Abdul Hakim


Today I’m nominating Thomas Evans, aka Abdul Hakim, aka dead terrorist. Yes, Evans is one of two “British” terrorists who sent the media into a frenzy last week by dying in two separate terrorist attacks. Evans died in Kenya. He was shot dead whilst attacking a Kenyan army post with Al Shabaab. An attack in which, apparently, Evans was second in command.

The other one, who’s name I’ve forgotten, was a paki (yes, I did just use that word, and I don’t give a fuck) from Dewsbury who died carrying out a homicide bomb attack in Iraq that unfortunately killed several innocent people. Naturally, his friends and family were completely mystified as to how this “quiet, good, decent, hard working, blah blah blah” boy could have become a terrorism. Honest ‘guv, they never knew nothing about him being radicalised.

Evans though, was a white convert. Apparently he’d been showing signs of radicalisation for some time, according to his mother. Presumably, the biggest sign was his conversion to the religion of mental illness. In fact, his mother had become so concerned by his behaviour, which included him growing a ridiculous looking beard, that she contacted the police. He’d even tried to get his mother and brother to convert to Islam. Otherwise they would “burn in hell”.

Ironically a couple of hours earlier, the prick who led the attack was videoed boasting about how hard they were, “we are lions”, etc. He also claimed that the Kenyans were terrified of Al Shabaab, and were “crying like babies”. Unfortunately for Evans, and a lot of the other terrorist scum, the Kenyan army didn’t get that memo. There was also film of Evans/Hakim celebrating with other terrorists prior to the attack. There was lots of jollity and “Allahu Ackbar”, which if my memory of Arabic is correct roughly translates as, “Allah takes it up the shit chute”. The best video though, was shot by Evans himself. It was taken by his body cam. And shows him getting shot dead.

Naturally, his mother and brother are distraught over his death. They in no way condone his acts of terrorism, which by all accounts were many, and included the murders of a lot of innocent men, women and children. Few others though will shed a tear over the death of a terrorist and a traitor. I did find myself asking one question though. If one family of a terrorist could see that something was seriously wrong, and be concerned enough to inform the police, why couldn’t the other family? Especially since the other family were all born muslims and therefore even more likely to spot that something was wrong.

Anyway. I think it’s safe to say that as we speak, the 17 year old paki, and Evans/Hakim are, at this very moment, down in hell, choking on the dongs of demons.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. The thick as pigshit, mincing faggot rent boy obviously mistook real combat for a game of Call of Duty. As is often the case with western jihadi fucktards.

    Fortunately in this instance there is no restarting from last checkpoint, just an eternity of guzzling George Bush’s jizz in hell.

    Oh, and I am now making plans to shag his mum with 7″ of throbbing infidel pork gristle.

    Any of you other infidels fancy joining in?

      • Yeah but you have to unwrap the black hideous clothing first (hijab and chador). I couldn’t think of a better form of torture for a women to wear such a ridiculous outfit, this is the creepiest dumbest outfit I have ever seen . I mean these dumb cunts look like black witches with hoods over there dumb brainwashed face. I mean these hijabs don’t protect you from rape , they don’t entice you to rape and why would this stop you anyway it still takes 1 minute to get it off just like any piece of clothing.The thought that if I dare see her face with makeup, skin, hair, bum, legs or arms I’ll fly into rape mode and turn into a sadistic animal with no thought (it should say something about the thought patteren of these muzzies). A women should dress how she likes but some cunt 2 thousand years ago possessed by some devil told him your women have to wear it or else they get stoned to death by big fucking stones. What a kind compassionate god this allah character is. Sign me up for islam that sounds like a good time had by all…. except women of course god I treat my dog better then how some of these women get treated it is utterly shameful.

  2. What the fuck is it with these jihadist cunts and stupid beards? Does Allah hate barbers? Along with bacon, booze, democracy, clits and anything else that makes life slightly less crap.

  3. I can see the attraction, strap yourself up with semtex, detonate yourself causing the most carnage and destroying the maximum number of infidels , get rewarded with virgins in heaven.

    If only Jimmy Savile had not died he would have surely been a convert, he liked a young virgin or two, cunt or bum, male or female, any hole was a goal for our Jimmy.
    I hear there is still some Savile cum wiped on the curtains of dressing room 4 at Broadcast House…Maybe someone can clone him 😀

    • Fuck me, don’t give the psycho paedo cunts ideas about cloning!
      The fuckers might start cloning little hairless pussies and bums to satisfy themselves whilst seeking and waiting to do their real victims.

  4. I’d like to nominate Kate Smurthwaite

    You might not know who Kate, so let me introduce you.

    Kate Smurthwaite is a British, upper-class, Guardian reading, activist, Feminist….comedian!!! (Yeah, I know that’s a massive non-sequitur).

    She is a cunt, not just because she looks like that wrinkled and revolting, watery hag from the film Legend (1985) in an expensive wig, not just because Sky News and TV shows like The Big Questions and Free Speech think she’s a viable guest to represent women on ‘gender issues’ (and talk about long debunked Feminist myths like the ‘Wage Gap’ ad nauseum), not even because she is like so many female comedians that rely on identity politics and slagging off a strawman and overtly hemogenised version of “men” to prop up their non-comedy, not even because she is as indicatively representative of how self-righteous and clever-for-the-sake-of-proving-how-educated-you-are British comedy has become. No.

