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‘The Voice ‘ newspaper, for fucks sake! Talk about holding 2 opposing views at the same time! On the one hand you say black people should be treated equally, then you go and set up a paper for blacks only!

And you also lump all black people together as though all black people have the same views on everything you totally misguided twats. I’d love to see their reaction if a newspaper was set up that catered only for white people, that would be fucking stupid and so is ‘The Voice’

Nominated by: Ozmandias

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  1. I think the day will come when all blacks do have the same view, possibly down the barrel of a Lee Enfield carbine, modded, .45 ACP with an adapted 1911 mag. Not that I’ve given it any thought.

      • True, Norman. And we must remember that even a thin piece of grubby newsprint, crumpled and trodden into the gutter, still has more intellectual substance than Abbott…

        • Get Dioclese to dig oit his classic page 3 pic orf a fat glistening Abbott from a cunting quite a while back.

      • The size of that fat cunt, she would take up page 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.
        Who ate all the pies? Abbott did, the fat cunt of a whore.
        She is up their with such prestige odious cunts as Yasmin Alibi Brown & Shami Chakrafarty.

        The collective term for these 3 is, a shower of cunts

  2. Being a half Black, (wog, nigger whatever you wanna say, I don’t give a fuck) cunt. I find The Voice paper unnessesary as its roots are from the early eighties when things were different and you could argue Black people needed a voice. Nowadays The Voice seems to be a divisive paper as its aimed at black people and in this day and age of online news a ‘Black’ paper is not needed. Black people in th UK aren’t mostly of Carribean descent like in the 70s, 80s. There are loads of Africans, and those Somalian cunts nowadays. Anyways I have plenty of racist views about pakis, black cunts, white cunts and I’m a half black half white cunt. Anyways fuck off you cunts.

  3. Terrible me old cunt-stabbers. Wogdom gone mad. These piss-stained, shit-stained parasites cry racism when we attack the bastards with sledgehammers in Lewisham High Street. But when it’s one of those cunt pigs shitting on the pavement, we can’t say anything. The world, me old cunts, has gone mad. Only waiting for the day when a golliwog gets his black feet under the table at 10 Downing Street.

  4. Channel 4 …is a Cunt for ruining the Battle of Britain programme with that fucking gobshite, turnip chomping, bog trotting fekin mick who presented it. I wanted to see and hear the 34 Old girls in full cry and they faded them out and put his voice over. For God’s sake why? We never even got to hear the Bristol Blenheim with her twin Mercurys. Got to go I’m filling up. Sir Roy will be spinning in his grave.

    A fucking tragedy, but saved on the Kleenex.

    Cannel 4: YOU’RE A BUNCH OF CUNTS!

  5. got to mention the Spiv again. well he asks for it doesnt he?, he has come out with more shoreham bollox. you ready for this? there was no planecrash, the plane you see in the video is CGI. the explosions were pre-planted. yes the spectators did see a plane but that didnt crash, it fucked off somewhere else, he comes out with a lot of stuff about cars being in the wrong place and signs staying in tact when really truly they shouldht have but absolutely none of it ar all convincing, it couldnt be could it because all he’s doing is reaching his conclusion first, then desperarely sniffing around for anything that can back it up, and failing miserably.
    he is very fond of calling himself a journalist. i wonder if he has ever tried to get any of his ‘stuff’ published anywhere? i am sure the Guardian would be interested or howabout Private Eye ? the truth is its simply not up to the standard required, consisting as it does of dubious examinations of photographs which seek to ‘prove’ a dubious theory he has concocted to bolster his crazy theory that everything is controlled by ‘them’ and only he can see that because everyone else is a brain dead sheeple’

    • I think the best thing to do would be to encourage relatives of those killed at Shoreham to report Spivey to Plod. The more bereaved relatives (of all the tragedies that Spivey insists are hoaxes) that report him, the more chance of the cunt being sent down – or at least being given a restraining order preventing him from using the internet.

  6. Talking of black cunts – Cilla Black ‘charity fund’ has raised just £115.

    It was set up by her filthy bastard children (weasel-faced chav cunts from Liverpool) supposedly to help sick kiddies in Liverpool (rats with syphilis). I expect the administration fees at set to be 99.999999% of the income (like all charities run by cunts).

    Anyway – fuck that dead cunt Cilla Black, and fuck all the rotten filth from Liverpool.

    • I don’t trust charities(99% of them) one bit its a scam and like you said CEO’s steal the money this has been done numerous times. If you want to donate give it right to the people you want to donate too or slap yourself in the ‘ead and waste your money by giving it to bob geldof the biggest scamming wanker cunt of them all.

  7. How about the the white Voice of reason, after all this is white country?? stupid spear chucking wogs fuck off back onto your banana boats back to the sugar plantations and take your voice of nigger paper and stuff it straight up your black smelly ebola cunts!

    • By western media standards( cultural marxism) it is , but I don’t think so personally . I mean blacks did help rock n roll grow a bit from old delta blues but I’m not a huge fan of black music. Blues is too depressing, jazz I find boring but I appreciate it a bit more in the right context, reagge I have never been a huge fan of cause a lot of it sounds the same, afrobeat I somewhat dislike and like reagge it sounds alot the same its alright I guess but somewhat repetitive, Funk I hate with a passion, disco is somewhat annoying , Rap and Hip-hop is fucking dreadful I hope it dies a quick death. Rhyming fast isn’t a talent neither is stealing other people’s music to include in a bunch of shite backbeats to it. Like jeremy clarkson said “Maybe I’m just different but I KNOW WHAT I LIKE…

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