Cunts in TV adverts


That Travelzoo advert deserves a cunting… Those two tossers acting like seals need a hiding…

Same goes for that baldy cunt wiggling his fat arse for Money Supermarket, or that bearded twat dressed as Carmen Miranda on that bingo advert…

Don’t cunts like that have any self respect?

Nominated by: Norman

“You buy one, you get one free. I said you buy one you get one free!”

Yeah, I heard you – now fuck the fuck off! You seriously expect me to buy windows from a cunt like you ?!?

Nominated by : Dioclese

36 thoughts on “Cunts in TV adverts

  1. That big arsed bald cunt from Money Supermarket ads needs a massive slap….
    I also hate that Galaxy ad featuring ‘Audrey Hepburn….’ The computer generated version of Hepburn is disgusting… It’s soulless, tacky and whoever from her estate (or whoever owns the film rights) gave the go ahead for this abomination should be shot… Grave robbing (ie: shitting on someone’s memory) to sell chocolate?! Why don’t they just dig the poor cow up, put a paper hat and streamers on her and have done with it?!

  2. Am I the only one who feels like I am being bombarded by fucking shit adverts. I remember adverts from years ago and although they were mostly shit they did not make me feel like I am losing the plot. All we get nowadays is PPi, Broadband, Insurance and claim this and that fucking shit. In fact Television in general is a cunt, full of untalented TOWIE, and Made in Chelsea Cunts.

  3. One of the joys of modern shit pump viewing is that you can set the box to record the show, fuck off to the kitchen, make a cuppa, raid the fridge and come back ten minutes later.

    Then you press play, watch the first twelve minutes, fast forward through the ads at top speed and finish watching what you actually wanted to watch.

    Only occasionally do I not spend long enough raiding the fridge and I catch the last couple of ads trying to sell me shit I neither want or need.

    It works pretty well otherwise.

    • Yeah – I never watch anything live. My remote has a ‘+60s’ button so if you press it 4 times you skip straight through the commercials. I’ve noticed that sometimes you have to press it 5 or 6 times. It’s getting out of hand. Pretty soon the ads will be longer than the programmes!

  4. wtf is ARNOLD doing adverts for?, he can’t need the money surely. i make a point of never buying anything plugged by a celeb. the out and out most annoying example of that is fuckin gary linaker and those bags of air he plugs. i am sick of seeing his smug mush. it seems to say ‘i can’t believe this, i am getting paid £100,000 for this bollocks. dont buy em!

  5. This is why I don’t watch tv anymore . When I was a lad a tv ad was no longer then 1 or 2 minutes now you got 9 or 10 minutes of adverts between each 20 minute show fucking cunt advertising companies. Just buy your favorite shows and movies its better that way. Public access tv is alright though never has commercials as far as I know just shows educational and sometimes shows a decent movie or wildlife documentary.

    • Time was that adverts were where struggling unknown actors got their first TV appearance, now it’s all well known (and already loaded) celebs hogging them. I still reckon that Ronnie Corbett etc have blown all their savings on dodgy investments and need the money desperately….

  6. Angel Di Maria is a cunt… A soft arsed, can’t hack it, goes missing, out of his depth, dummy sucking, toy throwing, knicker wearing, dobby the house elf ugly as fuck foreign skiving cunt….

      • Not fit to wear the shirt, QDM… The biggest cunt on the OT books since that scouse dwarf, Michael Owen…

        • You’re not wrong there mate. He’s useless, rat faced little twat. Worse still, he’s a fucking Argy.

    • Seriously though, I can see where you’re coming from. His house gets burgled, whilst he’s at home, and being Argentinian he just surrenders. Then he decides he wants to fuck off to some place where Spick is the national language, because he’s scared. As if they don’t have criminals in other countries. And a lot of them are even worse than the criminals we have here. He’s a PUSSY.

  7. I noticed the other night that Go Compare have brought back that fucking annoying ‘Gio Compario’. The fucking welsh twat ‘opera’ singer. The ads that I particularly hate though, are the ones that imply that all woman are geniuses and men are as thick as pig shit. Fuck right off you bunch of misandrist slags. Just because advert’s 30/40/50 years ago were somewhat sexist, doesn’t mean you have to get ‘revenge’ by turning it around. It comes across as immature, unimaginative, and pathetic. A sexist prick, is a sexist prick, regardless of gender.

  8. I see Chris Spivey made headlines in the Daily Fail. It’s on trial for harassing the family of Lee Rigby. Reading the things that Spineless Spivey has done to that family, I find it difficult to believe that any intelligent, civilised human being could come with the sheer evil that Spivey has concocted. Then again, having visited his sight, it’s clear that Spivey isn’t even slightly intelligent or civilised. And I have serious doubts as to whether he qualifies as a human being. My instinct is to say to know.

