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Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion deserves a royal cunting for charging the tax payer £17 for a wreath last rememberence day.How long can you sink?Well I said Labour and Rotherham so I suppose I answered my own question.

It is funny how Labour hark on about tax dodging and the effect it has on public services when they are leaning their pockets with taxpayers money.Hypocrital cunts the lot of them. Maybe she got given her candidacy from her predecessor Denis McShane another Labour cunt who admitted that as a guardian reader he would feel uneasy speaking up about the Asian Rotherham peado gangs preying on vulnerable girls and was also imprisoned for expenses fiddling.

Notice how not one of the cunts who claims to make an “error” in their statements ever notices it until they have got caught? Anyway Sarah Champion is an expenses cheating cunt who is the first one to directly insult millions of dead soldiers as well as the taxpower.

Stupid champagne socialist grey streaked haired cunt!

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

8 thoughts on “Sarah Champion MP

      • “Things like Twitter and 24-hour-news means you are always working. It’s horrendous. The job is fabulous. The lifestyle is living hell.”

        That quote from this silly little bint just about sums her up. For all that she made a token attempt at addressing the Child abuse scandal, there has been bugger all done about it in real terms, probably because, the party of limp-wristed pseudo-socialists that she is a member of relies on the Muslim vote.

  1. In my humble opinion, being a guardian reader automatically qualifies you as a cunt.

  2. she hasn’t done anything to clean up rotherham or politics or the police-all 3 are rotten to the core except one of the three …. Rotherham -its not rotten just infested with taxi drivers who stink of curry .
    this champion is a gate keeper she is not what she appears…. this is why it has got nowhere and we haven’t heard anything-the biggest cover up scale-wise is underway as we speak from about a thousand known suspects the list is down to about 100 and shrinking by the day -Rotherham is out of the frying pan now and sooner or later another city or town will be discovered to be even worse and then we will all forget about Rotherham just like we all did in regard to Rochdale and oxford etc etc .
    its the guardian readers of hampstead Christchurch who did the worst of the worst at that school and all the covering up that accompanied it by the cops and media -don’t trust guardian readers please folks .
    if champion gets cunted and rightly so then surely the evil despotic eagle sisters who were invented not born -must deserve a double cunting ?
    they make my flesh creep and give me nightmares-they are men hating lying cruel functionaries – they should be executed at range -so their blood splatter cant infect the raffle winners who will be cheering the events and taking pics no doubt .
    yes I would like to nominate the eagles for biggest twin cunts in uk political history maria and angela but which is the most evil ?

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