Noel Fielding


Noel Fielding is a cunt. Not only is this ‘Look at me!’ whopper vastly unfunny. He also looks like a total bellend: with his piss poor Bowie/Jagger/Bolan/Cooper ‘I think I am a 70s rock star’ bullshit.

And now that blonde hair and Stetson look makes him appear even more of a prize twat…

Nominated by: Norman

10 thoughts on “Noel Fielding

  1. If I had to choose which so called “comedians” deserve the accolade of supreme cunt, it would be a toss-off ( pun very much intended) between Fielding, Lemon, Noble, Millican and Russel Brand
    All a bunch of talentless, overpaid and unfunny cunts.

    • Russel Brand is such a unique breed of cunt that he does not need to be mentioned on that list. Anyone who makes a career out of behaving and acting like a kiddie fiddling nonce is a monumental cock smoking cunt.

    • You forgot Jimmy Carr. Not only a serious contender for cunt of the millennium, but a tax dodging cunt too.

      • Jimmy Carr ! What a cunt ! He’s got the most hideous laugh I’ve ever heard and when I hear it I could put my foot through the telly screen.

  2. I forgot her, along with Jim “that ones a bit old for me” Davidson and that arch-tosser Harry Hill

  3. Miranda Hart: about as funny as the clap with a face like a bag of spanners…
    And there’s two other comedy cunts: Jo Brand (How many men, anorexia and cakes jokes are there?!) and Peter Kay…. After (again) doing fuck all for 12 months, expect the ‘new’ Peter Kay DVD in stores to cash in on Xmas… I remember last year’s: a re-released DVD, with about over half an hours worth of new footage cobbled on to try and lure gullible Xmas shoppers…. What a cunt…

  4. Surprised not to hear from Flaxen Saxon yet nominating Arthur Askey, the grand daddy orf unfunny cunts. On me own bat let me offer Jack Whitehall, a fake posh talentless little cunt with no comic timing whatsoever thus on everywhere.

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