    (She’s not even a cunt for talking in that over-emphatic and affected Charlie Brooker-esque voice that all Lefty people under 40 seem to think qualifies someones IQ as being above the national average these days)

    She’s a cunt because she is a collosal misandrist and a liar, yet, news media and topical talk shows pour over her punditry. She talks far too quickly (as if she really needs to void her bowls) in this desperate and exasperated emotional flap, and seems to think seeing things through the myopic lense of social ‘science’ is the best and only way to solve the worlds problems (ie men).

    Anyone she debates on TV always hands her scorched tits back to her after a one-sided logical thrashing, at which point she always bows to sophistry and ‘argument by repetition’ as a means to cover up her losses and assert phrases like “But what about the sexism!”, “You still haven’t solved sexism!!”, even when confronted with facts that refute sexism was ever the cause.

    If this woman was the last crone on earth I’d rather be slowly subsumed by the living bacteria in my stomach than attempt to proliferate the poisoned genetic mistake this woman would produce from our coitus. I’d rather the last surviving hope of the human race die along with my ball sack than to empty it into this womans hate filled vagina.


    • Absolutely right… She is a gargantuan cunt…. I would rather go back to the Moyes era at Old Trafford than shag that (and I hated Moyes, the goggle eyed Beaker cunt!)…

    • It’s good you expose this women’s deeds for the cunting she deserves.

      From what you describe, Smurthwaite seems a normal mentally disordered self opinionated misandry feminist intellectual to me. Just another female comedy and farce entertainment figure to be heckled and laughed at. These women types are cheap two for a penny guests on the mainstream media political talk shows.

      • Oh she’s ripe for a cunting, Entopy. Just type her name into google and watch in horror as the tsunami of cuntishness envelopes you. She debated controversial Breitbart journo Milo Yiannopoulos once in a display that single handedly will go down as one of the most enjoyable beat downs of a self-righteous Feminist ideologue ever commited to youtube. It’s right up there with Dave Starkey utterly crucifying Laurie Penny for being the fat boyish ingrate hypocrite she is. Cunts the pair of em.

        • I did.

          All I can say is she seems to have a foot where her face should be.

          I know this will probably mark my card as a ‘Mingerist’ and I don’t care.

          I stupidly took a second look at Chris Spivey’s website today and the stupid cunt is calling the poor tart who lost her leg ay Alton towers a liar and a crisis actor….FACT!

          My brain has now gone into ‘limp home’ mode and I can’t handle any more fucking stupid twats today.

          I have my cuntard limits.

          • I witnessed a fight in our town last night on my way home from the pub, the usual drunks fighting over a taxi or a kebab, or some slag, I know not.
            But it turns out they were all crisis actors,
            the council want to pedestrianize the main high street but there is huge opposition from the local shops who fear that business will be affected.
            So the council have hired in some crisis actors, as David Icke calls it “Problem, reaction, solution” alas, like 99% of Icke’s theories they are stolen from other people, it is historically known as the hegelian dialect.
            Cause a problem to get a reaction and offer the solution.
            So the council hire in crisis actors to create a problem (social disorder) this causes the reaction (outrage by local residents) and the council offer the solution (pedestrianizing the local high street)

            So it appears Spivey is correct, or he is just a delusional, fantasy living, adsense generating cunt

          • Spivey has lost any credibility he may have had in recent months with increasingly ridiculous articles. The Glasgow bin lorry accident is apparently up there with The Gulf of Tonkin as a false flag FFS !!!!! Now it’s a poor girl who lost a leg on a roller coaster which is evidence of fuck knows what but Spivey seems to think so. What a fucking tit.

    • I had to google her, because I didn’t recognise her name. I know who you’re talking about now. It’s Zelda from Terrahawks.

      • That’s exacly right. Her distended nose and pinched features give her such the close relative appearance of something human but not quite there yet, that she flips a double pike right into the ‘uncanny valley’ along with the skeksis from The Dark Crystal and Zelda from Terrahawks she so rightly belongs with.

    • Christ what a cunt she is. But 1) went to Oxbridge and 2) is a woman – so expect her on every BBC panel show soon. Her marriage lasted less than two years for some reason.

    • Never heard of the tunnel cunt. Its ok, I’m crap at stand up comedy too.

      I got one paragraph into a piece she wrote and was underwhelmed…

  5. The murderer Muslim fuckers are one reason I have chosen little Entopy piggie as my ISAC comment blog avatar. The stupid fuckers go psycho nuts when they see pork or pig images. It’s my additional way of contempt for these cunts.

    These non empathy narcissist psychopathic Jihadist terrorising Muslim fuckers that murder in the name of their Islamic God doctrines cannot be cunted enough here. They must only be talked about using choice expletives and your best shot derogatory and disdainful vocabulary. Comment write and talk about them with the utter contempt they deserve, whether the fuckers are dead or still alive.

    Go ahead, vent your spleen about the Jihadist fuckers on every Internet blog reply comment opportunity you come across. It makes me feel good!

  6. Always wondered what the fatal attraction was for the pscho cunts. “Choking on the dongs of deamons.” Now we know.

    • Apparently the dogs are all virgins, so it’s not strictly speaking breaking a promise.

      Always read the small print with religious cults.

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