cunt Cohen is going to prefer any other cunt with a “C” in their name hence his support for that unfunny cunt Corden. Rumoured that he is taking out his massive salary £320000 + perks and pension before the promised cuts by Hall start biting. Also we await news orf the replacement. A transgender Syrian perhaps?

  2. Even worse are those cunts who force vegetarian diets on their pets, which they should be prosecuted for in my opinion.

  3. In my student days at a party I met a Vegan girl, she looked good, well apart from the thai-dyed t-shirt, my friend told me she was a Vegan hippy type so I decided to make my move, I shuffled over to her whilst smoking a huge spliff, my opening gambit was to offer her the spliff, she refused!
    I was then subject to a 30 minute rant about how Rizla cigarette papers contain animal fats in the glue part you lick to stick the Rizla.
    I wouldn’t have minded this rant if I had known I was gonna get my dick wet, but no, on and on she moaned about animal welfare, battery farms, cosmetics tested on on animals,
    It was a good job I was stoned otherwise I would have told her to shut the fuck up.
    Fucking New Age, hippy, veggie cunts, more harmful to your mental health than smoking 12kg of the finest Amsterdam hydroponic weed in one bong!

  4. I feel I have to stick up for vegetarians since I am one. I’ve been a vegetarian for 43 years now and do not force my opinions onto other people, but if someone asks me I will tell them why I’m vegetarian and then they often force their meat-eating views on me telling me how unhealthy my diet is, so there are cunts on both sides.

  5. I would be a vegetarian if meat was not so fucking delicious, give me meat protein any day over that Linda McCartney corn protein cat food.

    I don’t mind people who try to impart their vegetarianism as long as they are talking about the dietary benefits, when they start bleating on about animal cruelty I think ‘fuck off’.

    • And what exactly is wrong with being a vegetarian to try to help animal cruelty (amongst other reasons)? I you don’t share the opinion that’s alright, but really? Why is it so apparently senseless to you?

      • Is it something to do with people being omnivores not herbivores; or perhaps that excluding meat/dairy from your diet requires the ingestion of supplements made from animal products?
        And while we’re at it, do you have a leather belt, leather shoes, leather jacket etc etc?

        Just asking…

  6. All vegans I have ever met are wankers and miserable cunts…. I don’t mind vegetarians who just do what they do and don’t shove it down peoples’ throats… What I can’t stand is the hypocritical type of veggie warrior… That’s what I don’t get about them: these knobs go on (and fucking on) about how evil meat is, then they buy something that is supposed to taste like meat (that Quorn bacon and all that crap)… These cunts will also eat Mars Bars, drink Coca Cola, buy Fairy Liquid, use Nivea etc… Conveniently overlooking the infamous reputations these companies have where animals are concerned… Cunts….

  7. Perhaps what we really don’t like are self-righteous cunts, and they come in vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms. I’m not going to risk saying why I’m vegetarian as I don’t want to be cunted myself!

    • No worries… It’s a life choice… My sister is a veggie, but she doesn’t tell me to be one (because I’m not)… It’s the pontificating finger wagging ones that are cunts… Like my sister knows one cunt who claims to be a veggie and an animal activist… Yet she goes into McDonald’s every day with her boyfriend (also a cunt!)… Her excuse? ‘I only go in and drink the coffee…’
      While putting money into McDonald’s coffers…. A lot of veggies are OK… Hypocritical ones are cunts…

  8. I try to eat a balanced diet, and I can cook as well so what I try to do is eat Fish twice a week, Vegetarian twice a week, and Chicken twice a week and Red meat once a week. Don’t get me wrong I could eat a fry up for breakfast, and meat every day but that would make me a Dead Pool contender. Too much red meat is bad for you and you gotta try and balance out the bad poisons (in my case Cocaine and Alcohol) with what you eat and exercising. I always find when I eat Vegetarian food I am hungary later. Don’t get me started on Vegan’s, they look like they are malnourished and pale as fuck and thats the black cunts the white cunts are like Dulux pure brilliant white. The Cunts.

  9. I also have to add that just because bad people are vegetarian that doesn’t mean that all vegetarians are bad. That would be like saying that Stalin eating meat somehow has a connection to his wickedness. Yes, Morrissey seems like a prat but then aren’t most celebrities?

      • Talking of Stalinesque behaviour, when Paul McCartney toured for the first time after Lennon’s murder, he (or, more to the point, Linda) put a ban on any of the staff or road crew eating any kind of meat or fish… If they didn’t eat veggies then they were fired… It was probably his Mrs more than Macca himself, but shouldn’t anyone eat what they want? Especially if they earn their money and do a good job?
        I can see Paul (or Linda) telling the other Beatles not to eat meat… They’d have told them to fuck off…

        • Fuck Linda McCartney, what did being a veggie do for her? Got her cancer & put her in a grave by 47.
          Fire up the BBQ I say 🙂

          • Yeah, because vegetarianism is so unhelthy that vegetrians live 10 years longer average.
            Now, do you really think her BREAST CANCER was caused by vegetarianism? You know that women who eat meat also can get cancer, right? And it’s the same with men.

