Philippa Gregory


Philippa Gregory is a prize cunt…

She claims to be a ‘historian’, but all she does is write pulp crap like Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper. Only Gregory uses real historical figures, because the lazy bitch can’t think of any characters of her own… This old hag will also put in any historical fabrication or myth (no matter how cheap or nasty it is!): like Anne Boleyn shagging her brother was put into one of her novels…

It is widely accepted now that there was no incest by Boleyn and that it was a slur started by Thomas Cromwell in order to discredit her and to have her put to death… But Gregory still uses it as it makes her ‘story’ more saucy and sensationalist, and so it will be bought by all those silly mares who read shite like Fifty Shades Of Grey…

Nominated by: Norman

4 thoughts on “Philippa Gregory

  1. Iggy Azalea is a fake cunt…

    First of all I’m not really into ‘urban’ culture and music but since its a fairly big portion of the shite played on radio stations today I’d say this cunt deserves it. If it wasn’t already enough that cunts like Iggy Azalea are taught that it doesn’t matter if you have actual talent or not, as long your arse is half out and make drug references you might be on to a winner.

    Bad enough the “idols” you’re kids might look up to can have fake tits and a fake plastic arse, they can now look up to this cunt that completely fakes her identity. Australian born girl that sounds like she’s from the slums of Los Angeles, What a cunt. The rest of the hard working music industry stand by and watch a cunt fake her persona and shake her


    • Dead right… These silly tarts like Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minger and that Cyrus slag think all that twerking and ass wiggling is sexy, when it is anything but… When these stupid trollops have their arses in the air they look like dogs on heat…

      Azealia Banks is also another thinks she is sexy gobshite cunt…


  2. That pic is horrible… The old slagbag looks like Barbara Windsor on heroin….

    I wonder what Gregory’s next ‘historical blockbuster’ is going to be?
    Joan of Arc getting double teamed by the English and French armies and then Joanie singing ‘I Am What I Am’ as she burns to death?


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