‘Sir’ Lenny Henry [3]


Sir Lenny Henry? What has this cunt got this gong for? For being one of the unfunniest men in the world? For being a first class hypocrite? I bet all the right on brigade will pipe up about Henry ‘Encouarging diversity…’ Which basically means that he constantly moans about there not being enough black people (ie: himself) on television.

Nominated by: Norman

Sir Cunt? Shurely not! For services to ‘charity and comedy’. Well maybe the first (at a push) but comedy? Definitely not! He’s one of the most unfunny fuckers around. Even that fat bird he was married to was funnier. Maybe that’s why she buggered off because his ego couldn’t take it?

Anyhow, I thought you weren’t supposed to talk about these things before they were announced officially. But then how could you expect a racist cunt like Sir Delbert Fucking-Wilkins to respect protocol?

It’s ‘crucial’ they withdraw it immediately. That’d fucking teach the cunt!

Nominated by: Dioclese

24 thoughts on “‘Sir’ Lenny Henry [3]

  1. Those Premier Inn adverts are a joke too… Evryone knows that the cunt wouldn’t go in a million miles of a Premier Inn, never mind actually stay in one… As for his ‘charidee’ work: Acting like a dick for the twatathon that is Comic Relief? Anyone else remember his pathetic stab at Eddie Murphy like Hollywwod stardom? I think the film was called ‘Double Idenity’ and Lenny got ‘whited up’ for the part (of course if someone had blacked up, Henry would be the first to shout about racism!)… Of course the movie was shite and it bombed… But I wonder how many Comic Reliefs Henry would have done if he had made it nad fucked of to Tinsletown? No mistake, he is a cunt…

  2. I know where the cunt lives and having run into him on several occasions I can confirm he is one of the most arrogant, unfunny, smelly, tramp-like fucktards you are ever likely to meet.

    Even the private drivers that are sent to pick him up fucking despise him and they are black.

    Also nowhere near as tall as you think he is on telly

    • That’s a great fucking pic by the way, I fucking laughed out loud at that!! I want one of those red noses, imagine standing outside cunting Sainsburys collecting with one of those on! You could wear a poppy as well, that said, “Yes, you…”….!!!

  3. I think he got it for his comedy act being at the forefront of reinforcing black stereotypes.

  4. I know a girl that worked a health club he used, and she said he was a rude ill mannered pig!

  5. This fucking hypocritical cock-sucker can NEVER be cunted enough times. The only person in the world who can stick their cock in Dawn French and I actually feel sympathy for her.

  6. I used to like Lenny Henry, back in the 80’s. When I was basically a child. Though the past 20 years or so, I’ve noticed he’s become a nasty, whingeing, borderline racist, cunt.

  7. Lenny (racist bigot) Henry who followed the “man of color” model so perfectly he even included the statutory “cheating on da wife man” clause just to fulfill his dream of truly being a black racist bigot.
    Another entitled ethnic who thinks there are not enough black people on TV, as to be representative, but every add every programme must have at least one ethnic these days. What happened to being good enough for the job. I know Len let’s hire black people even if they are shit and can’t do the job as well as the 100 other white actors who are better suited to a role, who turned up for the audition, because they are black and it fills a quota. Did I mention Henry is a racist bigot?

    • Too right…. The PC mad BBC even piss about with historical accuracy to put in the token black character… Like the crappy BBC version of Robin Hood: a black Friar Tuck? Everyone knows there were no black monks in 12th Century England… A black Guinnevere in Merlin….. Every other character in Doctor Who now has to be black (or gay)… Acting talent doesn’t come into it… It’s all just PC bollocks… I bet if the BBC made a series about The Beatles Paul would be black, George would be gay, and the other two would be tolerant, right on, embrace everything ‘new men’ (see Doctor Who, Sherlock and other shite)….

      • I quite agree Norman, seems to me in Doctor Who the women have to have bigger balls than the men these days. It’s shocking.
        And don’t get me started on that tripe Mr Kahn even the comedy has to be politically correct and full of multicultural diversity. Dear god I hate buzz words, and all funded with our cash! Well not mine as we don’t have a TV, for exactly the reasons you outline above. The BBC have rewritten history to the point of utter stupidity.

