Russell Brand and Noam Chomsky


Russell Brand has been getting on my tit ends with his childish rants and typical adoption of a far left agenda just when his career goes down the shit pan.

I`d also like to nominate all the cunts in my university and across the country who look up to this wankstain as some sort of modern day Gandhi:He is not he is just a pox infested unfunny faded actor who`s political views are akin to those of a brain damaged Noam Chomsky (who is also a massive cunt)

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Never heard of Noam Chomsky until he was nominated. Forced to investigate out of sheer curiousity. Now wish I hadn’t…

Noam Chomsky is even more fucking pretentious than Russell Brand! Brand is apparently a ‘comedian and campaigner’ as well as a massive twat. Chomsky on the other hand describes himself as a ‘linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator and anarcho-syndicalist activist’. What the fuck is an anarcho-syndicalist when it’s at home ?!?

Seems to me to be just a self-publicising Yank cunt, who looks like Michael Foot without a duffle coat, and who’s made a shed load of money by spouting bollocks about communism and conspiracy theories. If he was really a communist, he’d have given all his wealth away to help the downtrodden working classes, the fucking hypocrite.

A wealthy communist is an oxymoron – Miliband take note!

Nominated by: Dioclese

23 thoughts on “Russell Brand and Noam Chomsky

  1. It’s a simple fact that I don’t know what Russell Brand actually looks like. Every time I see him, I just see a huge pile of dog shit. I’ve been aware of Chumpsky for years. My dad was from San Antonio, Texas, and my brother and I spent most of our summer holidays there. I saw him interviewed on tv a couple of times. Coincidentally, the first time I saw Chumpsky on tv happened to be the first time I heard the words ‘motherfucker’ and ‘cocksucker’. Thanks grandpa.

    And to clear things up, anarcho-syndicalist activist is liberal for ‘cunt’. My dad and uncles used to shoot at photos of Chumpsky.

  2. anarcho-syndicalist = Intellectual Marxist. i.e. Workers running factories without interference from their bosses.
    In other words, the same worn out socialist airy-fairy ideals that made Russia and China what they are today. The silly old fart

  3. John Hammond (the BBC weather presenter) is an annoying little cunt.

    This prancing, preening, cocky little twat is being pushed forward (it would seem) as the “face of BBC weather”, being put up to present every feature about the weather on the BBC news. What an ugly little troll of a face it is too, good only for a prolonged spell as a stand-in punchbag. Watching this annoying little cunt, and worse hearing his thin whiny voice is bad enough, but his intonations (“brrrrright and breezy”, “it’ll be a bright, crisssssspp day”) and the annoying way he keeps smacking his lips together before every bloody sentence is the worst. Add to that his hand movements (creepy in the extreme if you ask me) and the way he almost bounces around as he presents the same boring weather as yesterday and you have a little fanny hole of a annoying little cunt that makes my blood boil every time I see him.

    Get that creepy, lisping little cunt off my TV BBC!

    • Usual parade orf BBC bum boys. Daniel Corbett, Stav Danaos, Everton Fox, Jay Wynne ect ect camp fucking ect. All have mastered the art of forecasting with a weather cock.

  4. The entire canon orf yank philosopher/sages are cunts. Easy to spot just from the names. If they sound like they might pop up in a tortuous Woody Allen film then they are definitely cunts. Noam Chumpsky (natch), Zellig Harris, Reyner Banham, and Marshall McLuhan ( for starters.

  5. I’d like to nominate Jose Mourinho for a good cunting.

    In a sport run, managed, officiated and played by cunts, The Special Cunt is in a league of his own. Fluent in at least four different languages, he’s incapable of being humble in any of them. So when his team of expensively assembled mercenaries fails to win a match, he trots out the same old litany of pathetic excuses and associated paranoia. No wonder his players are such a bunch of cunts as well — from his sex pest centre back right the way through to his diving, spitting centre forward.

    I’d still like him to be the England manager though …

    • You should add Sam Allardyce to that list. He was whingeing about penalties the other day. I used to like ‘Big Sam’, but it seems that the older he gets the more miserable and nasty he becomes.

      • Old Jose is a miserable cunt… He makes Kenny Dalglish look like a song and dance man…

        Even if he had a thousand quid in each ear and was taking Kylie Minogue up the jacksy, Mourinho wouldn’t even crack a smile…

        John Terry is a family sized bumpor cunt too…

  6. Could Phil Shiner and Noam Chomsky be cunts separated at cunt? They look awfully similar, and not just like cunts of course

  7. The name Noam Chomsky reminds me of Normski: that cunt who presented BBC2’s crappy Def II ‘Yoof’ program… That Normski must have been insane. Let’s face it: who else but a crazy fucker would shag Janet Street Porter?!

    As I’ve said before, Russell Brand is a Waitrose Citizen Smith… Makes out he is on the side of ‘ver people’, calls everyone ‘mate’ in that patronizing tone. Yet he lives in a luxury abode, is up showbiz slags like Katy Perry (‘I’ve got no brain and I like it!’) and he probably spends more on champagne and devil’s dandruff in a week than most men or women earn in a year….

