Fred Talbot


Fred Talbot is a cunt.

Yet another ‘loveable eccentric character’ off the telly – which basically means yet another sick as fuck predatory nonce cunt hiding in plain sight behind the ‘nice guy’ image: à la Savile, Hall, Cosby, Gary Shitter and Jake The Fucking Peg.

It makes one think of how many of these kiddyfuckers there actually are… All these cunts got top jobs on television or in the entertainment business. I wonder how many producers, executives and the like at the Beeb, Granada and elsewhere there are that were ‘in on the secret?’

I bet there’s a whole fucking network that would make The X Files ‘Syndicate’ look like monks.

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. I guess that worked. Except I just got blocked for “posting comments too quickly”. Better than nothing I guess.

    • Welcome back. I think The Eye has a temporary fix by whitelisting contributors who are hitting this ‘spam network’ nonsense. This clearly allows you back in for now until he hits a permanent fix. At least, that’s the last I heard from him but no doubt he’ll keep us posted…

  2. Thinking of Fred (West, that is) and his recent cunting of PC Plod picking on a four year old kid on a bike… How about another cozzer cunting? The knobhead police apologising to the knobhead parents of the knobhead ISIS schoolgirl slags… is this what makes Britain great?

    If Blighty gets any more pathetic and piss weak, people will be wishing we had lost in WWII..

    • You’re absolutely right on that. What the police, and other agencies for that matter, should have said was, “look, you whingeing fucking muzzie pricks, they were YOUR daughters. How the fuck did you not know what was happening to them? YOU were in the best position to notice that they were being radicalised, and in fact, we find it someoe suspicious that you DIDN’T fucking know. YOU need to accept responsibility for this, because it’s YOUR fucking fault. Now fuck off!”

      • Norman / QDM
        Got that right. I’d be asking questions as to how they failed to notice their daughters slipping into Jihadism. Most Muslim parents from my experience, no matter how “westernised” keep close tabs on their daughters internet and phone activities in case they suddenly decide to dishonour themselves. I refuse to believe they had not peeked at their daughters Facebook, email, twitter, SMS messages at some point at least.
        I can feel some pity for their parents, they will probably never see their daughters again, but the fault and the guilt should lie firmly at their own feet.
        By now their idiot offspring will doubtless have found that there dreams of serving the Jihadi cause amounts to virtual sexual slavery.

        • And the fact they keep such a close watch on their daughters, is the reason why I don’t believe muslim parents wouldn’t know what they were up to. More than that though, Muslims in general are constantly whingeing that non Muslims don’t trust them.

          That’s because they never do anything to EARN our trust. They refuse to help police solve the most basic of crimes, they refuse to join in with the wider community, they expect us to respect them, but refuse to reciprocate. And even those born here don’t consider themselves British. Is it any wonder they’re not trusted?

          • You would think that these muslims who come to live over here have come for a better life and to escape the harsh treatment of islamic, theocratic regimes but they seem to want to recreate that over here with special treatment, sharia law and the whole “I’m offended” brigade. Can you say Stockholm Syndrome?

            I think there is a very good reason why we kaffirs generally don’t trust muslims and that is that there is the possibility that they are all lying cunts and probably are too (taqiyya).

        • Too right Lez. These girls who are going over there are like those brain-dead, demented bints who marry serials killers who are behind bars for life. I’m not sure if it’s the whole “badboy” thing taken to it’s conclusion but I think that these girls have got the wrong end of the stick about ISIS.

          Having been in the RAF and the Army (scaley-back), watching the IS “special forces” video made me feel embarassed for them as it became apparent that these guys have a macho image problem, or as Boris Johnson put it “a problem with the ladies”.

    • we did loose WWII, to the bankers, WWII especially was about crushing Germany for daring to issue their own currency not controlled by the Bank Of England via the Federal Reserve, in other words not borrowing money at interest.
      Germany built a huge industrial empire on the back of this, England had to destroy them for threatening queenies empire and global control.

      • …………. I’m waiting for the part about the British Royals being shape-shifting, human-reptilian hybrids for the lower 4th dimension. Come on David Icke…… I mean Starkey…….. I’m waiting. Fucking tool.

        • Amazing how whenever anyone mentions a supposed ‘conspiracy’ the default reply is David icke, he is a fucking tool, and so are you – you fucking limp dicked cunt 🙂

          • He is a fucking tool, as am I, I agree with that assessment. As for me being a limp dick……….. who you been talking to? huh? was it your Mum? Well answer me you cunt!

