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The Mail is the definitive cunt’s newspaper.

Anyone who isn’t from ‘Middle England’ or a Tory (or the fucking McCanns!) is ‘scum’ or fair game. When that Shannon Matthews story happened, The Mail screamed about it being a product of ‘The Scrounging Classes’ and ‘Benefits Britain’. Yet when those McCann cunts leave three very tiny kids alone in a foreign country while Gerry and Kateypoos partied and got pissed, there was no mention of the McCann’s shitty antics being a yardstick for ‘Middle Class Britain’, was there?

Utter hypocrites and total cuntwipes.

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Not sure if this a nom, or a declaration of love for how ridiculous their reporting is becoming. They ran a story a few days ago declaring that people are going to die as a result of an invasion of asian hornets entering the country. Apparently these illegal hornet immigrants have caused 50 deaths in France already,and are coming for our british honey bees.

However, they failed to mention that they will be putting our hard working british hornets out a job. That is just sloppy semi racist scare mongering journalism and they really need to work harder.

Nominated by: Daily Mail

6 thoughts on “The Daily Mail

  1. The Daily Mail has caused more hate and prejudice in Britain than Enoch Powell ever did… The Express isn’t far behind either: with their dislike of anyone who isn’t rich and their obsession with Lady Di (she’s been dead for 14 years, you sad cunts!)…. Oh, and any band/artist who gives their blessing to having their free CDs given away with the Mail On Sunday (therefore boosting The Mail’s sales figures) is also an evil steaming cunt…

    Courtney Love is an utter cunt. How this smack addled, plug ugly skank still fascinates the media is both baffling and sickening. A thoroughly nasty piece of work with absolutely no qualities or talent to speak of (even her own daughter won’t have anything to do with her!). Yet because she was married to that Kurt bloke (the most overrated rock star in history?!) she is seen by most as important and a ‘character’ (character being a common term for a total pain in the arse!). These hacks fawn over the steaming turd that she occasionally puts onto CD and hang on her every word like she is some sort of oracle… When she is just a cunt. Nancy Spungen reincarnated…

  2. In my local charity shop they are giving piles of those Daily Mail CDs away for free. Why? Because they are cheap crap versions never intended for retail sale – poor mastering, crap audio, missing key tracks ect ect. As for the films they look like blown up super eight or some bootleg version shot on Chummy Wog’s video camera from the back of me local flea pit.

    • I was in my local paper shop one sunday morning and I saw a 10CC ‘Best Of’ CD giveaway with some paper… I was tempted, so I had a look. But there was no ‘I’m Mandy, Fly Me”, no “Wall Street Shuffle” and worst of all, no original six minute epic ‘I’m Not In Love’. An utter swizz and total bollocks…

      The only films they give away are Carry On films (seen one, seen ’em all), and there is always the obligatory Slade Party CD near Xmas (dire knees-up fodder Noddy and the lads did when they were well past their prime). They also usually thrown in a crap copy of a Scrooge film)…

  3. They are puppets for the Rupert Mossad, Multi Agent, psychopath with no morals and no scruples. They never tell the truth.

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