I hate Blur. Every fibre in my body is anti Blur. There isn’t a song that I’ve heard that is even remotely good. Oasis are genuises compared to Blur and thats not saying much because they have done some pretty shite stuff.

I also have convinced myself that their brother vs. brother fued is somewhat of a scam,can’t tell anymore. Gorrilaz are really shite too I can’t believe they have made millions over it, who buys this shit? This form of corruption in the music industry encourages bad/no talent and bravado.

Also they have upped prices on Cd’s and vinyl as a way to combat piracy. What a load of shite.

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  1. Actually, many moons ago, when Blur came onto the music scene I thought they were OK and liked some of their soft pop music. I recall around the mid 90s when they done battle with with rivals Oasis for music chart position. The rot set in when they started experimenting with digital music and produced crap quality sound recordings and copying American style Indie rock bands. They also spewed out some nigger noise hip hop stuff and some daft gospel songs.

    I think they also actually received a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. Fuck off Blur, who you kidding.

    • Your allowed to like whatever you want mate I’m not the Music Gestapo or wait am I the music gestapo ? .. no.. no I am not but that would be pretty cool If I was. songs you should at least check out is Ginger Bakers Air Force “We Free Kings” and Frank Zappa and the Mothers “Uncle Meat” if you like any of those then maybe this young generation isn’t totally lost in the obscurity of watered down shite music .

  2. the music industry normally goes like this: a singer/ group comes out with a half decent song. they get taken on by a big label who naturally want more of the same. so out comes a new album. only problem is its normally forgettable shit. it turns out the singer/ group only had one good song in them but they just keep churning the dross out and it seems there are plenty of numpties only too willing to lap it up because they are ‘fans’.

    • You forgot the final step, the last bastion of shite karioke pop bands…
      The come back tour, yes that’s right, after loosing their record deal they all disappear in to obscurity but usually 6 years down the line someone will mention a reunion on Twitter and before you can say ‘Don’t fucking do it” they have reformed, re-released their “greatest hits” and embarked on a tour to extract every last penny out of the brain dead cunts who bought their shit music the first time round.

      The only people who make any money of these reunions is the record labels, they usually own the rights to the songs, thats why 1 Direction generated an estimated £800 million in commercial sales (TV, Movies, Radio, Tv etc) yet they will all be sucking and sucking dick for food scraps in 2 years time before declaring bankruptcy – cunts

      • What makes me larf is that there’s nobody left who was in the original band.

        People slag off tribute bands and yet they listen to the ‘originals’ even though they’re really just another tribute band at higher prices. I don’t get it…

        The Hollies are still going round without Alan Clarke. Take Clarkie’s vocals out and the sound is gone. There’s nobody left in the Hollies now except Tony Hicks – a much under rated guitarist IMHO – but one member doesn’t make a group, does it?

    • Spot on. It’s always been the same. The Yanks first developed the formula back in the early seventies.

      Listen to the Turtles or Village People and you’ll see what I mean – although admittedly I’d rather cut my right arm off than willingly listen to the Turtles!

      • It’s like The Drifters… There are about a dozen ‘Drifters’ groups doing the rounds in Benidorm and such places… Some of these ‘Drifters’ are even white!

        And The Thin Lizzy of the 21st Century…. Sure they’ve got Brian Downey (drums) and Scott Gorham (guitar), but no Robbo, no Gary Moore, and worst of all no Phil…. How the fuck can there be a Lizzy without Lynott?

        Graham Nash said he’d do a Hollies reunion if Allan Clarke was up for it… Only Bobby Elliot (drums) and Tony Hicks (a great guitarist, I agree) survive from the classic years… Bands can totally change into something else and be a success at it (Fleetwood Mac, Small Faces into Faces), but it’s very rare…

        • By the way, Dio, all The Hollies albums from their debut to ‘Distant Light’ have been remastered by EMI Japan (including two ‘best ofs’ and Mono versions of hit singles)…. All are available on certain torrent sites… Purely for musical research, you understand… Nothing unethical, naturally…

          • I fucking hate digital remastering.

            For an example of a prime fuck up, listen to ‘Satisfaction’ on the original vinyl in mono and then listen to the digitally remastered version on CD. It’s totally fucked up. Where the fuck did that jangly rhythm guitar come from FFS?

            I used to like the Hollies when I was 14 but then Freddie and the Dreamers where in the top 20 too at the time. Whatever happened to Freddie Garrity? What a cunt he was…

          • Just Wiki’ed him. Apparently he died in Bangor in 2008 at the age of 69.

            I’ve been to Bangor. It’s enough to finish anybody off!

