Richard Hammond


Richard Hammond is indeed a king sized cunt.

The twat (along with those other overgrown schoolboys, Clarkson and May) treats cars like they are toys to be played with… Hammond pisses about at 300mph, yet when he crashes there’s a wave of tabloid inspired sympathy and a deluge of grief monkeys… Fuck that. My brother was hit (and killed) by a car.

So if Hammond endangers his life by acting like a dick in a speeding motor, then he deserves all he gets….

Nominated by: Norman

14 thoughts on “Richard Hammond

  1. Outrageous the dodgy BBC way this little prick and the other tossers presenting it have “acquired” the world wide and intergalactic rights to an old BBC show and have made themselves in to millionaires riding the royalties gravy train. At the same time doing their utmost to destroy the British Motor Industry. Cunts.
    Hammond lives in a castle in Herefordshire. Clarkson has mansions and royalties coming out of his vast supercilious arse while the other cunt with the speech defect woz last seen (no it’s WAS you wanker) was last seen driving up his own jacksy with a tube orf extra strong K Jelly and a roll off readies.

  2. Hammond is also cuntworthy for his midlife crisis hairstyle, wristbands/bracelets and astonishing resemblance to Roy Castle.

  3. Little arrested development midget, shame he didnt die in said crash, short arsed brainless irritating beyond belief clarkson buttfucker

  4. I was actually in tears the day I heard…….

    That the little cunt had awoken from his coma.

  5. Please can someone explain to me just why some are so wound up by these three Individuals – IF you don’t like them – why not just ignore them I just don’t get it why do they Receive such hatred after all they are NOT mass murderers they DONT molest children and they are NOT David Cameron – so what have they done wrong ?

  6. Hammond, May and Clarkson have between them taken meaning of cunt up to a whole new level. In fact they have redefined the word cunt. The cunts

  7. Hammond is a cunt.
    May is a cunt.
    Clarkson? The word cunt had to be invented just to attempt to describe him.

    The new series starts on Sunday. Who’s in it?

    Evans. The ginger, psychpathic, bi-polar, poison spitting, shit for brains, ugly, UGLY cunt, plus the dumb guido, unfunny, droopey eyed septic tank CUNT Matt Le Cunt.

    Well done BBC. You couldn’t have found bigger CUNTS to replace those three absolute turds with. You CUNTS.

  8. I once watched an episode of Top Gear where Hammond made some insulting comments about homeless people. Hang on a minute; some homeless people are in their situation because of their stupid actions, but some are not, and are very unfortunate and sad people. Has anyone reading this felt awful about seeing a cold, homeless person in a crappy town centre in the middle of winter? I know I have. Hammond, who is a very rich and fortunate man felt it was ok to mock and show his disdane for some unfortunates who he doesn’t even know, or know why they are in that situation. Hammond is a multi-millionaire, and for his comments, is also one massive cunt who deserves the shit kicking out of him. What a cunt.

    • Nothing like starvation and homelessness to focus the mind. People need to take some responsibility for themselves, otherwise fuck ’em…

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