Camilla Batmanghelidjh


The egregious Camilla Batmanghelidjh orf Iranian extraction has been tapping a tidy old living oit orf waifs and stray kiddies for nigh orn two decades. Founded Kids Company, saintly intent, tireless charity worker on behalf orf said waifs and strays, honorary CBE ect ect no doubt and permanent bleeding heart fixture on BBC, Guardian, Red Nose Day et al. Has hoovered up any charity cash going – reported £9 million from HMG, £1 million from the Lottery ect ect – only fly in the ointment has had to “step aside” (one orf Sir Limply’s favourite moves in the old dance orf corruption) due to more creative financial direction than a blind punter would receive in a Cairo bazaar. Chairman orf Kid’s Company is that honorary cunt and Creative Director orf the BBC, two jobs and two pensions Alan Yentob (rented a room to his daughter once but that is another cunting).

Also undoubtedly scurrilous reported allegations from online sources that Kid’s Company has been a breeding ground for paedos.

In short she is alleged to have been running a vast charitable empire orn a cash in hand basis and appears at a loss to account for the fate orf vast amounts orf moolah. In a previous life when yours truly had connections with theatrical presentations orf an artistic nature in praise orf the female form, met the old cunt orf many colours at fund raisers various. Attempted to tap her for a spot orf inside gen on the great and the good but the filly would talk solely on a cash or goods in kind basis alluding, I took it with horror, to her garden orf Venus. Now slightest whiff of money and your pukka indigent aristo is usually orf after the fox in a flash but all I caught was the aroma orf a three day dead camel. The offer was declined.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

32 thoughts on “Camilla Batmanghelidjh

  1. Oooops maybe a bit strong there!!!

    Should have just called her a fucking dirty arab cunt!!!

    • You forgot to add self opinionated, muslim, media whore – other than that you’re probably not far off the mark?

  2. ASLEF, RMT, Unite and TSSA unions

    Fucking bunch of lazy work shy cunts!!!! And that is all the union reps as well as the cunts that sign up to them and pay their subs.

    CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS………..enough said.

  3. I’d like to cunt the government budget politics.

    Top of the food chain image conscious media and politico type people going on TV to discuss and argue the budget winners and losers of the lower food chain classes. All perception-deception to hide we are budgeted by a plutocratic hieratical top down control system. Not seen (as it should be) democratic bottom up individual responsibilities about learning and earning merit to make budget balance prosperity and fair sharing.

    The men in dark tailored suits, and women in designer outfits, spout their economics budget numbers and percentages shite on the mainstream media TV, radio and the Internet Twatter and Farcebook. The chattering classes return equal shite economics number counting and arguments boredom on the MSM answer-TV and the Internet reply comment spaces.

    And the vacuous ‘free speech’ bleating pleb cunts shout the same reply responses budget nonsense on the MSM, but go further by spouting their own budget bollocks on Internet alternative media comment and blog sites.

    Budget talking cunts. Fuck ’em all and fuck you government budget.

  4. Nice cunting on Camilla Scrabblehand Sir Limply. Heard the cunt on the radio the other morning and we were astonished by her voice. Half Iranian – half Belgian – all cunt.

  5. Always a had a distrust of this woman.

    She is a bit too holier-than-thou for my liking and we have seen the likes of this before with that cunt Saville.

    Don’t get me wrong. Trying to better the lives of disadvantaged kids is a noble cause. But dishing out cash to nasty little hood-rat shits who leave her HQ with between £50-200 in an envelope as pocket money just doesn’t sit right with me. Particularly when they have adults in a BMW waiting outside to pick them up.

    You just know the cash is going towards drugs, designer trainers and cheap bling before the first street crime is even committed.

    Experience tells us that, if you want to do something nice for a demographic, there need to be checks and balances in place, or the scum of the earth will abuse the generosity and drag a good name down with them.

    Also, she comes accross as a complete bitch playing the race card if anyone so much as dares question where the money comes from or where it actually goes.

    And how the fuck do you pronounce that name. ‘Batman-jelly’ is the closest I have ever come without giving up?

    Much like the poor cunts who have to interview it.

  6. That photo is what I imagine a bad acid trip would look like. I read a good article about this fuckwit, and kids company a few months ago. There were serious questions about how the money was being spent. It came from a rich elderly lady donating money and not receiving any kind of thank you. For her trouble, Batmansgonad’s…or whatever the fuck she’s called, had the nerve to call the woman mentally ill. Misguided, that’s what she was. But Batmansbutthole is a nasty piece of work when you get past the façade.

    Because she had the ear of various powerful people, including Cameron, she thought she was untouchable. Well now Batmansbollocks has found that she isn’t. I’ll be surprised if any criminal charges follow, but at least the larger population are about to find out what a total fucking fraud she is.

    • Now I know what the Walrus looked like in that old Beatles song

      I say boil her down for glue

      • There is not a pot big enough to boil that thing down, I say she should be put in Hyde Park as a free bouncy castle for the underprivileged kiddies

  7. Have you noticed that anyone who is “doing it for the kids” and also dresses badly, may well indeed be affected by cuntliness. Eg.. Fagin, (from Oliver).. and also The Queen Mother, (lavender chiffon???? why would you?) and now Banjeehello… and of course the Mother Superior of them all Sister Saville.

  8. That’s your girlfriend that is!

    Thank fuck Dioclese didn’t do one of his famous photoshops on this creature.

  9. Didn’t you know it was a ghastly piece of cleft….
    Poor kids ?
    Fuck off she’s been milking it as long as those boots are available …
    That gives milfs a bad name

  10. camilla batmans arsehole or whatever her ridiculous name is undoubtedly looking like an overweight spermwhale

  11. A fat, ugly, waddling shit cunt of a fuck pig con artist, multi coloured turd bag at the apex of cuntiness!

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