    This worthless piece of shit actually started his campaign against Lee Rigby and his family the day AFTER his murder. Over the past couple of years, Spivey has printed the addresses of his mother and sister, accused the mother of working with MI5 to incite anti-muslim violence, questioned whether Lee Rigby actually existed, accused Lee’s sister’s partner of being Lee Rigby, accused another man of being Lee, expressed his doubt that Lee was ever in the Army and if he was, “was a potato peeler at best”. This cunt is pure, fucking, evil.

    It’s rare that for me to visit a website and then think, “what the fuck did I just see”? But that’s exactly what happened when I looked on Spivey’s site. This prick needs to be forced to speak to a psychiatrist, because he has some SERIOUS fucking issues. He’s not simply a sandwich short of a picnic, he’s an entire hamper short of a picnic. I know we’re supposed to treat the mentally ill with sympathy and understanding, but Spivey needs a severe beating, he takes trolling to a whole new level.

  9. ‘We’re in this together’ adverts are the cunting worse.
    Money grabbing businesses making claims that they’re actually trying to help you out whilst they’re actually slipping a scabby, black-nailed finger up you arse and tickling your wobble-spot so that your spunk more cash into their greasy pockets. Cunts.

    Plus the McDonalds adverts where they try and make you think ‘We’re all the same really’. Well, if you’re suggesting we’re all lazy, spendthrift cunts then I guess you’re right.

  10. those fuckin car ads with their oh so trendy music sound tracks. fuck off out of . it.

  11. I feel like smashing up the telly when that smug cunt Quentin Wilson pops up onscreen in that warranty wise ad.

  12. Any advert where some rich celebrity cunt tries to get me to put my hand in my pocket to save some starving cunt in Africa. In fact if I could nominate a continent as being a cunt then Africa would be top of my list.

    • I don’t trust those charities you know how many billions gets pumped into that cuntry africa? and 50 years later its actually worse off then before. I just don’t buy it , africa was better off under apartheid after apartheid ended black leaders started massive slaughters and genocide of there own people and immigrants. I could talk hours about this subject alone but simply put they make alot of money on it.

      • Live Aid achieved nothing really… And the celeb wank that was Live 8 was just pointless…. Bob Dylan was right when he said they had to put put a raging fire, not hand out chocolate… Any money just gets spent on luxuries for the political or military leaders and a lot is spent on arms… The UK gives millions to Uganda, and their cunt of a president gets a new helicopter with it…. They can throw billions at Africa for over a century, but nothing will change… Because they have nutters and dictators in charge and they’re always fighting each other…

        And now would be a good time to say Geldof is still a monumental cunt….

        • The problem with Africa is not that it is poor, it has vast reserves of just about anything you care to name, oil, gold, diamonds, metal ores of all kinds, rare earth minerals and even uranium. It also has huge open areas of fertile land and much of the continent enjoys a climate where you can’t stop stuff from growing. They have every natural advantage going for them and still the cunts fuck it up royally. Why? No, not because of white rule and exploitation, that ended generations ago. It’s because the cunts are fucking thick as shit!! Look at the facts, the average sub Saharan African has an IQ of 70, the average European is 100. That makes the AVERAGE coon pretty thick, and half of them are even thicker than that!!


          I wouldn’t give any of the cunts the steam off my piss!!

      • Just three pounds a month can buy Robert Mugabwe a new Mercedes S Class…… and a few AK47s for the lads too!

  13. That new Money Supermarket advert, with that fat fuck dancing around (like James Corden on a building site) makes me want to do an Elvis and shoot the telly…

  14. Fuck commercial TV and fuck their online players, Why the fuck would I sign up to Channel 4 and then have to endure 4 minutes of adverts before I can watch a show with no option to skip them, then another 4 minutes of ads every 12 minutes per 1 hour show!

    I deleted my account and now download torrents, adverts removed, watch them and then delete them

    FUCK OFF ADVERTISERS, it’s all bollocks anyway..
    I have seen so many adverts for McDonalds, Pizza Hut and even Bells Whiskey (every Christmas) yet I have never once felt compelled to ingest any of that shit, so yes, advertising really works lol

  15. I would like to mention the latest fucking Ribena add,what the fuck is going on there,it would make more sense it they were advertising drugs I could understand but this is some fucking crazy shit, its like a look into john lennons lsd altered 60,s mind… wonder todays Ribena fed kids all act like a pack of crack addled weasels….I fucking hate kids and Ribena all cunts in my book

  16. I thought you were all bunch of fucking awesome grumpy old cunts and then i noticed the coon comments, nothing awesome just racist cunts!

  17. I’m sick of all the fucking dancing adverts – everyone from bingo to jeans to bastard furniture stores!

    “Buy our shit and you could be this happy”??? No, fuck off, I WANT to be grumpy you advertising tossers!

    • Fucking hate the money supermarket advert, that cunt in denim wants a bullet in his fucking bald head. How can anyone who isn’t a cunt knowingly prance around like that cunt does. He’s surely a shitstabber, I found the cunt on twitter just to tell him what he probably already knows. He’s a cunt.

  18. And I hate that fucking half asleep cunt on fucking Mcdonald s shit fucktards ad,thats the sort of gormless cunt that cunts up the fucking roads everyday

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