          • I agree I prefer mono over most stereo releases more time and love goes into the mono mix and its usually a engineer & producer who oversees the stereo mix so they will add effects and overdubs that the band might not agree with as well . I’m not a monophile I just prefer it but the time stereo came dominant you were hard pressed to find bands doing mono by 1975 it was basically out of practice by then. My favorite mono albums were Graham Bond OrganiZation “There’s A Bond Between Us” every song on there was a masterpiece especially tracks 1-3, 8,12,15, Pink Floyd’s “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” “SF Sorrow” in mono was loads better then its stereo counterpart so was “Get the picture” the song Midnight to Six was really good. Tomorrow debut album was pretty good to but was a stereo phased mono mix .

          • I remember Wilko being asked about the ‘Down by the Jetty’ album and why they recorded it in mono. He says they didn’t – it’s stereo but without ‘seperation’ i.e. the same on both tracks!

            It’s not the digital remastering I’m against, it’s as you say – the producer pissing about with the mix spoils it. If you’ve grown up with the 60s original, the CD just doesn’t sound right. It’s too clear. The grunge was part of the sound back then…

          • Led Zeppelin’s stereo remasters are pretty good, but Jimmy Page himself did them…. ‘Sgt Pepper’ is far superior on mono as are The Byrds albums… I was surprised by the quality of the Japanese Hollies stuff… The mono versions of hits like ‘I Can’t Let Go’ ‘Listen To Me’ and even ‘He Ain’t Heavy’ are far better than the more well known stereo ones, with much more punch and bottom end… ‘King Midas In Reverse’ sounds great in mono… The Walker Brothers and Scott’s first four solo albums in mono are also worth seeking out…

            Unfortunately most Stones ‘mono’ bootlegs are stereo ‘fold downs’… I have from their UK debut album to ‘Aftermath’ in mono on vinyl… BuT ‘Between The Buttons’,’Beggars Banquet’ and ‘Let It Bleed’ are hard to find… ABKCO (Klein was a cunt!) should really sort out some Stones in mono… All The Beatles albums are now out there in mono (I’ll give em that!)… Even The Monkees are available in mono… But no Rolling Stones?

  3. They did some decent pop songs, and weren’t those cunting Oasis twats. Otherwise, they can fuck off.

    • Ah, the Gallaghers… Shop robbing, car radio stealing, bike nicking, joyriding, housebreaking, drug dealing, Munich chanting cunts… And that was before Oasis… I’m a Manc and I hate the bastards….

    • Decent Pop songs Blur?All right humour me what is there greastest album ? And don’t say ParkLife! I hate that album aside from far out but only cause its hard to hate a minute long song its also ironic that the song was done by cheese maker James. The song is a bit of a slap in the face to Syd Barret era Pink Floyd but nothing comes close to Interstellar Overdrive and Astronomy Domine those two songs defined space rock and nothing has come close in my opinion. Not even hawkwind the forerunners of space rock have outdone it altho there live shows are pretty good and they did a pretty faithful cover of Overdrive.

      • This is my one claim to fame : Once did a gig at Ell Pie Island in Twickenham (now long gone and replaced by a housing estate) with the original Floyd lineup just when they were getting going.

        They were the support band. Needless to say they went on to do somewhat better than we did.

        But that’s life. We’re were in it for the music not the fame and the money (like fuck!)

        • You toured with the original lineup of Pink Floyd Is that when they were called the Tea Set or Screaming Adabas? thats pretty fucking crazy you meet any of them or you just played the same venues or something? When I first saw your name I thought you were Chas Chandler(animals bassist ,Hendrix and Slade manager) well I’ll have to check your website out to get better acquainted with your work . Also Fame is a pretty cunty thing the most talented and most innovative get forgotten about and ignored , while the talentless dumb shites and fame seekers/attention whores make millions not always but mostly its the cunts who break through.

          • Just the one gig at Eel Pie. You can read the sad tale in my memoirs section on the web site – chapter 3.

            No. I’m not Chas Chandler but I think the name came from there. We all hate our names I think and I never liked Charles, so I grabbed Chas.

            Strangely, my friends call me Charles, I’m Chas in the music world, and I’m a radio ham too as Charlie. You’re never alone with a split personality.

            Hope you like the music. Please leave constructive comments – good or bad. I’m currently doing an unplugged album but you might like the more rock/blues stuff like ‘One for the Road’ or ‘The TV’s Broken’. I had a surreal experience some months back in Cape Town when they were playing the latter track in a restaurant on the V&A waterfront.

      • Blur’s ‘Parklife’ album thieves off Barrett era Floyd shamelessly… The song ‘Far Out’ is a blatant rip-off of ‘Astronomy Domine’… While ‘Tracy Jacks’ is nicked from ‘Arnold Layne’…. Practically every other Parklife track is also stolen from some other band… ‘Parklife’ itself is ‘Lazy Sunday’ Small Faces, ‘Bank Holiday’ is a Buzzcocks rip-off, ‘To The End’ is Walker Brothers and Francoise Hardy combined, ‘Clover Over Dover’ and ‘Badhead’ are poor Ray Davies/Kinks imitations, and even ‘Girls And Boys’ is a piss poor take on early Duran Duran….

