Fat tattooed bastards


Now that the temperatures are rising I am orf to ventilate me privates by the sea side. Have instructed me butler to knot a hankerchief for me head, lever me old arse into a deckchair and break out the Pims. Must say one cannot help but remark upon the invasion of the British beach by fat cunts tatooed up to the eyeballs and beyond. In my day a tatoo was the mark of a convict, a brass or a camp sailor. Now the world and his wife has got ‘em on sweaty display at Margit or Brighton.

Acres of flags and chains and flowers and death skulls but very little useful information such as “Rear Entry Only” on the arse or “Do Not Feed Me Fat Crap Burgers” on the gut. Selfish exhibitionist cretins who think a snake on the cock or a sunset on the tits enhances their self esteem. No it don’t me dears. It just advertises that a sick fat ugly unfuckable cunt is taking up this space.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

6 thoughts on “Fat tattooed bastards

  1. I know what you mean, Sir… I went to a funeral not so long ago: I went in the customary attire: black suit, black tie, black shoes etc. But some of the people who were there… I didn’t know them (thank God!) but they weren’t in black. Turning up to a church for a funeral in dayglo chav gear, jeans, thongs and fat arses visible, orange spray on tan and an array of tattoos… Uncouth classless knobheads….

    I also think people who wear those ‘word’ T-Shirts are cunts… If someone likes a group or whatever, then fair enough. But these idiots who wear these things with the band members’ surnames on them (eg: Barrett, Mason, Wright and Waters… aka Pink Floyd) are just pricks… There is some sad tosspot out there with the surnames of every single member of UB40 on the front of a T-Shirt…

  2. Brazil are cunts….

    They are diving, cheating, elbowing bastards. They have help from the referee (how eager was that cunt of a ref to give that penalty?!). They have a Sideshow Bob look-alike as their captain. They are not fit to wipe the arses of Pelé, Jairzinho, Rivellino etc… Part of me hopes that Argentina will win it: just to piss off Brazil, piss off everyone in Brazil and piss off those bent host nation helping cunts at FIFA…. Beautiful game, my arse!

    • I had come on also to Cunt Brazil. If that own goal was not so obvious (only honest thing those cunts did) It would have been swerved somehow. Slimy bow jangled dancing cunts.

  3. Nothing new there. Let’s not forget Rivaldo clutching his face, having had a ball kicked into his leg (who would have thought a footballist would have to endure a football hitting them in the leg?). Sadly, they are probably going to win, but I really hope not.

  4. Almost forgot, they also need nominating for failing to be ready for a major football tournament, despite having 8 years to do it. And spraying the soil green does not make it grass, or fool anyone.

  5. I remember being at a Man United vs Barcelona game in 1999: the ball hit Rivaldo on his knee at the corner flag, and the ugly streak of piss clutched his face and fell to the ground… He really was a cunt…

    Funny to see those overhyped tiki-taka cunts Spain wiped out by the Dutch last night… Was that Iker Casillas in net last night, or was it Jim Leighton?

    Diego Costa is a dirty cunt…

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