Old Jug Ears (2)


Now we all know that Prince Charles is a bit of a cunt (wanting to be the tampon of Camilla Parker Bowles just spells out insanity!), but shaking hands with that cunt Gerry Adams?

Is Charlie so inbred and loopy that he has forgotten Louis Mountbatten being blown to pieces by those IRA fuckers? Not to mention the Hyde Park bombings of 1982…

I hope this batty old cunt never gets to be king….

Nominated by: Norman

5 thoughts on “Old Jug Ears (2)

  1. I think you’re the cunt here Norman. Charles has been forced into this PR stunt, the murder of his Uncle to be publicly forgotten in favour of more goodwill towards the IRA cunts.

  2. It was a poorly conceived publicity stunt by whoever thought it up. Actually pity Charlie having to undergo the experience. Hope he washed his hand afterwards.

  3. John Lydon said this of The Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save The Queen: “The line ‘God save the Queen. She ain’t no human being.’ is about how the Queen just does what others tell her to do… ‘Go here, Queen! Go there, Queen!'”

    And he was right, and they still do it…. Charles could have said ‘I am not doing anything with that Adams cunt!’ Maybe if Chaz (and other royals) grew a pair they might be a bit more popular with real people, and not just those inbred loonies who wave union jacks in the piss rain when Kate Middleton comes to town…

  4. Take a look at Prince Charles laugh, then look at Dobby from Harry Potter then laugh (repeat) until you piss yourself.It Won’t be hard to accomplish seeing as they are almost identical.

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