Non-English speakers


Cunts who don’t or won’t speak English are cunts who deserve a good cunting. What the fuck is their problem?

I’m not just talking about immigrants to UK, I’m talking about every fucker on the planet. Get with the program you stupid wog fuckers, English is the world language. Its the most used language on the planet by a very long way and if you want to have a voice in the world you have to speak English.

Worst is Johnny Foreigner who refuses to speak English even when you know very well that they can, the cheese eating surrender monkeys are particularly guilty of this, the dagos are too.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

25 thoughts on “Non-English speakers

    • You sir lack Cuntitude and your post is merely cuntish. Foreign languages don’t count because they’re not English, simple Cunters logic.


      • It actualy states their first language, or mother tongue, should we go on to second language you will find that most of the lower groups speak English just so other cultures understand.
        My second language is Serbo Croat which is very usefull when dealing with non English speakers.
        I chat away into their blank faces until they admit that they “speak a little English” and then ask or order what I want in English with a funny accent and we are all happy!”

      • I definitely don’t lack cuntitude, I was merely showing that English is not the most widely spoken language in the world and I also want people to realise we aren’t really fuck all in the grand scheme of things anymore. Look how we are wanking off the Chinese at the moment to get our hands on their money, and how we have followed the Americunts into Wars to show we are their ‘friends’. In 100 years from now when we are all dead cunts, the UK won’t be fuck all and thats a shame but lets be realistic it is the truth. So all this thinking the world should speak English because they mostly did a long time ago is being an ignorant living in the past cunt. The world has moved on and they don’t give a fuck about us. We to most of them cunts are some island who has a Queen (Who costs us a fortune) and loads of traditions and a legacy of leaving a lot of them with a Language which most of the cunts have changed. English is popular mostly due to Hollywood and Pop music.

        • If you actually read the fucking post I said English was by far the most used language on the planet, not that it has the highest number of native speakers. You add the number of native English speakers to the number who speak it as a second language, then add all the written or recorded pieces of the language ( films, tv shows, songs etc. ) and then add all the stuff on the internet which is in English and you will find, as I said, it is by far the most USED language on the planet.

          And as for being a has been back water, I think you are mistaken Sir. The strippers in the Las Vegas club I was in last night thought my accent was “sexy”. Off course the hard faced bitches only wanted to get their hands on my wad but then again I only wanted to get my mits on their tits so everyone ended up happy.

    • I think English is only up there because it is the universal language for Air Traffic Control and the DWP benefits system.
      What irks me is having to search through the hieroglyphics and squiggles that resemble graffitti at the library and council offices before I can find which idle and otherwise unemployable f’kr could be arsed taking the money.
      Councils, …. cunts!

        • “… up there ….” on the list linked by ‘Black and White’ in the first comment if you care to look.
 …… if you want to count how many different languages spoken in China and calculate the fractional probability that all of them can understand every other of them then feel free. Personally I prefer the standard two recognised languages of the country, being Mandarin and Cantonese, which still has them at the top of the list even if they were listed independantly, something I don’t think I claimed for English: “…. up there ….” being a generalisation and in no way specific.

          • Yeah exactly my comment was directed to black white, I was trying to point out that there are more chinese people.

            Then english speaking people and thousand different dialect groups of language the chinese have. You explained it nicely though.
            This is another reason I don’t want immigrants because they refuse to speak our language and refuse to embrace our culture besides every 2 children 2 women we get to bring in 100 men they breed fast too. This is white genocide or correctly speaking forced assimilation but both the refugees cunts.

  1. I’m nominating David Walker, the Bishop of Manchester. Supposedly a Christian, he has a funny way of demonstrating his love for his religion, because he’s just become of a number of so called Church of England priests to sign a letter to Cameron, demanding that we take in at least another thirty thousand Syrian ‘refugees’. Because what the UK really needs is MORE Muslims. Seriously, we just don’t have enough followers of the cult of extreme sadistic violence.

    Walker, like his fellow Bishops, lives in a large house. A very large house. It has six bedrooms and has just benefitted from an extensive refit. Walker has announced that he won’t taking any Syrian families into the large home he enjoys, because of the “language barrier and alien culture”.

    So he….wait, what? He expects Britain to take in tens of thousands more parasites at taxpayers expense, despite the language barrier and alien culture, yet he refuses to share the burden that HE wants to inflict on the UK. This twat isn’t just a hypocrite, he’s a two faced fucking cunt. Why should communities up and down the country be forced to accept even MORE foreign leeches on this cunt’s say so, when he isn’t even willing to accept any into his home. I actually thought about going to Manchester Cathedral, in the hopes of meeting the prick so I punch in the mouth. He isn’t worth the fucking trouble though.

  2. Agreed the bishop is an ironclad cunt, and the hypercritical bullshit spouting cunt, should be forced to have at least twenty of the sponging wankers so he can get a first hand taste of what a tucking nightmare he wants to inflict on everyone else, at least the cunt is in Manchester

  3. Language barrier, alien culture. Well prod me with a well roasted parsnip. That’s exactly why we don’t want them sullying our shores. Give them an inch they’ll take a hundred miles. This is realism not racism. They’re sending multitudes of them up here to Manchester anyway so I think the Bish should squeeze a few of them in.

  4. It’s seems to be common theme amongst the “do gooders”, all very high minded and principled, but when cock wants to meet twat, they are nowhere to be seen. It’s always someone elses problem to sort

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      • I absolutely agree, Kiera Knightly is a fucking anorexic cunt who weighs less than an astronaut’s fart. Who the fuck thinks she is attractive? Who would want to give that a portion? You would be frightened of breaking the cunt. And she never closes her gob when she is talking which makes me just want to nut the bitch. Cunt.

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