Social Services chiefs


Social service chiefs and in particular Haringey and Southampton council deserve a very vicious cunting. Their incompetence, stupidity and lack of action has now resulted in the deaths of the children they were supposed to protect.

They have failed to learn the lessons that the cases of Victoria Climbie and Baby P highlighted, despite evidence that child abuse was going on, they failed to take action, failed to intervene and as a result 3 more kids are dead.

No surprises that both of these are labour controlled, with the usual reticence to get involved with anything that might invoke the usual lefty do-gooders, protesting against the “human rights” of the parents.

If that were not bad enough, the ludicrous judicial system in this country will doubtless impose pathetic penalties on the offenders, before springing them early with new identities to protect them from a (thoroughly deserved) beating at the hand of the public, all of course at the taxpayers expense.

They and the worthless parents deserve burning.

Nominated by: Lez

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  1. Yea they’ll probably get 50k severance, a award, a new position with car and benefits and a another 50k golden handshake for they’re new position. Then they can sell they’re book go on loose women and retire to the south of France. God I love England

  2. Not to mention they’ll most likely claim for trauma too. All in all these clowns will cost the country 3 human lives, and about 5.5 mil in wages and pay outs/inquiries/hearings while moaning about “lazy scroungers”. Jesus how many bruises does a kid have to carry before the penny drops?

  3. Worth mentioning, notably in light of the emerging child abuse carried out in the Thatcher years, that incompetence and hiding the truth are not just the province of the Left, nor does it mean that Conservative controlled councils are much better in their record of child protection, they are not.
    I despise in point of fact, both parties, for different reasons. The Tories for their greed and arrogance and Labour for their stupidity and arrogance.
    At the end of the day however, both are culpable for a failing, and over cumbersome judicial system, a reticence to deal harshly with incompetence and an unwillingness to punish (and punish harshly), those whose actions result in the systematic abuse and murder of children.
    They are true cunts in equal measure.

  4. Things my social worker friends* say about these failures:

    You don’t understand the whole picture
    The team were short-staffed and under great pressure
    A lot of case details were not reported, but exonerated the SWs
    No-one notices our success stories

    What they never, ever say:

    We were wrong
    We were negligent
    We’re sorry

    * Just a few – I like to hear both sides of stories and these are useful idiots.

  5. When a child is so obviously being starved, neglected and bruised, (as in the Baby P and Victoria Climbie cases at least) there is NO excuse whatsoever for either the social worker or their chiefs when they fail to act..Being “under pressure”, being “short staffed” or any other pathetic excuse they use to exonerate their ineptitude is complete Bollocks.

  6. No doubt the best they’ll come up with is “lessons need to be learned”. While displaying all the actions of a system that’s learned nothing.

  7. I nominate those childish, entitled, anti-democratic, leftwing, fascist, union-funded shitcunts who call themselves’ StandUpToUkip.

    Not only do these fucks have little to no self awareness, their projection is astonishing. They call UKIP fascists and bigots whilst trying to harrass and silence UKIP for saying things within which they disagree.

    Seriously though, what is up with the name? This is some unprecedented and presumptuous shit – I have never heard of StandUpToLabour or StandUpToTories. If those shit-heals want to stand up to UKIP or any other legitimate political party, do it the way everybody else does it – at the fucking ballot box!

    Possessing a brain is not something most people would associate with leftwing cranks like these and their actions today will not only shine them in a bad light but also win UKIP more votes.

    Nigel Farage, whilst not in an official capacity was stalked and attacked by a bunch of lefty wingnuts whilst he was dining in a gastro pub with his wife and daughters aged 10 and 15 who both ran out of fear and were missing for several hours before reappearing at home. Probably terrified due to seeing their Dad’s car surrounded by a bunch of complete animals and getting the Safari Park treatment.

    If there are 2 things that you can say about the British, we like fair play and we root for the underdog and in harrassing a private citizen going about his private business and when he was with his family, they made it personal and went well beyond the pale.

    After having read in the comments sections of leftwing online publications such as The Indepedent, even anti-UKIP leftwing posters were condemning the actions of these fucks as disgraceful because no matter what your beliefs, what your political persuasion, you never go for the family, that is sacrosanct and anybody with any kind of moral fortitude in their character knows this just through empathy if not through common human decency .

