London MultiGames


London MultiGames are a positive bonanza of bellendery.

Claiming to be an online payments provider, they boast about having the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square as a client. This isn’t as impressive as it sounds … in reality they only look after one cashpoint there; but such overblown claims are typical of these moon-howling dribblers of shit. In reality their software and coding smells of piss and cheap sherry and when trusting your company to it not crashing there’s a vague lingering feeling that your colon is being constantly irrigated by a homeless alcoholic.

These broken-brained stalactites of donkey spunk have left a trail of unpaid bills across Europe. I do hope someone gives them a brand new shiny chequebook for Christmas.Failing that, an envelope of Ricin.

To be fair their finance director is trying to turn their accounts around by give blowjobs to¬†tramps for loose¬†change. That’s taking a while.

London MultiGames – spare a moment to bring a little warmth into people’s lives.
Set yourselves on fire, you livestock molesting thundercunts.

NOMINATED BY: an ex customer

11 thoughts on “London MultiGames

  1. I’ve never heard of that bunch. If they’re as bad as you say though, they definitely deserve a massive cunting.

  2. Looking at the directors of this Cowboy outfit reveals some interesting information.
    Whatever possessed the OP to have any dealings with them given their length of establishment and credit rating

  3. John Barnes deserves to be cunted, for being…well…a cunt. He was on t.v. yesterday, whingeing about not being offered any managerial jobs because, y’know, “I is black innit”. I’ve done a little bit here and it turns out that, far from being denied a manager’s job because of racism, the reason he can’t get a job as manager, is because he’s shite.

    He was head coach of Celtic for the 1999/2000 season, and did a piss poor job. He presided over Celtic’s shock loss to Inverness Caledonian Thistle. Anyone remember the headline in the Sun after that defeat? “Super Caley go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious”. He was asked to leave shortly after that.

    In 2008, he became manager of the Jamaican national team. To be fair, he actually did quite well with them. But it wasn’t what he wanted, so he got the manager’s job at Tranmere Rovers. He was shite. In his first fourteen games as manager, Tranmere won THREE matches. There’s a rumour that the players gave Barnes and his number 2, Jason McAteer the nickname “Dumb and Dumber”. He was sacked after a 5-0 loss to Milwall. He’s since applied for a job with the Rwandan national team.

    I don’t like racists. But I really don’t like cunts who play the race card when they don’t get what they want, especially when there are more plausible explanations. In Barnes’ case that explanation is that he sucks donkey testicles when it comes to football management. And possibly because he talks so fast, no fucker knows what he’s saying. He’s just not cut out for management.

    That’s not good enough for Barnes though. He doesn’t get jobs as a manager, because all us white people are fucking racist bastards. This cunt spent too much time in Liverpool. Their perpetual victimhood has rubbed of on him. Fuck you Barnes. If anyone is racist, it’s you.

    • Apart from one good goal against Brazil Barnes was shit for England too…
      There are lots of black managers and coaches in American sport, there are excellent black boxers, cricketers, footballers and tennis players. They are all good at what they do… Barnes shouldn’t use his skin colour to cover up his shoddy record and incompetence… He certainly learned the art of self pity in the Pool, didn’t he?

  4. How Katie Hopkins have not been cunted, I’ll never know…
    There are too many bad things to say about this vindictive saddlebag with eyes…
    A professional gobshite. a celebrity troll who thrives on controversy (and through that, self publicity) and a cunt of the highest caliber…. Appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and forever telling others what they are doing wrong? Get to fuck you old witch!

    • There’s been a couple of miracle escapees lately who amazingly have never been nominated. I shall do my best to rectify this appalling situation…

      • If you are going to Kanye West, be sure to view the South Park Parodies first. I still piss myself with laughter at those episodes.

        My bitch aint no hobbit……..

  5. The people behind this outfit are being investigated for fraud in Switzerland. The website dos not display the registered office address or even a telephone number and is not compliant with UK company law

  6. I checked with the London Hippodrome – they have never heard of London MultiGames. Seems that the scam management at this company have lied about their customers.

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