Security stewards


Jobsworth security stewards are cunts….

These minimum wage monkeys in high visibility jackets are pig ignorant, power mad wankers… Little Hitler syndrome isn’t in it…. At Old Trafford these cunts are the scum of the earth…. Throwing people out for singing, standing up or bringing in flags (unless you’re the untouchable Glazer stooge cunt, Tufty, with your crappy and tasteless ‘official’ banners: like that dreadful ‘Chosen One’ monstrosity for Moyes)…. These cunts even stopped an elderly away fan bringing in his crutches…

But these bastards are everywhere these days…. Acting like the Gestapo on crack if a player celebrates a goal with the fans… Wading in as if Jack Kennedy has been shot for a second time… These thugs also throw a fit if someone dances a little jig at a concert… I know Elton John can be a cunt, but he was right to bollock one of these steward Nazis when they got tough with a fan dancing at one of his gigs…. These power mad twats using the health and safety crap to get up to all sorts of nastiness need a good kicking… I never thought I’d say this, but I would rather go back to when the cozzers did matchday security….

Nominated by: Norman

6 thoughts on “Security stewards

    • Not the cunts I encounter. The tossers always call me “fella” like some third rate riot squad cop cunt. Indeed I will repeat a cunting that failed to get posted a good while back.

      Cunts that call me “fella”

      Now to blow me own trumpet am a pretty large distinguished looking old gent (and not so much orf the old) breeding will out ect ect. Country long went to the dogs but beyond the pale now. Unable to manoeuvre me old arse in to a retail premises these days without some poxy cunt in a high viz vest eye balling me. “Can I help you fella?” “You awlright fella?” “Oi.Lookin’ for sumpthin’ fella?” The last from a mincing arse rat in a charity shop.

      Having hazarded me bollocks for both King and Queen and Country am now taken for a dodgy character by a breed orf door/store security cunts young enough to be me grandsons – not that I would have jumped their rancid minged grandmas in me drunkest hour in the darkest days orf the blitz.

      Respect is a word foreign to the youth orf today and their inbred pound shop parents. Which is why I may blow from time to time. Hate this England orf little Hitlers with their ciftificates orf community development skills, inclusion workshops and risk assessment surveys. Fuck you one and all.

      • For me, its being called ‘bruv’.

        I fucking hate it. I am not your brother, your bro or your bleed.

        I find it incredibly insulting that these fucktard cunts think that we could be in any way, shape or form related.

        Likewise, ‘boy, son or young man’ will get your teeth punched down your throat.

        I don’t give a fuck who you are, or who you think you are.

        Speak to me with respect and the courtesy will be reciprocated.

        • The communal security guard in my office block called me “dude” yesterday. It was only the second or third time we had ever met. And neither of us will see 40 again, so it wasn’t a yoof thing either. Cunts.

          Actually I think I will Cunt their company when I can be arsed.

  1. Ah yes, security stewards. Wannabe plods. Only too thick, and too fat. The Old Trafford monkeys are the reason I don’t go to home matches anymore. Even for security, they’re massive fucking vagina’s.

    • Dead right, QDM…. I recall before Moyes was sacked there was yet another spineless shithouse display (and defeat) at OT… a few of us planned to take that absurd ‘Chosen One’ banner* down, only to be met by by a wall of Glazer security monkeys acting like they were guarding the crown jewels… It was tempting to rush the cunts and give them a slap, but the coppers would have been brought in and bans would have been handed out all over the place…

      * The Chosen One banner created (and put there) by Andrew Kilduff (aka Tufty)… A self appointed ‘fans representative’, a Glazer stooge, a Judas to true United suppporters, and a scouse cunt…. All will be revealed in Tufty’s cunting…. Coming soon…

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