The Olympics


The Olympics needs a damn good cunting.

Does anyone remember being sold this glorified school sports day by that odious little cunt Ken Livingstone with the statement that it would cost the taxpayer no more than a walnut whip? Well, that walnut whip must be roughly the size of the northern fucking hemisphere once the sums were done and it came in at £24Bn.

That figure was arrived at once all of the disruption, the cost of building the Olympic park, the cost of putting up all the hangers on in top hotels, turfing established businesses out of their premises, bribes, bungs and brown envelopes to officials and the loss of £300m from the sale of the athletes village flats. How the fuck do you lose £300m on 2800 flats in London when there is a housing shortage?!

For two weeks we had to put up with a bunch of gurning cunts who use their personalities as birth control for the sum total of 29 gold medals. Anything less than a gold is a defeat in my books. So each medal cost the taxpayer £827,586,206.

The actual cost of an Olympic gold medal is £365. So for that price every man, woman and child in the UK could have been given their own Olympic gold medal and not have to endure an opening ceremony that was as cringe worthy as it was blatantly socialist and also not have their lives disrupted for a bunch of nonentities to run, jump and throw shit for a fortnight.

Put into context, this is the price of 24 top of the range county hospitals, or 4 brand new aircraft carriers (we currently have none), or decent equipment for our armed forces that would prevent them coming home in a box. In fact anything would have been a better use of the money than pissing it away in a style reminiscent of a thousand Dray horses full of lager. Yes, really that much pissing away!!

What galls me most is that this freak show only appeals to the kind of sad cunt that spends their Saturday in the pouring rain watching fucking losers run around in circles while sipping a thermos full of weak lemon squash sheltering under a kagool.

Look at it this way, right now there is some poor cunt in Syria running a fuck of a lot faster than Usain Bolt ever will, trying to escape the clutches of ISIS.

There is some illegal immigrant in France currently jumping higher than any Olympic hopeful trying to get onto the top of a lorry bound for England.

And there are scores of North Africans rowing like fuck across the Mediterranean trying not to drown on the way.

The Olympics can suck my fat one for being a waste of time, waste of money and a total cunt magnet.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

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    • Same here, Allan… As long as she keeps her mouth shut… She never shuts up….

    • Well I’m first in the queue for that matey. So you’ll just have to be patient, for I am the God of cunnilingus.

        • How About a Piss Bukkake Instead?
          What boggles my mind is why do we spend so much money on entertainment especially elitist wanker entertainment like the borefest olympics . Like This World doesn’t have more pressing issues . Btw has anybody heard of those heatwave deaths in india 1,700 deaths from heatstroke at
          45C (113F) WTF thats crazy. Also read of massive deaths of endangered antelope stumps scientists. Seriously I Think the world is ending or close to it I feel a bad Moon coming on..

  1. I will add that part of the £24 billion cost for this jamboree sporting fuck-fest Olympics was also the separate after event Para-Olympic games.

    If you are physically crippled, and you know you’re good enough, then there is nothing stopping you competing in sports against the able bodied. A triple heart bypassed black Kenya African athlete would most likely whoop the arse of, and still win against, a super fit white English long distance runner. A one arm Russian high jumper might still win the event against all two arms’ high jumpers.

    And if you are a wheel chaired or other crippled sporty person and can’t compete with the able bodied athlete – get over it! You’re not good enough to compete with the fittest you whinging cunts. You are given equality under the law to compete with the fittest in any Olympic event if you want or can. But you want ‘special treatment’ to have your own Olympics at tax payer or fit peoples expense. Well nothing is stopping you finding your own private sponsors or paying for your own crippled contestant team sports – so fuck off and do just that. Only don’t call it Olympics, you spastic cunts.

  2. While we’re on a sporting theme, I’m nominating Sepp ‘Bell End’ Blatter. For the past 17 years, this obnoxious, arrogant piece of shit will be re-elected to the post tomorrow. This will happen in the wake of numerous arrests of high ranking FIFA officials over the past couple of days on suspicion of corruption.

    Watching this on the news yesterday, I found myself asking a question that I think most right minded people were asking. Why the fuck wasn’t Blatter arrested too? Considering he’s been President of FIFA for the best part of 20 years, I find inconceivable that he didn’t at least know about the antics of his allegedly corrupt colleagues.

