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Sebastian Coe – a brown-nosing, corrupt cunt, once an MP, now promoted to president of the IAAF, presumably to cover-up the truth about doping in sport? We can’t have Jessica Ennis & Mo Farrah exposed as drug cheats can we, that would sully the Olympic Legacy (fuck off).

I regard Coe in the same disdain as Sep Blatter, a corrupt cunt who probably and allegedly fiddles with kids.

Nominated by: Timmy Mallett

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  1. does your’ allegedly’ make your’ probably’ acceptable? i;m all for bursting pomposity but i think accusing Coe of being a peaodphile is not on, unless of course you have some evidence? if so, fair enough. just because this is onthe web doesn’t put you beyond the law. i’d urge a bit of caution. i also happen to think Farrah and Ennis are clean athletes. am i hopelessly naive?

    • This is why we put a disclaimer on the bottom of the blog and, on occasions, refuse to publish certain nominations. I agree with you and di think of editing this down a bit but in the end decided it was borderline so I let it go.

      Your point is well made and I personally agree with you…even though I do happen to think that Coe is a prize cunt!

      • Fuck me, considering the ones that do get posted , what the fuck is the content of the stuff you don’t allow? They must be superb. Are they on the dark net ?

  2. Carlsberg is “probably” the best lager in the World, does that advertising statement make it true?

    Mo Farrah is certainly a drug-cheat, anyone who worked with Alberto Salazar is, fact, Paula Radcliffe anyone??
    A mediocre track distance runner who never achieved anything, she fucks off to the Oregon Project with Salazar and comes back as a marathon runner, she then proceeds to smash 20 MINUTES off the womens marathon world record, not 20 SECONDS, 20 FUCKING MINUTES.
    Yep, she was not using EPO was she – LMFAO

    • Radcliffe? Just stand at the finish line and shake the money; then you’ll see amazing running.

  3. well Radcliffe must be a massive hypocrite then.’cos she has been very outspoken in her criticism of drug cheats. it’s normally the case that anyone who is cheating keeps a very low profile. radcliffe is not a cheat neither is Chris Froome.

  4. i thought that was a suspect statistic. Paula radcliffe beat the record by 1m 37 secs.
    2.17.18. she later improved that to 2.15.25. which is still the record.

  5. I was always a Steve Ovett man back in the day… Coe is a cunt, but I wouldn’t say he was a cunt of the Savile variety….

  6. Well, first up I will admit I got my figures wrong, it is indeed 2 minutes not 20 minutes, must be my age.
    I was recalling an article I read many years ago.
    But in the world of endurance running 2 minutes is a HUGE margin,
    What you fail to realise is that doping can only be ‘proved’ when the testing authority know what they are testing for, anyone first year uni chemistry student can manipulate any compound to be undetectable, it is fucking childs play, by manipulating the chemical compound it then becomes undetectable using the IAAF’s tests.
    This has been going on since the 50’s and technology has made it even easier!

    Chris Froome is obviously a drug cheat, team Sky have developed a variant of EPO which can not be detected, which is why they stated “We will win the Tour De France”
    Just look at the variants of MDMA (ecstasy) there are literally thousands of them all almost identical to the structure of MDMA but because they are slightly different a test can not be created that will detect them ALL, it is an on-going game of cat & mouse between the cheats and the doping authorities!
    Mo Farrah is a drug cheat, Paula Radcliffe is a drug cheat & Chris Froome and the entire pro-peloton are drug cheats.
    Do you think Sky would invest millions in a team and not make sure they had an advantage using synthetic compounds to the point they could state “we will win the Tour De France” and the continual winning by Sky is testament to the fact they have an undetectable compound, much like Contador, who was eventually caught!

    Froome will be exposed, much like Armstrong in the future when the tests find these manipulated compounds. the same applies to Athletics, Seb Coe has been appointed IAAF president to subdue and deny doping, but as always, the truth will come out

    • I might agree, and Coe is a snobby cunt, but if you wanted to cover up drug use in athletics you wouldn’t go far wrong by electing a Ukrainian like the other nominee, Bubka.
      Those eastern European cunts cant get out of bed without an early dose of smack, let alone do anything athletic.

    • Careful timmy – you’re getting seriously close to defamation.
      I suggest the use of the words ‘IMHO’ ‘probably’ ‘could’ and ‘might’ to commenters where protection of the nether regions might be in order?

  7. ok. if ever Froome is found to be a cheat i will eat a large slice of humble pie. i’m on a diet but i don’t think i need worry. Froome is being punished because of cyclings terrible history. i have done a bit of cycle racing, the problem with cycling is its too hard, i’d say it was the toughest sport there is. always makes me laugh when footballers have to play 30 minutes extra time and the commentators say’ the players must be getting tired now’ fuck off! try cycling up a mountain for 2 hours in 90 degree heat.

  8. i dont like to boast but when i was a courier i had to go to LOCOG s HQ in Canary Wharf and pick up the running shoes Coe wore when he won 1 of his Olympic gold medals. i actually put them on took a quick pic lol.

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