        Album of the 90s? My arse! ‘Parklife’ (just like all that Oasis crap) is a poor imitation of stuff that has been done before and better…

  4. Blur were OK to begin with… Even though they were a watered down version of the whole Roses/Mondays/Inspirals thing… Then they started doing piss poor Syd Barrett, Steve Marriott and Ray Daviies impressions with their ‘Parklife’… Pretending to be cockneys going ‘darn the dogs’ when they are middle class boys from Colchester… They then produced the nadir of Britpop: the awful oompah shite of ‘Country House….’ Then, as Entopy says, Blur tried to copy American crap like Pavement, and came out with toss like ‘Song 2’…

    They also come across as cunts individually… Albarn is an up his own arse pretentious cunt, Alex James is an utter knobhead, and even the drummer is an MP (always a bad thing!)…. The guitarist seems like the only half decent and intelligent one out of them…

    • Pavement? Hmmmmm……
      Grabbed their album off PB for a listen (obviously with a view to buying a legal copy). Stuck it on the iPod/iTunes and took a listen. To say it’s not very good would be an understatement. It’s not often I delete an album off my iTunes library but in their case I just knew I’d never listen to it again.

      Even my old mate ChasC puts out better stuff ( sorry Chas. Only kidding 😉 )

  5. Blur can up the prices of their CD’s & Vinyl all they like, makes no difference to me, I could download everything those cunts have ever done in a few clicks for nothing, but I choose not to, not because of morals, not because I am scared the Feds will come knockin’, but because their music is not even worth the bandwidth to download.

    • Who the fuck wants an overpriced Blur CD anyway? And as if upping the cost is going to deter downloaders… More likely they’ll say ‘Fuck you, Damon!’ and download it anyway…

      If an album is worth buying (like I just purchased the deluxe ‘Sticky Fingers’ reissue) then people will do so… Blur will just get right up record buyers noses with that shite and also piss off what few fans they still have…. Arrogant cunts…

  6. It all started off with that fucking jeans ad in the 80´s and every 5 minuites you had nostalgic bullshite going into the charts because they had raped and pillaged all in their way KLF fucked them and that is why we are left remix shit and and dogshit

  7. Damon albarn, middle class, mockney, Chelsea bandwagon jumping Cunt.
    He always came across as an attention seeking spoilt, 6th form drama student, playing the wide boy.

    I come from Colchester and hearing this plastic Chesea ponce slating Colchester, saying things like “I didn’t really fit in with the politics of the place”, or ” I felt more comfortable in ethnically diverse settings”.Pretentious cunt.
    If the Organic Jellied eel munching prick, had lived in a part of Colchester like Greenstead or New town, he would have been mixing with minorities.Instead of wanking over Diane Abbott in a Labour pamphlet in his village bedroom.But then the fair trade pie & mash loving cretin would have been kicked to death,long before the formation of Blur and Brit/Shitpop.
    Shitpop another total load of media wank listened, hyped & played by wankers.Blur have made some decent music after the Britpop toss.If only the cunt kept his gob shut.

    The Plastic Purley suit wearing fucktard made the Chinese 2008 Olympic music.This alone makes him worthy of a cunting, supporting a corrupt, human rights abusing, Island stealing, lychee & dog eating regime.Whilst harping on about stop the war campaign.

    Boring those poor Danish mugs for 5 hours on stage.The steward should of pulled him off “the ole Joanna” & used the purley suit wearing cunt’s bollocks as a trampoline.

    If I catch site of Albarn doing the Lambeth walk down Salary brook.I’ll be kicking him all the way back to Hoxton or some other trendy hipster infested hole.After the local urchins have stabbed him and Para’s have raped him.

  8. Thanks for reminding me…. Albarn is indeed a gloryhunting, post Premier League Johhny Come Lately Chelsea cunt… Ask him about Bonetti, Webb, Osgood or Chopper Harris and Albarn would look blankly at you… Even 80s names like Pates, Dixon, Cannoville etc would flummox him…. And I bet the cunt has never been on the Chelsea Shed… If Albarn was put on the Chelsea Shed in the 70s or 80s he would cry like a baby and piss his pants….

      • He was… When Man United sold Sparky Hughes to Barcelona in 86 Ron Atkinson wanted Kerry Dixon to replace Hughes… The United board wouldn’t release the money and by the time they did Atkinson had to make do with Peter Davenport and Terry Gibson… Dixon was similar to Hughes: a good old fashioned target man… Although I have to say Dixon was a better and more prolific goalscorer…

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