        • True, Kath… It’s absurd… In Doctor Who The Master was played by the great Roger Delgado, then Anthony Ainley, and was last seen portrayed by John Simm…. Now that most iconic and infamous of villains has turned into Mary Poppins! I just think that Steven Moffat has a creepy thing about dominatrix (see his Sherlock episodes, Amy Pond dressed as a cop and the dreadful River Song in underwear and and an SS cap)… I also recall his ‘reinvented’ chunky dayglo Daleks backfired… Of course they have vanished without explanation and the classic ones were returned… These BBC clowns don’t just rewrite history, they also attempt to rewrite legends (and fail miserably)…

  8. Many years ago now, I spent a week in the company of Mr Henry. I don’t recognise the negative things that are being said about him, as being true actually.
    What annoyed me is that he felt that he could hand out a negative statement about me… pretty much out of the blue…. and then get surprised when I said “no, you don’t get away with that, you don’t know me.”

    I think if a person lives in the Celebrity bubble, for most of their adult lives, then they forget the norms of social interaction.. And one of those norms consists of “Ok, you’re going to be rude.. then I’ll write you off as an idiot Len.. end of discussion. ”

    He got on very well with everyone else in the group, and didn’t play the “celebrity card” again. He made good points, had a brain up there which he used to analyse and explain his ideas. And I think that his work with Northern Broadsides Shakespeare does give proof that he can do both comedy and classic work.
    And I don’t think the way he sometimes carries on about whites, is because he is racist actually. I think it is because he has lived as a “celebrity” for so long, that he’s not used to people challenging his ideas, or giving him the middle finger if he annoys them, or.. in other words, living in the sharp-end of human interaction, with all its reactions and consequences. I think he’s had the luxury of not being held to account for what he says, and that luxury is going to make anyone behave in a way that other people don’t “get”

    Sir Lenny Henry has been groomed for what he is… and .. considering this, he’s not all that bad.

  9. The only qualification for “cuntishness” was his statement that Sir Winston Churchill kept black people in a dungeon during World War Two, so that he could go and perform experiments on them.
    This was said to a circle of perplexed wannabe screenwriters.
    Now… at the time, I just thought “Oh, somebody has done some sort of mind control on this man, to get him to believe that crap”… and I just let it go. So did everyone else in the group.
    If he said it to provoke a reaction, then yes, this is cuntishness.
    If he said it because he’s gone on some “common purpose” course and has been mind controlled to believe all sorts of crap.. well.. that’s not his fault.
    If he said it because he honestly believe it to be true… well… after the BBC child abuse scandal, who knows? We don’t really know what goes on do we?

    So… can I support the idea that he’s a cunt. Not really… but his life’s circumstances have possibly given him the impression that its ok to aim for cuntishness.

  10. Mr D have you seen which recent C**t has been knighted in the birthday honours? For services to drama and charity….. dear god ….what is the world coming to Sir Lenny (racist black bastard) Henry

    • Thank you Tony, I feel blessed by your in-depth and surprisingly accurate analysis of my nature. May I suggest that it takes one to know one?

    • That article proves beyond any doubt that Henry is indeed deserving of his recent cunting!!

      And if ever there was a reason for closing the BBC, the fact that we would have this arsehole foisted on us if it wasn’t for them just confirms it…

      No BBC – no Lenny Henry? Works for me.

  11. Oh God, I take it all back. “No BBC No ME” is indeed, undiluted proof of something akin to .. well.. the C word.

  12. With all his BBC arselicking, it seems that the Henry cunt has forgotten it was ITV (with New Faces, The Fosters and ATV’s Tiswas) that gave him his big break on national television… What climb up the ladder and pull it up complete cunt…

  13. talking of PC gone maddddddddd, how about channel4 news? they are soooooooooo PC they seem to have gone bonkers. of course race means nothing to them, they are not racist in any way. the fact that the ratio of ethnic presenters on C4 NEWS is way , way above the national average is simply a coincidence isnt it?

  14. Id like to nominate nominate Idris Elba he is a spear chucking cunt not enough blacks getting awards blah blah fuck off back to nigeria then you fucking cunt, hes also named after a bottle of cheap lemonade the fucking abo

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