Sam Delaney


Sam Delaney is left wing cunt who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

He was bitching on Sky News this morning in their paper review about the great massdebate this evening. Sam reckons that UKIP shouldn’t be on there because they don’t have any MPs and Farage isn’t in the Commons but apparently it was alright for the Greens to be there.

Well, Sam, you pig ignorant cunt who the fuck are Carswell and Reckless then? Well, according to Sam, they only crossed the floor and weren’t properly elected, so we’ll ignore their by-elections then shall we? And while we’re on the subject of the Greens, Natalie fucking Bennett – an incompetent Aussie who doesn’t even know what her own policies are – isn’t in the Commons either. Let’s count their MPs shall we Sam? I make it UKIP 2, Greens 1. Oh’ hang on – we’ll ignore that!

Delaney is typical of the loony left in Labour. He ignores the facts when debating his case just like Milipede will likely do tonight. Strangely, I agree with him that if Plaid and the SNP are included then the Ulster parties should be there too. Jesus, I’m agreeing with a bloke who’s total left wing cunt of cunts!

What the fuck is this useless twat doing on Sky News in the mornings anyway? Perhaps it’s to make Eamonn Holmes look intelligent? Just asking…

Nominated by: Dioclese

10 thoughts on “Sam Delaney

  1. Agreed Dioclese, Sam Delaney is a smug no-nothing marxist cunt of the first order.

    One of those cunts that you wish would run into Flaxen Saxon outside a petrol station on a cold winters eve.

  2. Eamonn Holmes is an opinionated cunt who sourpuss himself with sycophantic birds.

  3. Eamonn Holmes is also the type of plastic paddy ‘lifelong Man U fan’ who (as a Newton Heath Red) I have always despised…

  4. Delaney is one of many cunts on Sky News, although he is the biggest cunt. He is, to use Brand’s favourite insult, somewhat snide. Atlhough unlike Brand, I actually know what the word means. Looking at that photo, I’ve just realised that Delaney bears an uncanny resemblance to Al Murray. That’s ironic. Because Murray is an unfunny left wing cunt too.

  5. Delaney seems the ilk of cunt that goes on a Mediterranean holiday on his own then leeches himself to some poor innocent girls who are simply just trying to get their tits tanned. Slimey Sam then bides his time to slip the Rohipnol into the ‘fat ones’ drink so he can crawl back to his local in eest larndan to regale ‘friends’ with how he was a right lad out in Marbella. Dirty, greasy faced liberal-bumming cunt

  6. The leaders debate: Seven king sized cunts… The main four, we know and hate, plus three other cunts… And who the fuck is that Aussie Dick Van Dyke who runs The Green Party?!

    On the other side, Question Time… Peter Hitchens is also a colossal cunt…..

    The SNP are also cunts… Only months ago the bastards wanted out of the UK… Now they have a say in how Britain is governed?! I have only three things to say: Culloden, Peru 1978 and fuck off!

  7. Funny how “Jabba the hut” Salmond decided to piss off after the vote to free the Porridge wogs from British rule did not go his way. Even funnier that he was replaced by that escapee from the Krankies Nicola Sturgeon ina very short space of time.
    What is not funny, is the fact that the UK will be shelling out millions to maintain the lifestyle that the Scots have become accustomed to at out expense and we will be paying them more in the future.
    Similarities to the money we spent helping to rebuild Krautland after the war.
    Now the Welsh are sniffing for some more shekels to be thrown their way. What a crap country we are.

    • Yeah, that Welsh bint was something wasn’t she? What the fuck was she there for anyway? Just wanted to get more and more money from the wicked English. The Welsh are bunch of cunts and Leanne Woods (there – I looked her name up) was totally out of her depth as was Nutty Bennett…

    • Porridge wogs ? You seem completely incapable of separating the SNP with Scots in general. It’s a bit like the English being conflated with the knuckle dragging BNP or the child abusing buggerers at Eton and other public schools. Yeah you must all be like them.

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