Bruce Jenner


Speaking of that cunt Bruce Jenner, it seems like his spoiled brat daughters and wives drove him to insanity. He’s got what 20 kids or some shit? It’s all finally turned him into a gay tranny and he will actively be dating black guys just like his daughters.

It’s also funny to note in his leading days of becoming a woman he gets 1 person killed ,and five other people injured but Jenner was able to walk away from the accident. Just like a woman!! Fucking lucky cunt. Apparently millionaires have a licence to kill and now he’s a shemale so he is now officially a real CUNT.

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9 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner

  1. How low Vanity Fair have sunk, eh?
    I thought that greasy, lardarsed slag, Kardashian on the cover was bad…. But ladyboy murderers? I can hear a barrel being scraped…

  2. I don’t understand why the MSM are fawning over this cunt, calling him / her / it brave.

    There is nothing brave about putting on womens clothing and still looking like an unconvincing tranny.

    Rugby tours do it all the time. At least they have the excuse that they are all monster pissheads and it seemed like a laugh.

    Owners of the Victora cross are fucking brave.

    Brucie Jenner is just a fucking weirdo tranny cunt with false tits.

  3. “Call me Caitlyn” call me cunt more like.I have no problem with people having sex changes but the thought of another Kardashian/Jenner media whore in a skirt with false lips and tits shreds my last glimmers of hope for humanity. Also all this over use of the word “brave”.The word is now used to describe anyone who has overcome any obstacle.

    • I was incredibly brave last Thursday.

      I walked a round trip of seven miles to work and back because of the tube strike.

      Now put me on the cover of Vogue and call me Penelope cunts!

  4. Fucking mentalist Jenner should be sectioned under the mental health act, women in a mans body, fuck off!
    If I claimed to be Jesus in my body I would be carted off to Broadmoor and bummed by Jimmy Savile.
    If I say I am a woman in a mans body the NHS will pay for a sex change operation and I get on the cover of a magazine and seen as an inspiration.

    FUCK OFF, fucking left wing neo poof agenda, breed a load of peados, faggots and dysfunctional fuckwits who will be no threat to the establishment, they have been destroying the nuclear family since the 1950’s into faggot promotion in the 70’s

    • Another person soon to be tranny should be carted off as well and that’s Chris chan. If you don’t know about Chris Weston Chandler you are probably far better off not knowing who this pathetic autistic sonicfag manbaby Femboy cunt is. You will need a whole case of eye bleach to unseen what has been seen. The irony is CWC used to be hateful toward gays and trannies now he is one. Anyway if you want lulz there is no better lolcow greater then Chris chan but if you don’t take kindly to cringe it could drive you insane.
      Warning: Cringe Autism ahead( Autism is unfortunately real) One day I might properly cunt CWC but I can’t be arsed too at the moment.

  5. Let us cunt all those degenerate gay tranny types.

    Gay Trannies like Bruce Jenner are really men of the female kind known as “Shemales”. They are a type of gay men who disguise themselves as women (sometimes with plastic surgery) to lurk unsuspecting straight men into having sex with them. Only sensible straight men, who do not tolerate the establishment special treatment of gays, do not get lured into having sex with them.

    Gay trannies are just fucking annoying repugnant mixed up weird cunts to be avoided, don’t you think?

  6. Cgagi Gladyng is a cunt… An inflatable toy shark is (his words) like an axe?
    Taking a football fan to court for assault for hitting him over the head with it?
    He said he became frightened as the Grimsby Town fans surged towards the pitch?
    So why the fuck is this cock a security steward at a football ground?!

    Fucking jobsworth health & safety Little Hitler soft shithouse cunt…

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