Acronym users


People who use fucking acronyms deserve a good cunting.

You know the types, “like O M G” or “L O L” or even worse use a website name “You’re”

They should all be rounded up, forced to work for nothing, fed on Iceland Turkey Twizzlers and treated to endless repeats of TOWIE until they die live on TV – we could call it “I’m a fucking retard, get me out of here and bury me now”

Presented by Ant & Dec of course!

Nominated by: Jimmy Savile’s corpse

10 thoughts on “Acronym users

  1. I hate internet acronyms as well and I try not to use them. The use of Internet acronyms usually sound or come off as rude because people don’t use them in the proper context , so sometimes if you tell somebody about something and their reply is simply “LOL” comes off as a insult or rude because they don’t imply what exactly is funny . Internet acronyms are a cunt language for simpletons and twitter social justice warriors . Usually even using them can lead to more dead brain cells and makes you sloppy with proper communication.

  2. This sort of shite is rampant in the football world… LVG (Louis Van Gaal), DDG (David De Gea), RVP (Robin Van Persie), JT (John ‘Cunt’ Terry), SAF (Sir Alex ‘Up Glazer Arse’ Ferguson)….

    It’s even worse when cunts actually speak like this… There was this silly bitch reading some celebrity gossip rag (Heat or some other shit!), and she kept saying (very loudly) ‘OH EMM EFF GEE!’ I should have rolled up her magazine, set fire to it and shoved it up her arse…

  3. eye luv akronims, eye av 2 yews akronims b coz eye wotch TOWIE.
    eye av an eye q ov 4 teen

  4. Entopy is taking the piss again:

    United Kingdom Association for Important Social Acronyms

    “It’s a sorry child who can not invent an acronym to fit his or her situation.”
    ~ Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education (2010 – 2014) on UKAISA

    The UK Association for Important Social Acronyms (UKAISA), is a nationally organized, non-profit corporation that has responsibility for acronym generation, assignment and management. These services were originally performed under Government contract by the Assigned Acronyms Authority (AAA) and other entities (such as the Association of Teachers and Lecturers and the National Union of Teachers). UKAISA now performs the AAA function in all UK state schools.

  5. I’d like to nominate Ewen McGregor as a right cunt!
    He has the most annoying Cheshire Cat grin, is the shittest actor and ruins every film he is in, I can’t think of any decent films he is in, even the ones that are funny e.g. Men who stare at goats, he ruins because he is such a cunt! Somebody once told this cunt he could do accents and based on that assumption that he could act, but he can’t, he is terrible … Plus he is Scottish and was a cunt in that cuntish singing film with Nicole Kidman, and that completely cuntish starwars shit where he tried to emulate Alec Guinneses accent – prime example of his inability to act.
    What’s worse is that for some reason he’s revered as a good actor!!?? What the fuck are these people on? He is so incredibly shit, plus he’s got this permanently smug cuntish grin on his face!
    Also, the BBC are paid him to ride around the world having a jolly on a motorbike with his pasty, ginger lookalike twat cunt friend!
    If he’s not added to the cunt list then you’re all a bunch of cunts!

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