Sheryl Crow


Sheryl Crow is fucking shite…

I remember working in a crap job 1994 and being tortured by that awful song (‘All I Wanna Do’)… The local radio station played that crap on the hour every hour… I still can’t listen to the daft tart even now… I remember that BBC ad that featured Elvis and a ‘fantasy backing band’….There was Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Page, Stevie Wonder and Keith Moon… Can’t argue about any of those… But Presley playing with Noel Gallagher (who was included) and ‘on bass… Sheryl Crow’?!? Fuck off! Oh, my sides…

Nominated by: Norman

5 thoughts on “Sheryl Crow

  1. The only reason this cunt has gotten as big as she has is because she sucked off clapton, I for one am not big on female lead vocalists ,on the other hand I don’t have anything against female backing vocalists , women are more suited for backing vocals for some reason. sheryl crow isn’t that good of a songwriter either she owes alot of her hits to co writing with others. Another thing that pisses me off about female singers is they never think outside the box and do something a little more daring, they make very safe decisions within radioland.Males will always be masters of music.

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