          • It’s a statistical fact that people who get cancer breathe. So that mean that breathing gives you cancer?
            10 years longer? “There are lies, damn lies and statistics” If you pick your statistic you can prove anything. Personally I’d believe it makes absolutely no difference to life expectancy but not that it improves or diminishes it one way or the other.

            You’re entitled to your beliefs just as I am entitled to disagree with you.

        • Can you imagine what would happen if any other employer forced their staff to become vegetarian on pain of being sacked. Macca should be hauled through the courts for his blatant discrimination. Cunt.

  10. any one who can only eat food without a face is a total cunt, and thats to all you omnivours too.
    belive it or not those nice little polystyrine plates with meat wrapped in clingfilm on a the supermarket shelves once walked round a field ate and shat, who knows maybe even had a sex life,
    any way anyone who cant stomach the idea of face to food is a cunt, I tuck into fluffy bunnies and once dispatched a family of 3 with my air rifle and ate the cunts.

  11. my ex wife is a veggy,im sure just to be an awkward twat,it was due to her dad working for a meat processing plant and looking at some of the shit this cunt used to bring home from work,he nearly turned me into a veggy the cunt but now I have seen the light,i have divorced the bitch and have to nothing to do with her offal stealing cunt of an old man……

  12. My missus is coeliac, she can not eat any food containing gluten, which pretty much restricts the food she can choose. It’s particularly a problem if you go out for a meal. If your a veggy your catered for quite well on the menu, most of the time there’s a section specifically for vegetarians, but ask if they have anything gluten free and they look at you like you’ve gone mad. As my missus says being a veggy is a choice, coeliac is a medical condition, eat gluten and your health is going to suffer.


    The BBC’s Dr’s & Professors, all of them!

    From Prof Brian Cox to Prof Alice Roberts and the whole shower of cunts employed by the BBC to bring you retard level science.
    Water can be a liquid, a solid or a gas. Fucking hell, bust out the nobel prize… for cunts!

    Brian Cox is possibly the most well known, a theoretical physicist (charlatan) involved with CERN (Cunting Euro Retard Nonces, well it should be!) but it’s center for euro research or some bollocks, fucking Google it if you care!

    If you’ve never seen him just imagine a ‘messy’ haircut in skinny jeans or any bass player from any ‘indie’ band in the last 25 years.
    A monumental cunt of epic proportions, he oozes cuntitude and is the BBC’s current ‘top boy’, can often been seen mincing around wit that Eyrish cunt Dara O’brien.
    He makes Joey Essex look charming and somewhat of a raconteur you’d invite round for supper.

    Then we have Alice Roberts, a fucking veggie no doubt (topical), tree hugging, red hair dyed bumpkin, she seems to raise the temperature of the ‘Time Team’ set who only get excited at finding a 12th century shithouse with fecal remains.
    A biologist I think, but seen presenting all sorts of guff on BBC4.
    Probably a lesbian, but filling some PC box at the BBC and the current ‘top dog’ of the bitches.

    Then you have the shower of shite who make up the rest, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, Dr Helen Czerski, Prof Jik AlkAlili, Neil Oliver, and the worst of the lot Dr Kate Williams.

    Kate Williams deserves a cunting all of her own, she looks like Elizabeth I from Blackadder, has her tongue so far up the Royals arseholes her breath smells of corgi shit .
    She is on every TV show whenever there is anything in the papers about the Royals, She is always promoting, defending and wanking over the royals, what an epic brown nosing slag, sling her in the tower, the cunt.

    So the BBC and their shower of open university grads presenting science even a 6 yr old could understand deserves cunting,
    I rest my case, I await the mighty Dioclese’s judgment 🙂

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Oy Cunts! You’ve had your fifteen minutes of fame, now fuck off. I put it to you Brainless Cocks is as thick as pig shit. If he hasn’t been lobotomised how do you explain that inane grin that makes any normal Cunt want to batter him to within an inch -sorry, 25.4mm- of his life.

      And Dioclese is a Cunt for only allowing me one thumb up on your nomination.

      Aw fuck it, everyone and everything are Cunts and I’m not right happy about myself. This is your fault boaby; I was all right till I read this nomination. Great start to the fucking day.

      Sorry. Did I mention: seconded? Thank you.

  14. What about them cycling veggie politician cunts, what about cunting them fuckers?! They just deserve it. And cycling veggie politicians who are on the BBC and who like JC (not Jesus, the other one) (NO, not Jeremy Clarkson, the other one) and the ones who want to be on Come dancing. Fuck them too.

  15. I can’t abide these cunts that say that their Lass is a vegetarian, I mean, these women still put your fucking dick in their mouths don’t they? They’re all meat eaters!! (except the ‘Bean Flickers’ of course! Don’t get me started on those Rug Munching twats!!) Hypocritical Cunts!!

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