Gary Neville


Gary Neville is a cunt…

This crap moustached gobshite should (along with the rest of The Class Of 92) shut the fuck up…

Nominated by: Norman

Apparently, Gary Neville has written an autobiography which is really impressive as most footballers can’t even write their own names.

It really must be a rivetting read. ‘How I earned shed loads of dosh kicking a ball around on a bit of grass.’

Boring cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

8 thoughts on “Gary Neville

  1. Gary Neville is supposed to be synonymous with the glory years of Manchester United Football Club. Really? Pull my other one.

    His book “Red: My Autobiography”(written by a ghost writer) remains unsold priced at 5p in many jumble sales and car-boot sales around the country.

  2. Destined to join the other tomes of self-glorification written by 3rd rate “celebs”.
    Not to worry, he could be an excellent UN ambassador to replace Victoria the Goblin when she gets bored of the job ( sometime just after Xmas).

    BTW: I have an unread copy of Anthea Turners autobiography ” fools rush in”, (purchased at a car boot with the intention of throwing it at the neighbours psycho Jack Russell and not needed after the brute vanished one cold winter night..) free to a good home or in the event of a bog paper shortage

  3. Lying here on the sofa watching BBC4 and on comes Annie Lennox, possibly the biggest female cunt in the planet. I’ve always despised her and her smug oul self satisfied face. Cunt cunt cunt.
    Even worse than Selina Scott in my hate the cunt list.

    There, good, her song isn’t even over yet and I’ve got that off my fucking chest.

  4. I like him, most people seem to, and I hate Man U more than anyone.
    …Not really the point of this site though.

  5. When he was playing I constantly pointed out to others what I called ‘The Neville Rule’, where either cunt Gary or gormless cunt-spasm Phil would always be responsible for every single goal United conceded due to the sheer fucking incompetence as footballers.

    I’m pretty sure the outbreak of Ebola in west Africa is down to Gary Neville being out of position during the 99/00 season Liverpool match. It’s like a butterfly effect but instead of butterfly wings it’s this cunts mistake riddled existence causing the misery.

    • Interesting take on Chaos Theory. By the same token, I blame the increased breeding of Sunderland’s residents and their subsequent migration outside the Wearside eco-system for the last outbreak of foot and mouth.

  6. In fairness he did play professional football, and was part of one of the most successful club teams ever, which was pretty exciting. On the other hand, he is as dull as soggy grass, and I would rather read a copy of the war cry, or a postage stamp, instead of his autobiography, which was either ghost written, or written in crayon.

  7. What annoys me about Nev (and the other Class Of 92 lot) is he thinks he should have his big hooter in all of Man United’s business… All this shite about United ‘selling out’ for selling that useless cunt, Danny Welbeck to the Arse… Nev is only too happy to take his paycheque from those Glazer bastards (Nev is an ‘official ambassador’, you see). Yet he goes on about the soul of the club! I was gutted as a 13 year old when United sold Sparky Hughes in 86. But I didn’t hear any accusations aimed at the club for selling there top talent that came through the ranks…. Nev is a hypocritical gobshite, and his useless brother, Fuck Off Phil Neville, is even worse (see tonight’s MOTD2)…

    As for his biography, I would rather read King Of The Kippax. And I’m as red as they come…

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