Labour supporters

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is congratulated by supporters in Birmingham
Based on their behaviour both during and after the election campaign I would like to nominate labour supporters for a damn good cunting!

These utter cunt fucks just like all politicians in that shit house of a party they follow are a bunch of hypocritical cretonious pig fucks! For years these cunts and their chosen party have preached not to judge other people according to their skin colour, sexual orientation, or anything that characterises an individual and for the most part this is as it should be in a modern, progressive forward thinking society.

Yet these cunts conveniently over look this self righteous attitude and judge your average Tory supporter to be white, rich, nasty, middle, class, corporate, Tory scum and so on. Well I can that fucking narrow minded as well and stereotype labour supporters to be welfare sponging, social house hogging, bone idle cunt bastards who like nothing more than to sit around watching Jeremy kyle while breeding more utter cunt bastards to enjoy a prosperous life stuffing themselves with my hard earned tax money.

Its hardly surprising that with this attitude towards Tory supporters that many lied to the pollsters only to come out of the woodwork on election day and give you cunts the right royal cunting you deserve!


Nominated by : Wibble Wobble