      • Actually it was my Dad, he said he picked you up at The Blue Oyster Bar, after going back to yours and sniffing 14 bottle of amyl nitrate he said you couldn’t even get it up, so he had you take a shit in a condom, froze it and you stuffed it up his arse before eating once it had melted.

        • Shit Dude, that is exactly how it happened……. down to the smallest detail.

          • Well thank fuck we won the war eh lads? we might otherwise have been deprived of our sacrosanct freedom to trade thoughts about having anal sex with each other’s dads.

  3. I’m nominating Danny Cohen, Director of Television at the BBC for a cunting. Now, you may like Clarkson, or you may hate him. Personally, I think he’s entertaining, but has the capacity to be a grade A cock. Cohen hates Clarkson because Clarkson is anti PC, likes to think for himself, say what he wants, and do what he pleases. In other words, he likes having his freedom. The fact that Top Gear is so popular shows that Jezza strikes a chord with a lot of people in the UK, and around the world. And let’s face it, Clarkson IS Top Gear. Without him, few people would watch it.

    Cohen on the other hand, is an ambitious, left wing handwringer, who wouldn’t know great television if it flew over and shat on his head. Cohen is perfectly willing to lose £50+ million per year, just to get rid of a man he despises. That’s bad business sense. If Clarkson were were one of Cohen’s lefty fuck buddies, his antics would have seen him receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist. But because he doesn’t share Cohen’s unreal, lefty view of the world, he is evil and must be destroyed.

    The big problem with the left, is that they firmly believe they have the divine right to tell everyone what to do, say, think, eat and drink. They think it is for them to tell us how we should act, who we should vote for, and that we should do as they say without question or dissent. Not only do they not understand that they are wrong, but the reaction to being told they are wrong is usually a violent one. Whether it be actual violence, or verbal violence.

    Cohen is a prime example of this. Cohen is a shit, who have should have been sacked by the BBC during the big Saville cover up at the corporation after the Panorama incident. He was covered in more shit than most, but Cohen knew exactly which arses he had to kiss to not only avoid being sacked but to pass it on to his boss. Nice guy.

    • I think you’re missing the bigger picture re Clarkson. It’s not an issue of political correctness, it’s an issue of possible assault (if the reports are to be believed). The BBC knows Top Gear is one of their top moneyspinners in terms of international sales and obviously they know that the format (which relies on the Clarkson-Hammond-May interraction and the abscence of political correctness) is a winner with viewers. If you suddenly reined in Clarkson’s anti-PC rants, it just wouldn’t be Top Gear, even a child could see that. Media commentators intimating that Clarkson would be better off creatively and financially on a commercial channel are completely wrong: commercial channels cannot afford to upset their advertisers and Clarkson would have even less freedom, thereby diminishing his impact. Think of all the people who have left the BBC to take the ITV shilling and whose careers have nosedived as a result – from Morecambe and Wise to Adrian Chiles.

      • I’m not missing the bigger picture mate. I understand it fully. The producer he allegedly assaulted hasn’t made a complaint. And from what I’ve heard, Clarkson didn’t actually punch him. Although, that could be wrong. I’m talking about Cohen himself. He’s hated Clarkson for years, and has been looking for an excuse to get rid of him. And the reason Cohen wants Clarkson out, is because he’s everything that Cohen despises.

        If Cohen had been looking at this from a purely management point of view, I wouldn’t have a problem with him. But he isn’t looking at it from a management point of view. He’s looking at it from a left wing point of view. All Cohen can see is a right winger. He doesn’t care that Clarkson may have punched someone. Clarkson could have pissed in the foyer of broadcasting house on live tv for all Cohen cares.

        • Nah, you don’t get rid of someone who makes your top-selling programme just because you don’t like his TV persona. Clarkson’s not even like that in real life (my niece is friendly with his daughter), it’s just his media gimmick. Top Gear brings in millions for the BBC and Clarkson’s exaggerated anti-PC schtick is part of the format.

          Neither you nor I were there so didn’t witness the precise nature of the altercation. But the idea that it’s being used as a pretext for Danny Cohen to kill off the BBC’s most lucrative show just because he doesn’t like Clarkson’s exaggerated TV persona is frankly nonsense. TV execs aren’t afraid of killing off shows that have run their course, but you just don’t kill off your top moneymaker. Look how long ITV stuck with Blind Date and Surprise Surprise even though Cilla is the most difficult and hated woman in showbiz.

