Fiddlers Dram

May I say Fiddlers Dram are cunts… I saw the first TOTP of 1980 on BBC4: and this horrible record came creeping out of the vault of crappy childhood memories. This sort of shite is now seen as ‘rustic’ and ‘quaint’ by the spoonfed student twats who now infest ‘Glasto’ (you know the sort!). Yep, Fiddlers Dram are fucking evil…

Nominated by: Norman

I went to Bangor once. It was shite and they were all speaking a dead language. Pishu bant!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Fiddlers Dram are cunts, ranking alongside the other novelty acts from the 1970’s and early 1980’s. If there was a cunts hall of fame for shite music, they’d be in the top rank, along with The Wurzels, Stan Ridgway, Paper Lace, Bobby Pickett and Clive Dunn, Showaddywaddy, and Mud ( to mention but a few).
Black Lace of course hold the prize for sheer Cuntitude

Nominated by: Lez

21 thoughts on “Fiddlers Dram

  1. Great Call. Though they are higher in my estimate than the cunts to the like of One Direction, Little Mix, Every cunt and judge on X factor and higher again that any self obsessed fuckwit off any reality show.

    Not that that is putting Fiddlers Dram on a high rank however. I think these cunts and all like them were the beginning to the end of what music could have been.

  2. I’d imagine this is the ‘rape song’ of choice for Glitter, Savile, Harris, Hall & Talbot.

    • Agreed, Billy. There is something sinister about the song… It’s like Fiddler’s Dram are from Summerisle….

      • – yes, indeed – from now on, I’ll imagine a naked Britt Ekland pressing herself up against her bedroom wall every time I hear this song. Apparently she had an Arse Double for the film.

  3. Of course novelty pop records and paedophilia were synonymous with another cunt, Jonathan King – who, surprisingly, has never been cunted here.

    • Old Kiddyfucker King being a big mate of Simon Cowell, of course…
      I remember when King was put tn charge of the Brit Awards in the early 90s:
      People asked King why there were no black or female acts on the bill that year… King replied: “Because I don’t like blacks and I don’t like women.”

      We all know what he does like though.. King likes white boys and young arses.

      I agree, Fred. It’s high time this slimy, Oxbridge twat was cunted… Apart from his noncery, King should be cunted/shot for Una Paloma Blanca alone…

      • Wasn’t King also pally with Tam Paton, manager of the Bay City Rollers and another kiddyfiddler (young boys)?

      • King’s twisted kiddycock sucking mouth was always a dead give away. In the same frame as old wall orf sound and drug fuelled killer perve with the pubic hair transplant, Phill Spector.

  4. He was indeed.
    His biggest crime against music was “everyone’s gone to the moon”. Which frankly, I wish he had.
    Note that this convicted Child molester has been invited to take part in a documentary of the band Genesis
    No surprises there then, only the BBC would invite such a nonce to discuss the careers of a bunch of self-indulgent prog rockers.
    It is time he was cunted and viciously so

    • Well, let’s wait and see if they ever make a documentary about Glam Rock because no such film would be complete without interviewing Paul Gadd (hopefully with two black eyes and a broken nose).

    • The best thing Gabriel ever did was get the fuck away from Collins and Co.
      I did watch the Genesis thing… Steve Hackett seemed like an OK guy. While Tony Banks came across as a complete cunt… An even bigger cunt than Collins… No mean feat…

  5. I would like to nominate:

    People on Youtube who do un-boxing videos

    What the fuck is all that about? They buy some shit piece of technology like an iPhone and then proceed to record a video of them taking it out of the box and explaining that you get a manual, a charger cable and a USB cable – fuck off you plebs

    • I loved the one though where the cunt dropped his brand new I phone 6 and cracked it. Fucking tool.

  6. I hate those bleeding heart cunts that keep taking down the beheading videos. Soon as I have found a nice bit orf educational gore the spoil sports take it down and I have to get me butler chasing all over the internet to find it again. I say play the white man donchaknow.

    • there’s other sites but i’m skeptical about those vids they look fake the background looks fake or altered and CIA is written all over that ISIS connection they are supplying them with money and weapons , ISIS and Hamas was created by the government to instill fear into people, why else would government and the royals allow so many over in north america , europe , uk, and russia just to instill fear? Because they are evil fucking cunts thats why

  7. Have a Google for

    The YNC

    18+, NSFW, pretty disturbing to say the least.

  8. fiddlers dram isn’t that the band whos music was so cuntishly brutal that methamphetine and heroin became so widespread that you had to get so fucking smashed that you had to erase that sound in your head . they only had one hit and it wasn’t even written by the band it was written by Debbie Cook the cruel irony is she also wrote scripts for The Archers and EastEnders. wasn’t that the queens favorite show , i know my granny loved eastenders and coronation street but she just screamed whore cunt and prick at the screen , she literally hated 80% percent of the characters, think thats the only reason she watched it

  9. I too have always thought this song had a sinister edge to it. First time I’ve seen the cunts in action though, that cunt with the violin should try holding it properly, the two cunts on banjo/guitar can get a hair cut or fuck off, and there’s someone playing a FUCKING bassoon.
    And frankly, she looks just like the sort who would get pissed on cider and let Jack finger her.

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