Cameron, the Calais cunt [19]


Bugger me butler, getting reliable gen orn the Calais chaos is like trying to count paedos in Rotherham. Cameron and crew are all about laying smoke screens orf lies to obscure what is going orn from the British people. The best that me intelligence committee can make oit is this. Far more wog scum are fucking orf from frogland and getting over to dear old Blighty to claim benefits than is being let on and this has been going orn for months. Police chiefs various across the country are saying that they are seeing 500 extra or more orf said wog scum orn a daily basis. Confirmed by what les frogs are saying, 1500 – 2000 a night storming the tunnel a day who then vanish to be replaced by similar numbers orf wog cunts and so it goes orn. Said wog cunts must be going somewhere and I have me shrewd suspicions. South Coast where we withstood the full force orf Hitler is once again under siege.

Know an old cunt does a spot orf farming down Hastings way. On the road is the ferry port orf Newhaven (run by the fucking frogs) and close to it is an old army camp name orf Tide Mills. Crawling with wog cunts, tents, cooking fires ect which the local council pretend to know nothing orf. Other land owners report much the same thing. Where once there were Poles and Romanians and now that they are nicely housed, their camps have been taken over by the wog cunts.

What is Cameron doing about this liberty? Bugger all. All the cunt does is fuck orf orn holiday. Red mist rises. To think that this once great nation possessed Calais. Take the piss hole back again and let the Paras run it. Sort the cunts out. Flog orf all the flash motors with UK plates that the frogs have seized from the dodgy cunts fronting for the wog cunts. Sell hunting licences to yank dentists and let them patrol the tunnel. This side orf the Channel we have our shot guns ready.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

9 thoughts on “Cameron, the Calais cunt [19]

  1. Cameron could care fucking less as long he’s protected in his mansion or does this cunt have a castle or some shite?Well whatever they will probably get in . In due time we will have to let them in from groups like amnesty international human rights and so forth.

  2. We should have a new shotgun related sport in this country.

    Illegal immigrants are plentiful and far less valuable than clays, so anything that emerges from the cursed tunnel to frogland that isn’t wearing an orange hi-vis gets it’s filthy muslim arse peppered with rock salt and sent packing in the opposite direction to tell the others in Calais.

    I foresee this really catching on among the country set.

  3. A friend of mine is a Customs & Excise Officer working the Portbury and Avonmouth Ports at Bristol. He is in touch with the Boarder patrol guards working with Customs & Excise at Ramsgate and Dover in Kent. Don’t take my word for it, but yesterday he told me this:

    At Ramsgate Port, an average 5 illegals per day (coming on the ferries from Dunkirk) smuggled in by third parties or by the illegals themselves, are being apprehended and caught by Boarder Control, They are all taken to a holding detention place at Dover. Private security guards at Ramsgate port are nearly reporting daily they have seen illegals escaping the Port and sometimes inform local plod. If the local police manage to catch them outside Ramsgate – the illegals are given direction by plod to make their own way to Croydon Immigration Centre!

    At Dover Marine and Dover Eastern Ports an average of 200 illegals per week (coming on the ferries from Calais) try to smuggle themselves out of the Dover ports and are apprehended and caught by Boarder Control. Private port security and ferry terminal staff often spot illegals outside the Port areas. Again local plod is informed. Of the ones caught inside the ports, about 50 – 60 of them are photographed, finger-printed and recorded, then immediately taken back on the ferry and realised in Calais free. The others of the 200 or so average weekly total caught, either have good ID papers or claim to be under the age of 18. In which case their claim for asylum is accepted and they are shipped to British detention centres or Kent social services.

    You couldn’t make it up!

  4. well chaps, working for a multinational building materials supplier I might be tempted to give a large discount to any one buying suficient quantities of ready mix cement products and dumping them down a certain hole!

  5. In fairness to the dodgy cunts fronting for the wog cunts, they’re either part of Cunteron’s big society (helping where the state doesn’t) or tory party-donating aspirational entrepreneurs. They probably nicked the cars, what’s the odds that le plod haven’t checked the uk nicked motors list, or figure that they can make enough dosh from people trafficking (well, they’re not fucking Uber are they) so they can write off the cost of the confiscated cars. I wouldn’t be surprised if they buy them back at le plod auctions saving them the problem of having to get them back across the ditch.
    I thought Cunteron had said some blah blah about clamping down on people trafficking but when I googled it turned out the cunt was talking about Vietnamese – so it may be Cuntle Sam is going to resume bombing Hanoi OR Cunteron’s got hold of the wrong end of the stick again.

  6. After extensive research and 8 pints of cider I can confirm that it is an offence to attempt to enter the UK without leave. ( section 24 Immigration Act 1971 ) which came into force in 1973 and which carries a maximum penalty of 6 months imprisonment and a level 4 fine ( 2500 Pounds ).

    So the solution to the problem is simple and already exists, catch the wog scum, throw them in jail for 6 months, fine them 2 1/2 grand for the privilege and then deport the fuckers. So why are the powers that be not doing this?

    And by the way, lets not forget whose fault this is, the sex offender and war criminal Tony Blair. Non of this would be happening if it was not for invading Iraq. When is that cunt going to get whats coming to him?

  7. This cuntface is giving away millions a year in “aid” to the likes of India and North Korea when will this madness end? when will the people of this docile shite country stand up and say enough is enough, the people should protest and go on strike until this cunt stops giving away their money to to shithole junta countries, you couldnt make it up
    Some isis cunt should blow up parliament with them all in it

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