Glen Frey


Glen Frey is a super cunt…

Now I’ve always heard that Frey (and Don Henley) aren’t the pleasantest of men, but that ‘History Of The Eagles’ documentary puts the tin hat on it. Henley comes across as a bit of an arse (with some good points), but Frey is a cunt of the highest order. Doing his acting like a 10 year old “I’ll get you after school routine” on Don Felder, and treating Felder like dirt and firing him. Telling Joe Walsh and Timothy . B. Schmit not to speak to Felder any more (or they’re fired too!). Claiming he should have a bigger slice of the Eagles financial pie than Walsh, Felder etc because his solo career was more successful than any of theirs.

Solo career? “The Heat Is On”? Absolutely laughable: it’s shite and it’s a track that is too naff even for Alan Partridge. Yep. Frey is a bully, a moneygrabbing twat who rides on the talent of Henley and Walsh (and Felder), and he’s a dictator and a total cunt!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

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  1. Frey also treated original Eagles bassist, Randy Meisner, like a hired hand and a piece of shit… Meisner had disagreements with Glenn Frey about his signature song, “Take It To the Limit”, during his (Meisner’s) last Eagles tour. Meisner was struggling to hit the high notes in the song due to genuine ill health.] During the following show, Meisner decided to skip the song due to his flu, but Frey went off on one and aggressively ordered Meisner sing the song. After this last of many incidents with Frey, Randy Meisner left the Eagles: Being no longer prepared to work with, or take any more orders, from such a cunt….

  2. Frey Bentos – “You spoil us Mr Ambassador, with your knob up our arses.”

    • I had to do a tremendous amount of research on that. I do not find it funny, but I can see why it should be to those who would not need to do the research. It is clever.

      Ferrero Rocher
      Glen Frey
      Fray Bentos

      Well fuck me from behind with the concatenate of facts one necessarily needs to get a specific joke, you do funnies exactly as do I.
      Better even.

  3. While we’re on the subject of music business cunts, I nominate Mike Love of the Beach Boys. Hard to know where to start with Mike Love as his cuntitude is so extensive and all-encompassing. If you Google “Why I hate Mike…” it automatically suggests “Mike Love” – that’s how famous the man’s cuntery is: even Google’s soul-less computers know what you mean! I can’t be fucked to explain or I’d still be writing next Easter…just Google and see whether you agree that Mike Love might even beat Morrissey as the biggest cunt the music industry has EVER produced.

    • Mike Love is a big cunt… The horrendous ‘Official Crème Brulee Beach Boys’ he tours the world with are a fucking joke… It was only when Brian and Al rejoined for the 50th anniversary that anyone became arsed… The damage Love has done to The Beach Boys name and Brian Wilson’s legacy is horrifying… And Love always goes on about how ‘Kokomo’ outsold ‘Califiorna Girls’ or ‘Good Vibrations’ when Kokomo is the smelliest turd in the Beach Boys catalogue… How can it be a fucking Beach Boys record, when there is no Brian, Dennis (RIP) or Al?! Kokomo or anything else done under the ‘Mike Love’s Beach Boys’ banner will forever be shite… I can’t fathom why the late Carl Wilson was on the track? Maybe that love cunt forced him to sing at gunpoint…

      • Dearest Mr. Caucasoidside,
        It gets much worse! Kokomo was co-written by John Phillips – a drug-addled Papa – and Scott McKenzie – a cunt who wears flowers in his hair and gave his name to the drug-addled Papa’s crotch fruit – and Terry “Spawn of Doris-Fucking-Day” Melcher! On a positive note, Kokomo knocked “A Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins from the number one position on the Yankee Billboard Top 100!. Phil Collins is light-years worse than any of the fucks mentioned herein.

      • In case Mike Love makes the front page, here’s a picture of the cunt:

        Worn a cap since the late 60s because the cunt is bald. Claims the Beach Boys could never have happened without his lyrics – yet many great Beach Boys songs were written either by Brian solo (Surfin USA, Surfer Girl, Til I Die, Wind Chimes, Time To Get Alone), or with Gary Usher (In My Room, The Lonely Sea), Roger Christian (Don’t Worry Baby, Little Deuce Coupe), Tony Asher (God Only Knows, Caroline, No) or Van Dyke Parks (Heroes and Villains, Surf’s Up) which just demonstrates that Brian was not reliant on the useless cunt Mike Love at all.

  4. I gave that cunt the best of my love, and what did I get in return? A lecture:

    Well, he’s tellin’ me this
    And he’s tellin’ me that
    Changes it ev’ry day
    Says it doesn’t matter

    • Tell me can you fell it, tell me can you feel it tell me can you feeeeel it? Your a cunt, your a cuuunt, Glen your a cuuuunt, and all agree.

      So Fuck oorff, and, cunt some one else’s life.

      • Isn’t that Michael Jackson? At least I used an Eagles tune and Rocky Mountain Way (or High, I always get those two mixed up; Walsh and Denver – all white boys look the same to me.)

        Rex Pudenda? Please don’t quote Michael Jackson ’round here. I think the good Dioclese dislikes the dead man-child.

        • Jackson was alright in the beginning – a bit like God – but it all went wrong later. What the fuck did he want to be white for? Why did he sleep with chimps? Turned into a total wacko…

          • “…..What the fuck did he want to be white for?……”

            He wanted to record another cover of Ebony and Ivory taking Paul’s Ivory part. He wanted Amy Jade Winehouse – when she’s all bruised up after a normal day with her hubby – to play the Ebony part.

        • No no would not use the words of that weird thing. Was Frey at his most annoying heat is on. Would never use the words of Jacko that weird fuck ing experiment.

  5. Fucking Luiz Suarez.
    Donkey buck toothed, freddie mercury dentured biting, diving dirty Uruguayan cunt.
    Maybe next season at Anfield the cunt will get chopped by someone and his fucking legs get broken.
    Here’s hoping.

  6. And Andy Townsend because he’s a fucking big mouth wanker and we always seem to lose when he commentates.

  7. I see radicalised, ginger, face like a box of fire damaged lego , white British Muslim Jordan Horner is up to his old tricks again. At least this time the cunt is having a go at other Muslims. Something about an arguments years ago between Shias and Sunnis. I thought Protestants and Catholics had cornered the market on sectarian violence but you live and learn.

    • “…….I see radicalised, ginger, face like a box of fire damaged lego, white British Muslim Jordan Horner is up to his old tricks again……”

      I had to research this guy – Google Images – and your description is spot on! I pictured him perfectly

  8. lian Dale.
    LBC rent a gobby cunt, criminal record (caution for assaulting a tramp) right wing hard man.

    Actually the last bit about being a hard man is a fucking lie because this soft as marshmallow tory arse licker couldn’t blow smoke up his own arsehole let alone fight anyone.
    And he’s a fan of the chocolate speedway.
    The cunt.

  9. Ginge Jordan Horner
    Stood on a corner
    Holding his placard high
    He went on patrols
    With two other arseholes
    And said ‘What a complete cunt am I’

    • They call him the ASBO Leprechaun in the Waltham Forest Guardian comment section. Jamal Uddin? Jamal? The Yankee cunts would call that a “Ghetto Name”. Like “Barackeisha”, “Sha Nay Nay”, “Shabootyquiqui” and my favourite: “Chocolate” – pronounced Sho-Sho-LA-Tay

      Aquarians Love To Fuck said this after signing out of Google

  10. History Of The Eagles was on today…. One can only imagine what would have happened to Frey
    if he had been in The Who: Roger Daltrey would have kicked fuck out of him, and Keith Moon would have then blown Frey to kingdom come with TNT….

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