Student results reporting


Newspaper picture editors who illustrate A Level Results Day with the SAME fucking photograph every single year are cunts.

Three or four blonde girls (invariably called Millie, Tilly and Lily) either hugging each other or jumping up in the air clutching their envelopes.

Come on you fucking cunts, show some originality – it’s not only posh blonde girls who take A levels!

Nominated by: Fred West

19 thoughts on “Student results reporting

  1. As the years go by there are less slim and pretty white English female event A Level result girls to find. So the media use and repeat the one good photo from 5 years ago. Because photos of pretty white girls sell newspapers. Except of course the Sun comic and the Guardian. The Sun will have a photo of 5 fat females with big knockers. The Guardian will have a diversity photo line up of one gay black male, one asian male, 2 Muslim females wearing hijab head coverings and a token plain Jane white girl.

  2. Naturally nobody would accuse you of being a misanthropic old cunt who failed his A Levels and justly so Fred. What makes me old horse prong sink into me boots is the sound orf their voices. England’s finest young fillies all seem to have the same Essex flat version of RP that exhibits a rising cadence at the end orf a sentence, and that does depress an old man. It reeely reeely does.

    However nothing is surely more repellent than the sound orf a scotch harpie. Eeehm, eeehm. Fuck.

    • Or a scouse bint, or Kent chav.

      Its like finger nails down a blackboard to me. Innit.

      • He’s a stupid cunt and also a sitting duck (or sitting duckie!)…
        First of all, playing rugby league in places like Wigan, Warrington, Salford, Leeds and Hull, and letting it be known he is a doughnut puncher?! The crowds at these grounds aren’t exactly known for their tolerance and refined ways…

        I also think this Keegan (what sort of sick cunt calls their son Keegan?!) went on telly to gain sympathy from the right on PC leftie cunts… Because his missus caught him doing a bit of uphill gardening… But because he’s ‘come out’ and admitted he’s a shirtlifter that’ll take the heat of him as far as the Guardian and other suchlike cunts are concerned, and they will see it as more acceptable that he’s cheated on his wife by using the tradesman’s entrance….

      • On the contrary, I seriously believe that most rugby players are gay. Not so much in the closet, more hanging around outside the closet waiting to stick their hands up each other’s shorts and then wave their cocks at each other in soapy bath-time fun.

  3. You can’t be implying that the Right Honourable Sir Limply is a woofter. Men have died for less.

  4. It’s probably difficult to get a picture of a schoolkid sitting with their head in their hands, forlornly clutching a series of D and F grade results because 1) A Levels are a piece of fucking piss these days and 2) plenty of places at the new “universities” to do plasticine snake-making studies etc. for everyone.

  5. Despite advancing years Sir Limply is always in the pink me dears. A public school education prepares one for most orf life’s little surprises. Would consider coming oit if there was sufficient filthy lucre in it.

  6. They’ll be at it all over again this Thursday when the GCSE (That’s O-Levels to people like me) results are made public. I will put good money that there will be no piccys of the knuckle dragging retards that infest our secondary schools. Just the photogenic rather than the inbred retards who crept into the gene pool when the lifeguards were off duty. Other headlines will, of course, include “falling standards”, “getting easier” and the assorted union and DFES gits arguing the toss.

  7. Dirty slags with their chlamydia slits and warty slack arse holes. Universities are drug dens and brothels for illiterate greasy cunts oozing pus.

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