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YouTube is full of cunts….

Whether it’s those two attention seeking slags who post ‘drunk reaction’ videos (which involves two silly exhibitionist tarts pretending to be pissed, and screeching at ‘event TV’ like Doctor Who or Sherlock). Or pricks who put wigs on their pets and film them (I hope the the poor dog or cat shits in their best shoes!). Or any tosspot who puts an ‘unboxed’ video on there… Buying a CD boxset or an MP3 player: then filming yourself opening it and putting it all over the web?!

Seriously: who are these cunts?

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

13 thoughts on “YouTube [2]

  1. Vast amount of crapola on there I grant you however for students of the human psyche there is much of merit. “Strange people in Walmart” offers an educational melange of the most powerful nation on earth. Just think, one of these people could be operating a drone near you.

  2. Don’t Walmart run Asda now? The bastards are everywhere.. It’s like that old TV show, ‘The Invaders’ (a top show, that was!)….

    See how long you can stand these two slags: without wanting to chuck the monitor/laptop out of the window… Anyone with half a brain knows that it’s put on, and that they do it for attention. Which is exactly what they get… People (ie: pricks) encourage them… These pathetic tarts attract knobheads like shit attracts files….

  3. Dirty slits being made ministers and secretaries of state are cunts.

    Here is that filthy cunt Esther McVey:

    What a vile cunt Esther McVey is. Her entire family are criminal shit bastards, and she talks like a £3 proz from the sewers. Her father is filthy corrupt cunt. Her mother is a filthy stinking cunt animal. She is dirty lying thieving piece of shit from Liverpool.

    Esther McVey is pal of the filthy evil McCann beats.

    The dirty filth from Liverpool should burned like rats.

    • If you say so. You’re entitled to your opinion. I just think she’s not up to the job – too interested in personal publicity.

  4. Walmart are notorious scum employers as befits a family owned business founded on Christian principles – the cold as charity type of Christian principles. Their own brands always come out top for noxious ingredients and bottom for quality. They have perfected the art of the added fat and glycerols yet totally tasteless chicken. Their “special deals” are notorious frauds…. need I go on.

    • Too true, Sir… I wouldn’t even give Asda/Walmart ‘value’ chicken or mince to my cats… It really is awful stuff….

      An Asda job application form is a thing to behold: Everything is about ‘the customer’ and what they want (or the crap they can sell to them!)… Nothing at all about the benefits for and rights of the employee..

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