    Either Blatter was in it up to his neck, or he’s the most gullible, stupid and downright ignorant President that FIFA has ever had. I’m leaning towards up to his neck in it. Because there is no fucking way that a man like Blatter would be unaware of corruption in an organisation that he micro manages. I have no proof of this, but I reckon this cunt was getting a piece of every bribe that was accepted by his minions. Today, there have been calls for Blatter to stand down. Personally I think that’s about as likely as NASA announcing that they have video footage of Elvis doing the Macarena on Jupiter.

    As I said at the start of this nomination, Blatter is obnoxious and arrogant. He genuinely, and mistakenly, believes himself to be the only man who can run FIFA. That’s why he announced that he wouldn’t run for re-election, only to then stand for re-election. He’s a grubby little creep, who has allowed FIFA to be dragged through dog shit during his tenure as President. He’s a slaphead and a cunt.

    • What the fuck is US Justice Department doing having their Swiss puppets arrest foreign football officials? Why is the piranha American media press, suddenly taking such an interest in the dealings of FIFA – of which, a sport that relatively few Americans even care about? The level of criminal corruption running rampant throughout the world is as colossal as it is pervasive. Why the sudden government and media focus on the foreign-based FIFA?

      What’s really going on here? Simples, it’s a smoke screen to hide that British and American governments bribe FIFI officials to not vote for the likes of China or Russia to host the Football World Cup. Some people are wanting the World Cup to be taken away from Russia because of the political situation and Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine. In turn the Russian government has bribed their front man (FIFI official Sepp Blatter) to not vote for the likes of America or England.To stop the West oppressing all Russia and China.

      With the 2018 World Cup of Football slated for hosting by Russia, the Globalist scheme to move the games to another location, or at least organise a western boycott, is as we know, already in full force.

    • He is not being arrested because he is their main target.They will use the information gleaned from his corrupt lieutenants to build a case against him. He is finished , he knows it and he is going slightly mad at the moment.

  3. I have gone from being a kid on the Stretford End to seeing it turn into a circus full of overpaid pricks and mercenaries, daytripper tourists, knobheads with half/half scarves and selfie sticks, foreign ‘lifelong fan’ tosspots and happy clappy families… And that’s just the club I support… This is happening all over the world… Blatter is but one sore on the arse of football…. ‘Owners’ like Glazers, Abramovich, Mike Ashley, Daniel Levy, Sheik Mansoor and Vincent Tan need to be fucked off… Murdoch and his Sky have tainted the game, and The Premier League has cut lower and smaller clubs adrift… The game is now riddled with disease… Blatter’s end (or demise) will hopefully be the start of its cure…

  4. Sadly though, as QDM pointed out, I also believe Blatter will stay in power or won’t be caught…

    • Seems he’s handed in the resignation that’s not really a resignation as he’s still going to be there until next year FFS!

      Hopefully some heavy handed SWAT team will kick his door in and subject him to extraordinary rendition to Quantanemo Bay. He’d look nice in a bright orange boiler suit.

      What I can’t understand is why it’s such a surprise that the cunt is as bent as an eight bob note?

  5. Football, the opiate for the Neanderthal masses.
    Like Religion, like race, a division tactic to divide and conquer.

  6. Well I was lucky enough to be clearing from the Army when the Olympics was happening so I never got dicked for that particular bone task…………… that being said, about a 3rd of my regiment (or so it seemed) did get dicked.

    That was a very lonley place for those last couple of months…………. compounded by the fact that the cunts were publishing pictures on Facebook of themselves with celebrities (Dolph Lungren is the only one I can recall though).

    • I retired in 2011, but I know a lot from my Regiment got dicked for it. And I know that, thanks to G4’s fuck up, some soldiers who’d just returned from Afghanistan got dicked as well.

  7. Blatter won’t go. Two reasons.
    1) It’s Christmas every day for him. He’s on a winner all the time. More money and power than you can shake a stick at.
    2) When someone does eventually replace him they’ll be privvy to what has actually been happening all these years… In other words he’ll be found out.
    If he chooses to go now he’s sentencing himself to a long drawn out demise and slow death.
    He’s as slippery as fuck and on a par with Ecclestone at F1. All powerful, totally controlling and fucking smart to boot. Both cunts though.

    • You must be psychic.
      but.. he’s an old cunt, so there is a chance of him snuffing it sooner or later ( preferably sooner)

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