          Cohen is definitely worth cunting though. I wrote to him asking why Stephen Fry was still being employed in the light of his admission of possessing/using cocaine on BBC premises for a decade or so and received the most laughably disingenuous response from Cohen’s lackey to the effect that “the BBC had no knowledge that Mr Fry was carrying cocaine and therefore we suggest you address your displeasure to Mr Fry personally”. Now just substitute Stephen Fry with Jimmy Savile and you’ll see just how shocking that is: “The BBC had no knowledge that Mr Savile was abusing underage girls on our premises, therefore we suggest you address your displeasure to Mr Savile’s estate”. FUCKING CUNTS.

          • I see what you mean, Fred… Why kill the cash cow?Like ITV kept on Opportunity Knocks… Even though the whole world and his cat knew that Hughie Green was a cunt of the highest order.. A bit like Simon Cowell and The X-Factor these days…

          • Getting sucked in to the left/right paradigim lol
            Esactly where the establishment wants you, black or white, right or left, yes or no.
            make a binary choice, no critical thought required.

            Pathetic that in 2015 we are still stuck in this democratic left/right paradigm.

            People believe they are free because we have democracy LOL.
            Democracy is a lie, it is essentially like choosing who is going to ass rape you, whoever you choose, you’re still gonna get fucked in the ass!

            Why else is Democracy exported to every country on the planet? it is the most corrupt form of governance masquerading as freedom of choice

          • I thought this new troll cunt going under the pseudonym “David Starkey” might have been David “I play with my own faeces” Icke but now I think he might actually be Russell “Katy never let me see her foof” Brand by his utterly vacuous statement about politics and the fact that he used Rusty’s favourite word of the week – PARADIGM!

            That being said it is probably one of Rusty’s yank fanboys seeing as how he used “ass” instead of “arse” and referred, in his banking conspiracy tirade, to England rather than Britain…… a favourite yank error.

  4. .time to fight back against extremist islam.
    I would like to nominate Cat stevens alias yusuf islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou …dad was greek orthodox who sent young cat to a bead rattlers school)

    The delightful Mr Stevens is on record as supporting the death sentence pronounced on Salman Rushdie. Now Rushdie is a cunt in his own right but surely a good kicking for writing long tedious books full of shite is a reasonable punishment…not death for insulting the prophet (piss be upon him). Ideally the C of E would try Cat for apostasy and crucify the cunt but since they seem preoccupied with recruiting rugmuncher vicars and bumming choirboys it will have to be left to the anti-terrorist squad. In 1967 the cunt wrote and sang the lines:
    I’m gonna get me a gun
    And all those people who put me down
    You better get ready to run
    Cuz I’m gonna get me a gun

    surely thats enough evidence?

    • Oh fuck off Starkey. “People believe they are free because blah blah blah…”. I am free. No amount of conspiracy babble will convince me that my brain is controlled by lizards from the planet Zorg. If you believe you are free, then you are. I suggest, with the best will in the world, that you consider the implications of that statement in a calm and philosophical manner.

      As for getting “fucked up the ass”, using anal rape as a metaphor for the democratic process is the sort of swivel-eyed, lunatic yank drivel we can do without. In England we might say, coyly, “the Conservatives are in bed with the Lib Dems”, that’s about as far as we want to take the kinky analogies, and even that is cutting it fine. It’s a question of taste.
      So stop being an annoying cunt there’s a good chap.

      • Can you please point out where I mentioned ‘brain control, lizards and the Planet Zog?” lol
        Nothing like bringing up shite spouted by cunts like David Icke to change the subject.
        If you believe you are free then hooray, but I suggest you actually look at it philisophically.
        You are a slave, just becaue you chose your job does not mean for one second you are not a slave.
        You get up and work everyday, give about 30% of your ‘earnings’ to the government in all sorts of taxes.
        This fiat money you work for is merely a means of exchange, it is worthless and is backed by nothing (like it used to be with gold/silver) which again is a worthless comodity.
        All we need as humans is food/water & shelter!

        It is poinltess even trying to discuss this with you if your default reply is citing David Icke as some kind of ‘source’ for what I say.

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        Because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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