    Doesn’t surprise me that students have adopted Brand. I was one of the few actual Mancunians to actually attend a Manchester University (there were four of us out of about sixty!). Middle class cunts from all over the place who thought it was cool to say that Countdown’s Richard Whitley was sexy (when he wasn’t), thought that every Manc was a Gallagher clone, and these students wearing Man City shirts: just because of Oasis and they believed the myth that Manchester is blue (which it isn’t!). I was a student myself, but these cunts made you sympathize with Paul Calf and his hatred for the bastards… I would say ‘I’m here to better myself’. They would say ‘ I’m here to get pissed and party. Daddy’s paying.’ Then adding ‘You’re from Manchester. Can you get us any drugs?’
    Most students are cunts…

    One particularly dizzy spoonfed student cunt (from the Midlands somewhere) once referred to reds as ‘Munichs’. Fancy doing that in the middle of a bar on Deansgate… I think the police tool what was left of him away in a bucket…

  8. Every year I have students applying to Manchester Met, good portfolios, potentially good grades, articulate and talented, who blow the interview by saying the wrong things when asked why they want to study there. Mention Oasis at an interview and you can kiss the place goodbye

  9. I was at MMU myself, Lez. Being born and bred New Moston I knew how to blend in on Oxford Road. Not a problem for me…. But these others: with mega expensive designer ski coats, an equally flash rucksack/bag, same goes for the shoes, and those ludicrously wide jeans… Topped off with a ridiculous haircut and a nauseatingly loud and silly accent… The stupid cunts may as well have a sign on their backs that says ‘Mug me!’
    And when they tried to ‘go native:’ saying thing like ‘Top one’ ‘Buzzin’ and ‘Mad for it’ (I have never known anyone in Mcr – apart from that Gallahger cunt and students — to ever say Mad For It!) they just looked even bigger cunts…. It was always funny to see one of these knobheads in a pub: pissed on red bull and vodka and saying there are no reds in Mcr. Then see them surrounded by a dozen Stretford Enders. They sober up really quick…

  10. Manchester is a great city Norman, can’t say the same about Liverpool, having been pissed on by drunken scousers one wet night as I lay in my sleeping bag queuing for a passport back in 1981.
    On the subject of which, Liverpool deserves cunting, not just because I was soaked in scouse-piss, but for them inflicting Arthur Askey, Ken Dodd, Kenny Everett and Alexi Sayle on us. I’d also nominate them for the worst musical crap they produced in the 1960’s such as Cilla and Jerry and the Pacemakers. As far as the rest goes, that bloody awful series “Bread”.
    Miserable city, the only redeeming part being the ferry over to the IOM for the T.T.

    • You forgot ‘Degsy’ Spiv Hatton and the rest of the Liverpool Mafia that tried to hold the country to ransom in the 80’s, and subsequently bankrupted the city. Utter shower of socialist cunts.

      • Don’t get me started on those Scouse bastards… Golf balls with razor blades in them,teargas, dogshit and numerous other welcoming devices… They play up to the loveable rogue, holier than thou image. But I remember how bad they were… I also remember the ‘Munich 58’ union jack at Heysel (and what they did to the Juventus fans!)…The murdering bastards…

        • The mawkish ‘You’ll Never Wank Alone’ gushing all over the media about ‘Stevie Gee’ leaving the Scousers was particularly sickening…. Like everything else, the cunts won’t shut up about it for years…

          • Scousers have an over-inflated opinion of their importance in the world, fuelled by the distant memories of the Beatles and the Merseybeat.
            the truth is, that they are not much removed from the Irish bog-dwellers who settled there and gave the “‘pool” its culture.
            Derek Hatton was a cunt of the first order

  11. Russel Brand has made and entire career out of being a kiddie fiddling nonce. He is just not funny at all.

    ‘Awight mate hahahahahaha’ is not now, nor has ever been funny.

    Anyone who likes or champions this cunt bucket is themselves condoning kiddie fiddling by proxy. Russell Brand arrested by Operation Yewtree, even that would not be funny as its more than likely inevitable….

  12. Diocese:- “A wealthy communist is an oxymoron – Miliband take note!”

    Could also be re-wrtten as “Miliband is a moron”, but aren’t they all?

  13. I agree on the Scousers, Lez… Even The Beatles themselves couldn’t wait to get out of the place… While McCartney still has a sentimentality about Liverpool, Harrison, Lennon and Starr more or less admitted that they didn’t like the place… Ringo said that he didn’t miss the place and the crazy natives cut the head off his statue… Same with their beloved Stevie Gerrard: a few years ago there was speculation that he might leave LFC. So how did the wacky Scouse funsters react? Burning Gerrard’s shirt on telelvision… Scousers are a bit like certain groups in the USA: You criticize or find any fault in them at your peril….

  14. Oh yes, laughed at the interviews with the ‘puddlians over the imminent departure of Gerrard, all tears and gnashing of teeth, how quickly have they forgotten the burning of the shirt. ( which knowing Liverpool, was probably knock-off fake import anyway).
    Mind you, in fairness to them, the same can be said of NUFC fans who are all bewailing the departure of Pardue, weeks after they were howling for him to be publicly birched.

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