    These cunts are of the same stripe as HopeNotHate and UniteAgainstFascism who deserve their own dedicated cuntings but that is a cunting for another day.

  8. God forbid that these muesli eating left wing wankers would ever organise a “unite against fundamentalism”. They would be too busy agonising over the human rights of Jihadists and funding appeals to free the victims of Capitalist brutality.. cunts..

      • wouldn’t be a bad idea also this cunt in the picture looks like she has sexually abused children herself she probably knows all sorts
        of pedo secrets, she probably licks rose wests twat, we are basically paying for them to cover up abuse makes me wanna puke

  9. Question for you guys across the pond. Can someone quickly breakdown what happened in Roterham? It has been mentioned briefly in the US as “Muslim grooming gangs” targeting caucasian women in the UK with an even briefer discussion of a coverup.

    • It was less “Muslim” grooming gangs and pretty much “Pakistani” grooming gangs. The vast majority of the perpetrators were of Pakistani origin (and 1 Afghan because…… ya know….. diversity). I know of not a single Arab, Albanian or Turk who was involved in this so I wouldn’t call it a muslim issue, more a cultural one.

      They were targetting vulnerable, impressionable, underage white girls, many if not all of whom were under the care of the local labour government and social services because they came from unstable homes. What then followed was essentially forced prostitution and passing the girls around like peace-pipes.

      This went on for years even though some parents and in one case one of the victims with a blood-soaked crotch went to the poslice station only to be turned away and told she was “naughty”.

      The whole reason the local government and police were so affraid to speak out or act was, due to political correctness, because they were terrified of being called racist or islamophobic. Every level of government there including social services were run by the leftwing, cultural marxist luvvies known as the labour party or as I like to call them “Not The Party Your Grandfather Voted For”.

      The rong leader of one of these gangs, a guy in his 50s was completely unrepentant and even went before the judge condemning the parents of these girls for being irresponsible and saying that no muslim parent would let their child get up to no good. Detestable cunts.

      There have been other organised Pakistani grooming gangs all over England in places such as Rochdale, Wellington (Telford) and Bristol. Pakistani men make up about 1.5% of the UK population but as it pertains to the specific crime of underage grooming gangs have the lions share at anything from 26% to up to 75% in some geographic areas such as the West Midlands. I think you can agree that number is disproportionate to their population share and is clearly a cultural issue which needs to be addressed.

      At least half the problem is the Labour Party Doctrine of “Multiculturalism” which was a Blair-era Labour initiative to improve community cohesion by celebrating togetherness and celebrating difference but had the opposite effect – division via the creation of ghettos, sharia-enforcement zones, halal slaughter, radical mosques and trojan horse plots to take over public schools and turn them into muslim faith schools. Now people in this country are finally taking their balls back and actually calling it what it is – Pakistani/Muslim grooming gangs.

      • I agree with your analysis, Lenny, but would just point out that “luvvies” is slang for actors (after the late Sir Dickie Attenborough’s habit of referring to everyone as “luvvie” or “darling”), it’s not slang for Labour politicians or voters.

        Here’s a bit of further reading for the original poster. One is an article in which the mother of two brothers from the Oxford grooming gang blames the eleven year old victim:

        These cunts should be stoned to death in the streets.

        • Cheers for that info Fred. I ave just heard numerous people refer to bleeding-heart social liberals as luvvies so it was a case of monkey see, monkey do.

        • “One is an article in which the mother of two brothers from the Oxford grooming gang blames the eleven year old victim:”

          Stoning is too good for them. I advocate invasive medical experiments in the name of finding a cure for the biggest diseases on the planet (after Fundamentalism of course)

      • Thanks for that. I can’t rely upon these yanks to give information without first filtering it for the politically correct multiculturalist wankers currently running the US news media.

        • They don’t make it easy over in the US though to be fair. On the one hand you have Fox News on the right who just misrepresent or outright lie and on the left you have The Young Turks who just misrepresent or outright lie to maintain a PC, multi-culti status quo.

          • Yes, ALL news, without exception, is an embarrassing shitfest in the USA. CNN, MSNBC and FOX News are the “big three” and you cannot sit through ten minutes of any of these talking head machines without your brain turning into fertilizer.

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