John de Mol


Johannes Hendrikus Hubert “John” de Mol, Jr. – now this bastard deserves a right royal, grade one super-duper with bells on cunting.

He is the total cunt who started & dreamt up Big Fucking Brother. He has for over a decade been responsible for a opening a Pandoras Box the size of a bloody megalith of cunts (both celebrity and wannabe celebrity) not only in the UK but its spawn as infected the whole world with cunts on television.

Nominated by: Toryboy

17 thoughts on “John de Mol

  1. Him and the human trolls who watch the shower of shite that is reality TV, hoping for a bitch fight, clandestine bit of shagging in the house, or merely to watch the contestants make colossal prats of themselves. (which they do in spades)
    Actually, I think its his parents who deserve the bigger cunting, giving him a name like that probably embittered him to all humanity and inspired him to create BB

  2. On the subject orf names ludicrous, Joop van den Ende, slime licker oppo of De Mol above is up there. Another Dutch cunt. Together as the “entertainment” company Endermol they have shited up the world. Wherever you may be, you turn on a channel and you think “what a lot orf shite”, it is likely to be their shite. They make complete programmes or just franchise ideas and make vast mountains orf moolah so doing. Check out the cunting orf Endermol by yours truly a while back.

    This is not for the faint hearted:

  3. Talking of cunts with stupid Dutch-sounding names, CJ de Mooi hasn’t been cunted for a while…

  4. So this is the cunt responsible for Jade Goody and numerous Z-List turds like Katie Price, Callum Best and that Scouse bastard, Chegwin infesting the TV schedlues… This De Mol scrote should be on trial in the Hague for crimes against decent human beings… For Goody alone he should be guillotined…

  5. Matt Lucas is currently cunting himself on a weekly basis:

    Thinks he’s a comedy genius by unimaginatively combining elements of Ronnie Barker’s Futtocks End and Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean. He isn’t a comedy genius though. He wouldn’t even be the funniest performer in a sixth form revue. He’s just the fat, ugly, unfunny kid who shows off on his own in the corner. How on earth he’s been able to carve out some sort of career on the basis of the lowest common demoninator cuntery that he and Walliams produce is a complete and utter mystery. The pair of them must be sucking the cocks of some very important people because their TV shows are piles of steaming shite that have no redeeming features whatsoever.

    I’d also like to cunt the BBC Commissioning Editor who thought that Lucas’s latest effort (see YouTube clip) was a good use of the licence fee.

    • A superb nomination, that fat bald homosexual deserevs crucifiction not cunting, but I fear there is not a cross strong enough to crucify that fat cunt on.
      And judging by the size of the fat cunt he would still be alive in 2056 with the amount of body fat he has.

      Also, anyone who ever watched ‘Little Britain’ deserves a cunting, since when did saying ‘Yeah I know’ become comedy?
      You can add Charlie Higson, Paul Whitehouse, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer & Harry Enfiled to that list, all fucking cunts whose idea of comedy is a fucking catchphrase the cretinous masses lap up like good little sheep

      • No wonder the guy with whom he had a civil partnership committed suicide. If I woke up one morning and realised I’d entered into a civil partnership with a cunt like that, I’d fucking top myself too.

  6. What irks me about Little Britain is that fat, bald cunt (Lucas) and Sinon Cowell’s sausage fondler (Walliams) take the piss out of the working class, when it is obvious that neither of them have ever been working class… These two talentless BBC cocksuckers would probably crap themselves if they had to be working class for even five minutes…

    • A pair of talentless, unfunny and vulgar clowns. British comedy took a downturn when these two, aided and abetted by Reeves and Mortimer were allowed to infest our screens

      • Too true, Lez. Vic Reeves is basically a piss poor imitation of the great Eric Morecambe…

  7. It had never occurred to me that anyone had actually started big brother, I had sort of assumed it had just slowly slid it’s way onto our screens organically like a long, slow, overwhelming slab of shit. Like most things on channel 4 in fact.

  8. In fact, Endermol should broadcast a live broadcast where de Mol slowly has bits of his face removed with pliers while his scrotum is dangled in selphuric acid. People could text and tweet their comments. Cunts.

  9. I would pay money to see half a dozen members of UAF locked in the house with half a dozen members of C18. With a surprise new housemate of Jihadi John.

    Or all members of the shadow cabinet locked in the house with members of the BNP.
    Surprise new housemates of Jim Davidson Doreen Lawrence and Roy Chubby Brown.

    Now that would be good telly.

  10. I was thinking of a variation on ‘Hunt the thimble’.

    Exept for ‘Thimble’ read ‘Taser’.

  11. Karma does exist for cunts, big game hunter crushed to death by elephant, now that is karma for the cunt with bells on……

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